Thursday, 17 February 2011


William Hague has attacked Liberal Democrat plans to introduce Alternative Vote system by declaring 'A vote for AV will be a vote for the BNP'.  (I hope so, Ed).
In a rallying cry to the Tory rank-and-file, the Foreign secretary called the AV system 'unfair' and 'expensive'.
He is seeking to mobilise his party in a bid to save the current first-past-the-post voting system that could be abolished in the upcoming electoral reform referendum.
No to AV: Foreign Secretary William Hague sent an email to Tory party members declaring AV a boost for the BNP

Now I don't hold any truck with the BNP and AV as a voting system is about as much use as a fart in a spacesuit, however what it does show is that the Conservatives and Labour are afraid of a Westminster where a range of views are heard, instead of MPs being acquiescent to the wishes of their party whips and trooping into their parties lobby.

I believe that the Scottish Parliament was improved by the likes of Tommy Sheridan's crew and it is my fervent hope that George Galloway gets elected this time.  We need a range of different views at Westminster.  MPs who are not beholden to their party for promotion or Government jobs and can actually help their constituents.  I also think without the Libdums, we would have seen much more extremist policies from the Tories and although I wouldn't have disagreed with all of them after 13 tears of shite from Labour.  I see the bastards are kicking up again about IPSO, if they don't like it they can resign.  All this pish about their expenses claims not being honoured making them unable to do their jobs properly looking after their constituents, is the biggest load of crap, I have ever heard.

It's time we rumbled up the whole Palace of Westminster, starting with the Lords and the political placemen who sit in 'that place' and collect over £1000 per week in expenses, some of which have criminal convictions like Lord Watson, who should have had his enoblement taken off him.

Why should we continue to pay £billions of OUR MONEY, to keep this shambles of an Establishment going.  The time for change is here, now.


banned said...

No real people give a toss about electoral reform, the lib-dems want it solely to make them permanent junior partners in coalition with either labour or tories, like they care which.

As you rightly suggest DL it may well also result in MPs from minority parties, not just the BNP but even a Moslem party or, hopefully, UKIP too and even independents like Galloway.

More Greens anyone?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I honestly think it is better to have a range of parties. For too long we have Labour with all their policies and then the Tories, whose policies are different. Why can't we be governed, because it's in the good of the country not the 'working' man and then the bankers and big business on the other hand. It would be nice for instance to have a party that could put their own agenda, hanging for serial killers might be an option and fuck the ECHR. Mind you the difference between the parties is narrowing until they morph into similar outfits. They are of course just doing what they are told, but it would be nice to have some other parties to upset the apple cart.

Billy said...

Agree with you totally re the political parties DL they are left with people who just do as they are told because they do not want to lose their wee priviledged positions by disagreeing with anything whilst all the decent people have left.

Proportional representation has been good for the Scottish Parliament but with regard to local councillors it has been rubbish as we now have the situation where they can hide in the system and will just appear at the next elections hoping that the monkeys will just come out and vote for the same parties next time around.

Barking Spider said...

What's the betting that Cameron will throw the NO campaign just as he did the general election, DL?

I honestly believe that he always wanted a coalition government and I also believe that he wants the permanent coalition that AV or PR would guarantee.

Cameron is nothing but a LimpDumb masquerading as a Tory and I can't stand him or Clegg.

AV is just another political stitch-up which will weaken people power, not strengthen it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I think PR has been a help in the Scottish Parliament and Governments should be made to run minority governments if elected. As far as councillors are concerned, I think on a more local level, if they're not doing the job and it's their party that should decide that, they should be out.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, I don't think AV is the right system, but if it leads to more PR, I honestly think that's a good thing. You get a better balance, at least that's what we have found here and the smaller parties are heard more. Should the BNP or UKIP not have MPs? I think they should after all they got plenty of votes and who is representing their voters?

Barking Spider said...

Maybe in the separate countries of the UK, DL, (although I think the majority of people in Northern Ireland would disagree),but for the election of the national government, I honestly believe it would be a disaster.

Imagine if government after government were a coalition pile of shit like the one we have now - selling us out to the EU at every opportunity!

Common sense says we would either have a LibCon coalition or a LibLab coalition - the only thing for certain with either AV or PR is that we would be permanently saddled with the Libtards and their stupid policies in government, plus we'd be continually stuck with their raving econazi contingent of nutcases like that arrogant cunt, Huhne - how I'd love to remodel that fucker's face with a cricket bat!

AV is purely for the LimpDumbs' benefit, DL - that's why Clegg was so adamant about it being part of the coalition negotiations - that twat Cameron chickened out and fell for the bluff because he was so desperate to be PM - Clegg knew that and knew he had him over a barrel, even though Clegg never had any intention of going into government with Brownfinger.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, I would prefer to see a clause written in that the largest party forms the Government and formal coalition are not allowed. Therefore Bills would proceed or fall on their merits alone, which is what Cameron should have done in the first place and dared the Libdums to vote them down and they would then have been up shit creek without a paddle.

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