Thursday, 21 January 2010


Tony Blair's intelligence chief, (NOW THERE'S AN OXYMORON!), told the Iraq Inquiry that if the public had been allowed to see all the intelligence on which Britain went to war, they would have said: 'Is that it?'

In a damning assessment of the way the evidence was spun into a case for war, former Cabinet Office Intelligence and Security Co-ordinator Sir David Omand denounced  Blair's Downing Street dossier as a 'big mistake'.  He said the claim that Iraq could fire weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes was 'pish and asking for trouble'.  He said No10 officials compiling the dossier were 'pleading' with the intelligence agencies 'for anything more they can put in the dossier' and added: 'That's why people fell on the 45 minutes. That was something the secret service would allow to be used.

I'm afraid what with all the lies told by Blair and Brown to get us into this war with Bush and with all the 'penny-pinching' that went on with regards to kit,  if my son or daughter had been killed in Iraq, I would now be contemplating putting a bullet in Blair's skull.  I appreciate that his Police bodyguards which cost us £2m per year might also get me, but it would be worth it.  Sometimes THE AMERICAN WAY IS THE BEST!


slippery jack said...

Just watching slippery jack at the Chilcott inquiry and like previous witnesses ( in this and other inquiries) he 'can't recall' quite a lot of what he said and did.
So either our leaders are thick as fuck or are all lying bastards. Or both. It doesn't fill you with much confidence and might explain why our country has gone to the dogs.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Jacko. you got it in one, thick and lying bastards. Straw seems to be positioning himself. He says he could have stopped the war. Why didn't he? Robin Cook was the only one with any scruples and he was a wee ginga minga.