Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Dog lost at Loch Glascarnoch reunited with owner

Dave Webb's springer spaniel Sam 
A hillwalker has been reunited with his dog after it was lost for four nights in the mountains near Loch Glascarnoch between Inverness and Ullapool.

The above story is pulled straight from the BBC news page.  It will no doubt be reported on in the BBC Scotland bulletin tonight at 6.30.  Is it any wonder why people ask, with the financial world in turmoil and peoples' lives being affected on a daily basis, why they have to pay a fee for this sentimental shite?  The BBC on Monday had a really good investigation into Musa Kusa and his apparent freedom in Qatar, after being released by the British Authorities.  This is more the type of thing we want to see, not pish about some dog lost for four days, FFS.
If this is the best that BBC Scotland can come up with then the idea of a Scottish 6 o'clock news should be hit very squarely on the head!


chicken soup said...

I'm surprised the BBC didn't manage to blame it on the SNP.
"SNP cuts lead to failure to find dog. Independence means death for dogs claims Labour"
The more they concentrate on guff like this then the less time they have to attack the SNP I suppose.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Chickers, you've got a point there. I can see it now, "Salmond blamed for dog absence". Anything but blame it on themselves of course. It's like the way they snipe about the economy, when it's them that fucked it up in the first place!