Friday, 22 January 2010


It seems to me that we have got thing a little biased against BANKERS in the western world, BRITAIN in particular.

OK, we handed out fortunes to SOME banks last year.  Others like Goldman Sachs didn't need bailed out and now we are up in arms over their bonuses which are £300,000 on average.  These bankers have made BILLIONS for their company and are CONTRACTED to get a bonus commensurate with that profit.

Now let's look at FOOTBALL.  John Terry, (pictured), plays with CHELSEA.  Last year he signed a contract which gives him a basic wage of £150,000 per week for 5 years.  That is £39,000,000 for PLAYING FOOTBALL.  Now I don't deny that Terry is a good player.  But he is a defender.  He doesn't score goals that win games.  Remember that is his basic wage.  That doesn't include bonuses, sponsorship, book deals etc.

Has John and his fellow Millionaires brought success to CHELSEA?  Not really.  They won the Premiership a couple of times a few years ago until the other teams clued onto their success and bought better players.  John indeed missed the penalty in the shootout against MANCHESTER UNITED in Moscow which lost them the Champions League Final.

How much WORK does he do?  He trains maybe 5 days a week for a few hours.  He plays maybe twice a week, some weeks for 90 minutes or so.  He's probably only 'active' in a game for about 20 minutes.  He'll run about 6KM.  All that for about £175,000 PER WEEK.  That's in the premiership.  There's some players in our 'DIDDY' league in Scotland getting in excess of £1,800,000 per year.

Yet we sit there and marvel at the wages they get.  Some of them are being paid more for a MONTH than some of the SPECATATORS will make in their ENTIRE LIFETIME.  When someone who doesn't know much about Football, questions it, we tell them, "it's a short career".  Well it's probably a 15 year career.  Footballers are allowed to retire officially at 35.  If they've been wisely advised, they'll have been putting as much as possible into a pension fund, which WE then top up by 40%.  Do you have any idea of the size of PENSION JOHN TERRY will be able to draw when he's 35?  I'm sure BANKING is a similar short career when you're at the top.



the gorgon said...

" Last year he signed a contract which gives him a basic wage of £150,000 per year for 5 years. That is £39,000,000 "

ha ha you been copying my economic policies DL ?

Some of the wages paid to the donkeys at Celtic and rangers need investigating aswell.

Stout Heart said...

Dare I say that you idiots who go to the matches, subscribe to Sky, buy the shirts or whatever are the idiots that are paying the wages.

What is the average IQ of (a) a footballer (b) a football supporter (c) a Scottish football suporter?

I'd be suprised if any answer to the above reached a number as big as DL's waist measurment in inches.

sweaty sock said...

Ha ha. Higher IQ than you I expect. You thick English cunt.
Suck my cock it's Blackpool rock.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gorgon, tghanks for pointing that out. We take editing very seriously here at Dark Lochnagar and that is the third proof reader I've had to sack this year and we're still in January! Rangers and Celtic's wages are a disgrace for the shite that they serve up. I bet they got rid of Balde at £40,000 per WEEK. Mind you the ones who have moved down south in recent years haven't exactly set the heather on fire I've got hopes for Steven Fletcher though. In saying that the Foriegners who have left the Old Firm have done OK, I keep on seeing their names cropping up.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, I do subsribe to the full Sky package, I also support my locan team however I don't buy shirts. We are not all sad bastards like you who sit all day at their PCs writing crap inbetween choking the chicken. The answer to your question is a) Thick as shite b)Thick as chicken gravy and c)clear as a bell apart from the old firm supporters.

p.s. I have noted the comment underneath and I want you to know I didn't write it under a nom de plume.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Swaet, I can understand your annoyance at Stout Heart but to be fair he does occasionally come up with something interesting which does not consist of anti-Scottish/swearing/me. I think it depends on either how much drink he's had or how many times he's choked the chicken.

sweaty sock said...

DL. Sorry was just having a laugh.
Enjoy this tune for Burns night..
Must stop the coorse language

sweaty sock said...

