Wednesday, 16 February 2011


World Bank President Robert Zoellick says global food prices have hit "dangerous levels" that could contribute to political instability, push millions of people into poverty and raise the cost of groceries.

World Bank: food prices at 'dangerous levels'
The bank says in a new report that global food prices have jumped 29 per cent in the past year, and are just 3 per cent below the all-time peak hit in 2008. Mr Zoellick says the rising prices have hit people hardest in the developing world because they spend as much as half their income on food.
The World Bank estimates higher prices for corn, wheat and oil have pushed 44 million people into extreme poverty during the year.
Mr Zoellick said he expects food prices to continue to rise, and that export bans and weather disruptions are partly to blame.
What he neglects to mention is the amount of arable land given over to growing Bio-Crops as the World searches for affordable oil as the supply begins to run out.  Peak oil, was in 1964.  Since then discoveries have been in decline.  Demand is rising by 30% per year, while production is falling by 9%.  It doesn't take a genius to work out that at some point the two figures will converge and at that point we are running out of oil.  Don't believe all the shit you hear about shale oil, we explored that a few posts ago.  More and more land will be given over to Bio-Fuels and that will only make the food problem worse.  The only drawback from that, is that most cultivated land in the World is only kept going by the over use of fertilizers produced by and from oil and crops could not be grown on those fields without chemicals.

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Budvar said...

Heard earlier today that monthly figures (make of that what you will)for inflation for January were 4% alone.
Even if the rate remains static (yeah right) if my calculations are correct (It is late) that compounds out at 20% for the year!!

Hands up all those who got a CoL adjustment in their wages of 20%?
No? Me neither.

Being a big believer in Malthusian economics, the only thing keeping the world from the brink of starvation is our abundance and reliance on oil.

An agrarian society can't and wont support 7 billion people even if we all take to teepee living, with a diet of cassava, millet and fucking tofu and we all travel around in wind and solar powered Prius's.

When I listen to people say idiotic things like "Oh if food gets scarce, and the supermarket shelves are empty, I'll just eat at McShiteburgars".

This will not end well!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, the politicians gave their heads buried in the sand. They know what is coming, it won't affect them. Henry Kissinger, a Jew boy describes the poor as useless eaters. Billions will die when as will happen oil runs out. People don't seem to realise how many things are made from oil. It's going to be fun! Buy Gold.

banned said...

"Peak oil, was in 1964. Since then discoveries have been in decline". Complete and utter bollox, both supply and demand have been increasing year on year since they invented the term "peak oil" as a scare tactic by proto-ecoloons which may well have been in 1964.

"production is falling" no it isn't, just ask the Russians (Arctic fields, BP inc) and Brazil which has barely got started on a huge offshore field in the Atlantic and, as posted earlier, the North Sea has now been discovered to have at least twenty years when it "should" have dried up a decade ago. Nobody that I talk to in the oil business is expecting to need "retraining" anytime soon.

Having said that I would agree that any worldwide food shortage will largely be the result of eco-lunacy which has seen over half of the USAs corn acreage given over to poxy bio fuels which will probably fuck up their engines anyway.

Anonymous said...

banned (and DL),

""Peak oil, was in 1964. Since then discoveries have been in decline". Complete and utter bollox, both supply and demand have been increasing year on year since they invented the term "peak oil" as a scare tactic by proto-ecoloons which may well have been in 1964."

I strongly suggest that you read Mathew Ruppert's 'Confronting Collapse as this man has nothing to gain and has done extensive research on the situation with oil. Sure, I completely understand that you say it's merely scare tactics in order to push up the price of oil etc etc, but bottom line is, Tesla had invented an incredibly cheap alternative energy source that could have easily surpassed Oil, but sadly, far too much money was to be made from it and therefore, Tesla's inventions were stolen and hidden from society, by the freemasons who controlled America.

There is an oil shortage and we have already surpassed peak oil. The rise in food prices is merely part of the NWO plan of rapid depopulation around the world. More so, those countries that are hit with high famine (and there will be many) will instantly be saved by Monsanto GM foods, that is they'll give the farmers their seeds (that don't reproduce any more) to grow, thus destroying their old crops and making them 100% reliant on Monsanto for the next batch of genetically modified seeds to plant or starve. And of course the world bank then moves in and controls the country with high debt. It's all classic monopoly of countries and taking them over from within and is happening all over the world. This has already been spoken about and written (famine that is) as a tool to conquer lands for the new socialist world order.

However, to answer the main post and follow on from this reply, a society should only have enough people that it can feed and sustain. If you have a continuing growing populous and not enough food then you're in for big problems. Thus all Live Aid did in 1985 was double the already oversized population that couldn't feed itself and create an even bigger disaster for the future and guess who'll move in to save the day when that time comes?

When I was in London, a tin of Sainsbury Tuna was around 29p. It's now around 69p. Therefore Tuna has doubled in price. I know tuna's on teh endangered species but all other foods in the supermarket are shooting up. Pork is doubling almost in price along with eggs and other necessities. However, for the fucks in government, if pork doubles in price it will mean fuck all to them, for a 1.5kg leg of pork that costs us £9, on their income it's like 15p to us. The food crisis will never hit them because when you've got money to burn (as they do) they don't give a shite. Ergo, you put people into power who will be seriously affected by the cost of living and thus equate society and wages to those changes. People still never cotton onto this and continue electing the hooray henry liars whom if they could would stand over us and shit on us daily they hate us so much.

