Tuesday, 25 October 2011


That American harridan, Hilary Clinton, a bitter, twisted, crabbit bastard because she believes she would have made a better President than her feckless husband, has been demanding that the new Libyan Government returns al-Megrahi to serve out the rest of his sentence for the Lockerbie bomb.

I think that most people, at least the ones who bothered to research the matter, would realise is, that al-Megrahi was almost certainly a 'patsy'.  However the fucker above, Musa Kusa, the Libyan spy-master was almost certainly the one behind the bombing, if the Libyans were the perpetrators at all and there has to be some doubt about that.  Why then did the West let him fuck off to Qatar to live out the rest of his life with his ill-gotten gains?  He came to Britain for a couple of days to answer some questions and then went to live in the sun.  Why do we not have him locked up somewhere very safe?  Could it be that he knows too much?  Or are the security forces, just slack fuckers?

So, instead of fat-arse Clinton demanding this and that, she and that fucker, Mueller, the head of the FBI should be dragged here to this country, (Scotland) and forced to answer some pertinent questions before a Holyrood committee.  Like why were the CIA personnel pulled of the flight and what was the cargo?  Instead of hounding a reasonably placed security officer, who the last I saw, was patently dying of cancer and putting international doubt of a Scottish Government, who made the right decision based on Scottish law.  For those that say that he shouldn't have been released as he was not dying, I have only two words for them and it's not fuck off, but, Ronnie Biggs.


banned said...

Musa Kusa will have spilled the beans about Tony and Mandelsons mystery millions as the price of freedom.

Dave will gave squirrelled these dirty secrets away for future use.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, ah the secret squirrel! That is as maybe, but that doesn't excuse Clinton shouting her mouth off. When are these American pricks going to grow up and stop playing with the peoples' emotions who lost family at Lockerbie. Jim Squires, knows well that his daughter was not killed by Megrahi.

Monty said...

There was a good 'Panorama' programme on BBC last night all about this weasel. They've not posted it on iplayer for some reason but it might be repeated at 2am or something.
He was chummy with his UK counterparts who even invited him for Christmas lunch etc.
Musa liked to wait until his prisoners were almost dead and then sit in a comfy chair while they 'confessed'. His favourite torture technique was stapling the prisoners bollocks or using his cattle prod on their necks and testicles.
The most 'famous' of his exploits was machine gunning 1200 prisoners who had been told that if they returned to their cells they would be unharmed. They were forced into a hallway where Musa and his 'men' machine gunned them for 3 hours. They had to stop to clear the bodies before carrying on.
The BBC tracked him down to a 5 start hotel in Doha where he was enjoying breakfast and reading the paper. His local heavies chased the beeboids away.
I suspect that if he is ever sent back to Libya then he will suffer more than a double tap after a 30 second roughing up.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Monty, I saw the prog. That is the kind of thing the BBC should be producing instead of some has beens dancing on ice. I wouldn't mind paying my licence fee so much if they did that.

Billy said...

I actually think that the plane was carrying munitions as per the post I did on it with the link to the Firm a while back.

I have a retired ex-Detective Constable friend who confirmed every word of the Firm link as to the millions of needles and the shredded and hamburger-sized bits of bodies as he was drafted to Lockerbie like hundreds of other police from all over at the time.

I believe that the UK and US were quite happy to blame Libya for this crime to cover up for the fact that they themselves were responsible for illegally transporting unstable munitions (Terrain Denial Weapons of Terror)and that by blaming that country for this saved their own governments from falling at the time and also billions in compensation.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I think you may have a point and I've seen that theory put forward before. It would also explain why the CIA were pulled off the plane. I think it is also very likely that Gaddafi paid compensation to get himself and his country back into the good eyes of the West and the Zionists.