Don't want to be charged with a breach of the peace for saying something in a free country ( a la mark from cheesegate).
If we ever thought it was a free society then a visit from the state put a stop to that nonsense.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sweaty, (typed it right this time). There's no moderation on this site mate, say whatever you feel like in whatever language you choose. Stout Heart thinks he can come on here and give me pelters but the boys like yourself give it back to him. Aye, the first time I heard that Michael Marra, I thought it was someone ripping the pish, but the more you hear him the more it grows on you.

I saw Mark was charged on the Herald's site but I haven't looked at it yet. My own feeling was that he was digging a deeper hole for himself and it would be better for him to shut up. Since when has it been a free state. You're reading the wrong blogs!

Anonymous said...


Goldman Sachs did get a massive bailout but it is only now coing into the public domain.

They held a note for over $1 billion on AIG which went belly up.

AIG was given US Government cash to help the out and duly gave 100% in the $ to GSachs but kept it quiet,

The Fed Res of New York did it, was aware of the deal and thus a fraud but suppressed all mention of it.

The head of the FED RES NY, Timothy Geissner has been arrested during a fraud investigation by the FBI.

Geissner is NOW Fed REd Treasury Secretary, No2 in the hierarchy.

Funnily, none of this is on the BBC.

Just like my tungsten gold

Anonymous said...


$21.1 billion and not only to GS but they I believe received the lion's share.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Thanks Bugger for the info. But it still doesn't change the bearing of the story. When a footballer misses an open net, we say "it was his bad foot"! £200k per week and they've got a 'bad foot'. Fuck me.

Anonymous said...

I don;t disagree but taking about missing open goals what about "Dave" Cameron who regularly faces an open goal each week at PMQT?

Facing Cameron is the most inept Chancellor and P M is the UK's parliamentary history and does he gerritintaerem?

No he just pussyfoots about.

Cameron is a twat and couldn't score in a Bordello but, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw Tony Blair.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, I'm in total agreement. What's even worse is the bunch of Bullingdon cronies he's surrounded himself with. The only decent poitician is old 'hush puppies' and he's too pro-europe for my liking. What happened to the Heseltines and the Tebbits, fucking real politicians not lightweights like Blair, Cameron, Osborne and Brown.

Anonymous said...

Tebbit is blogging away quite happily and effectively these days.

I a not sure if it is via the Daily Telegraph or The Times.

Today, if I remember, his blog was about withdrawing from the EU and he had to talk about The English their history and Destiny(?)

Makes me proud to be a Porridge Wog.

I a trying to get Subrosa to do a guest post from me using the Cameron Poster but is worried that my language is a bit too too.

She calls e Bug----sweet.

Bugger (the Panda)

Stout Heart said...

Sweaty Sock, have you considered attending adult literacy classes, they would do you a lot of good and improve your ability to communicate. At least Mr Lochnagar makes a few reasonable points – I have yet to see anything interesting from you.

Be careful, if Mr Plod hears you telling the kiddies that your penis is made from cheesy Blackpool Rock you will be going away pretty quickly; but maybe you are already there.

Remember it was Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Regan who took the brakes of the Banks, the Banks have not done anything illegal.

Just because you have never made more than £24k a year don't let your jealousy leak onto the blog.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, aye I saw him on Andrew Neil's prog at lunchtime the other day and the old wanker looked in prime condition. Rosie can be a bit twee at times but you can do one on here if you want if you can tell me how to do it technically.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, you're being bitchy to Sweaty. I'm beginning to think you may not be an ex-squaddie but an ex-squaddess! Mind you at leasst you comment with a full google ID, which is to your favour.

Anonymous said...

IT is not a real post just my version of the Cameron poster.

She ay post it today

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, OK I look forward to seeing it. Offer stands in the future.

Anonymous said...

Subrosa is still a bit traumatised after that creep cyber stalked her and threatened to have her personal details published in a newspaper. It was just after Bruce Newlands was hounded by the News of The Screws and Wholly Rude had a similar problem.

If she doesn't use it the reason would be my language and I wouldn't blame her if she had second thoughts.

I would need an e-mail address to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Footballers get paid ridiculous what?....


BANKERS are!!!

I bet a banker set this site up....

If i had nothing to lose i would engage bankers like an enemy in afghan, because they are damaging our way of life MUCH MUCH more than a few bombers ever could.

Absolute bunch of greedy,useless twats!