Friday, 22 January 2010


Tiger Woods has entered a SEX ADDICTION CLINIC for six weeks.

WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT?  Does he promise not to have 'dirty' thoughts about women for six weeks?  Will the CHICKEN BE CHOKED or is there some sort of MASTERBATION ALARM?
Is the MRS allowed in for a quick NOOKIE SESSION?  Or for that matter, any of his WHORES?
He's insisted on having a MAID.  What a job that is.  You can practically write your own PAYCHEQUE!


Tiger said...

Pray for me DL. Don't mock.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tiger, I was hoping you would be in touch so I the rest of the lads can see how you're getting on. We're all worried about you. We were going to send you a rubber woman in a plain parcel. Seemingly Banned still has one of the original ones from 30 years ago. That was before women did oral sex. Or so my mother told me.