Anonymous said...

I meant Michael Ruppert.....

banned said...

@harbinger, the idea that the oil companies buy up and bury alternatives to their product has been around some while and I have some sympathy.
But I do also wonder why Americaa has no oil refining capacity that is less than twenty years old. Are they just getting their moneys worth from the old stuff before they launch the new stuff (photosynthesis maybe?).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I don't know why you can't depend on me to give you accurate figures. I am quoting from studies done into oil production and discovery. Oil is on the way out and when it does food production will be fucked because not only does it run trucks to deliver it but it takes 4 barrels to make a tyre,to say nothing about the fertilizers, chemicals plastics etc all made from oil.

At least we agree about bio-fuels!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, as you probably remember I bought the book some time ago and pick it up when the PC is updating or knackered and I am almost at the end of it, I also tend to go back and re-read various parts.

There is no doubt that we are going to have serious problems feeding the world. Much of the problem is due to the high birth rate amongst Muslim and Catholic families. The Popes should be taken up for mass genocide never mind venerated for their continued denial of birth control to their adherents, never minding the millions that have died from AIDS. The world can no longer sustain the population which has grown out of all proportion in the last 100 years due to oil. Something has got to give.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, there is no doubt bthat the Americans are sitting on oil reserves in their own country which are not being exploited. In the meantime they are fighting all over the world to sustain their high demand for oil.That also can't continue because they are even more skint than us. We already see middle-east countries starting to revolt over their leaders. What will America do if their friendly allies like Saudi Arabia start to become radicalised and the oil supply is controlled by the regime instead of an acquiescent Royal Family. I don't know why these countries have put up with it anyway. Fucking Royals. Why should they Lord it over their people, like those fuckers we have, all because they had some hardnut in the 13th century who kicked the shite out of everyone else.

(H)Amish said...

God will provide through hard work and honest toil.

Budvar said...

"God will provide".

You have Biblical backing for that I trust? Specifically after being warned of a coming shitstorm?

Last I checked, he had Noah spend 100 years building an ark, instead of just giving him gills or Noah awaking to find the Queen Mary parked on the lawn a week before the rains came.

Anonymous said...

banned & DL,

The plan for the USA and the west is no doubt to keep what stocks of oil they have. The plan is quite a simple one in fact. As with the flooding of the UK with foreign corn, which resulted in most within the rural areas, packing up their bags and heading to the major cities, (Rothschild was responsible for the flooding of the UK with cheap foreign corn in order to create a workforce for the industrial revolution by bringing people to the factories) which brought about The Corn Laws (mid 19th century), the same thing is happening once again. Monsanto are literally buying up most American land. The same is happening here with Supermarkets and it will result in select farmers working for these companies, while rural communities die out, because people have moved into the city to find work. Once all the people have moved out of the rural areas, can the wealthy elites (oligarchs from all over the world, mostly Russia and China) move into them from the cities. They will be the only ones able to afford the high fuel costs and will literally own whole counties. We are seeing the return to feudalism.

The USA will eventually have to promote its new energy source (most certainly already invented) but at the moment, because there is no 'reported' alternative (apart from Nuclear which the people do not want and rightly so for the half life of nuclear waste of some 500k years) they will continue to up the price of fuel, which in return will up the price of everything in this world. The natural result will of course be massive levels of starvation (necessary for depopulation) and of course the introduction of GM foods, that will destroy the natural crop, thus allowing huge corporations to have monopolies on people's lives. We are going through a war fare scenario. In the near future there will be rationing most certainly, not just on food, but water and air. Think of all the companies, all in cahoots with one another who will benefit with the rise in oil? Think of the car companies, weapon manufacturers, food companies, petro chemical/pharmaceutical companies, all who use oil (plastics) as a main part of their production? These people are rubbing their hands with glee. Expensive oil = higher costs and sale price = higher profits. It's all really simple when you look at the big picture.

And yes DL, I do recall you buying the book. It's certainly a grim read, from a man who blew the whistle on the CIA drug operation from Afghanistan, not forgetting other important world issues. As for the pope and the Catholic church DL, see them for what they are - sun worship. They are part of the NWO, so how better to promote their rapid depopulation strategy by enforcing a no condom issue, thus rapidly expanding African populations, bringing about the all too obvious famine scenarios? Then again, people shouldn't be shagging about, but partnering one another anyway. As for Islam and yes African populations, well as I said above, your country population size should equate to your food production and many countries' populations far exceed this. Again a disaster waiting to happen.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Haverish, Let us pray brother to our imaginary friend or his or theirs or someone's!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, see that useless fucking Jewboy banker King is forecasting, 5% inflation. He's blaming it on everything apart from what it is, him printing money and pumping it into the system, like a fat white Mugabe!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, "your country population size should equate to your food production and many countries' populations far exceed this.. A very good point and that would include the UK where most of the food is brought in from other countries. But unless a viable alternative to oil is found that ain't going to happen. I'm not sue if they had an alternative, they wouldn't be promoting it already, to fuck the Arabs. I can't wait until they find out in Saudi and Libya that their economies are built quite literally on sand. You paint a very bleak picture and the politicians are to blame because they know it's coming and are insulating themselves.

