Saturday, 23 January 2010


TONY Blair is ready for a temporary return to British politics as part of Labour’s election campaign, it emerged yesterday.
The former Prime Minister is said to have indicated he would be willing to play an active part if Gordon Brown wants him to.  Relations between them are believed to have warmed recently.  It follows their long history of rivalry and claims that Mr Blair felt “bruised” by Mr Brown’s handling of the Iraq war inquiry at which the former PM will have to appear.

Can you believe the SHAMELESS AUDACITY of the bastard.  He signed us up to two illegal wars through lying to the House of Commons, made millions working for Jewish firms whilst supposing to be a MIDDLE EAST ENVOY with responsibility for PALESTINE and while he makes all this money, his protection costs the UK £2m per year.

I sincerely hope that the Labour Party take him up on his offer as it will mean them forfeiting the Election.  It will mean I have to take less profit on my Election Bets, but it will still be worth it!


Anonymous said...

This is one head I'd like to see on a pole and I don't mean Mandy's.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, no that's one photo I'd love to see in the News of the World, Tony giving Mandy a BJ!