Joe Public said...

The true proof of food-inflation is that supermarkets previously offered BOGOFs, now, its Buy-Two-Get-One-Free.

Anonymous said...


The UK up until not so long ago was around 95% self sufficient. It could easily sustain its population and did not need to import foodstuffs as it grew what it needed. The whole point of tourism to other countries was not just the warm weather but eating exotic foodstuffs we couldn't grow. I remember when I was younger, at the top of the garden we had a vegetable patch, not forgetting the greenhouse. Sure it was small but every little helped.

We have a lot of land but the problem in the UK are and always have been the cities. They attract people from all over the world like flies to shite and the overwhelming majority of people, per square metre live within, causing future population problems most certainly. Alone with African and Asian migration to the UK, our population will shoot up to 70+ million within the next 20 years or so. It's a frightening thought.

As for the Saudis and Arabs, forget about them DL. They're owned 100% by much of the west's global corporations/bankers. As I said in my first reply, Nikola Tesla had already invented energy sources, far ahead of his time, that cost next to nothing and pollutant free. There are alternatives to fossil fuels, but like I said - far too much money to be made as explained in the last reply.

I paint a bleak picture because the future is bleak. Let the optimists call me whatever they will but let's face it, until the people see the problem and understand the problem, they'll never be able to address the problem and this has been the 'problem' throughout time.

Our MSM continues to pull the wool over our eyes, football is the new religion along with celebrity, watching overpaid primadonnas, prancing around on a football pitch, or deadhead wannabees, desperate for recognition to their mediocre musical/acting abilities, is far more important to the average Joe to the state of the nation and future of their offspring. They will always just take the attitude of 'leave it up to someone else' and thus nothing is ever solved or achieved.

I don't blame the politicians. They like migrants to the UK are merely seeking a better life and again, the politicians are merely puppets. The non cabinet/government politicians are puppets of the cabinet ones and the cabinet politicians, puppets of their controllers, in all their various associations, NGOs, secrete societies, corporations etc etc.
I have posted a blog today (fired up Harbinger's Journal once again), or should I say, I've posted an article of Mike James, that pretty much sums up what needs to be done within society, in order to stop the inevitability of a bleak future.

Our society won't change until people get up off their arse to make that change. It won't change until they plug themselves out of the MSM/TV/Hollywood/Music Industry and realise that they're nothing more than lab rats in a cage. It's what they want and they could crash the whole system by refusing to protect and elect a corrupt political system and society.

Anonymous said...

I remember a month or so ago watching a news report on some flea ridden African desert hovel where the inhabitants were starving. One woman was at a Red Cross food centre with her two month old child which was a few hours from death. Her problem was that she couldn't provide milk for her baby as she wasn't eating because all her food was going to feed her other six children!
Then you get a commercial telling you that £3 a month can end child starvation in Africa, if it was £3 a month to sterilise them I might be tempted.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publes, I've noticed that. Because I have time to look when I shop and normally not running about like a demented housewife with two screaming kids, I notice things that they get up to. One of their favourite tricks is offering something off a large size. Now you would think if you are buying in larger sizes it would be cheaper but at least 50% of the time it's better to buy the smaller size because it can work out a lot cheaper.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, glad to see you've started blogging again, you were missed. I'll pop over later for a howdo.

It's time people in this country started to shop local again and bought what was in season her. Fuck me, they're moaning if they can't get strawberries in December because fucking Jamie Oliver has made some sweet for Xmas dinner with them. I laughed at the weekend about the battling in Cumnock of fans of Junior teams of Auchinleck and Cumnock. Two villages not 2 miles apart. But that is what real football is about, guys playing it for the love of it getting very little more than expenses for doing it. What a difference between that and the Rooneys of this world.

All we can do, unless we're going to assassinate someone is to batter away on blogs hoping that we make other people aware. Their heids are fu o' mince and shite frae the TV, as Rabbie would have said. (I know it doesn't rhyme).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spackers, nice one. She was probably a good Catholic who wasn't allowed by the Priest to use contraception. The Pope should be taken out and hung and that last fucker was the worst. They should dig him up and string him up as an example. You are right there is no point in feeding them till they stop breeding like fuck and sterilisation is the only way, then they might all die from AIDS. Och well, it will be the will of God!

banned said...

"Fucking Royals. Why should they Lord it over their people, like those fuckers we have, all because they had some hardnut in the 13th century who kicked the shite out of everyone else."

No real history to their Royals, Britain appointed their royal highnesses on the basis of who happened to suport us against Johnny Turk in WW1.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, that's what I mean. We are lorded over by some system of European Royalty. When we run out of our own we bring in their cousins from Germany or Holland. It's time for a change and the people of this country have to realise what's going on and stop this sycophant loyalty.