Thursday, 27 October 2011


"A wedding caterer who caused the death of a guest after driving while banned has avoided returning to jail after appeal judges reduced his prison term".

What is to be done with people who are banned from driving?

It only happened to me once, when I was banned for 3 months for exceeding my points for speeding.  Now in saying that, I did drive a fast car which was capable of higher speeds and shorter braking distances than most and I was driving 60,000 miles per year.  I think we all see drivers and say, "fuck me, they shouldn't be driving"!!!  Usually to be fair, old, doddery bastards, like my father-in-law, who as many of you know died at the beginning of the year and had great difficulty walking, never mind driving.

But does, banning someone from driving teach them a lesson?  Or is it better, to send them on a course of some sort, at their expense of course and at least let them continue to drive in the meantime.  How many people have lost their jobs after being totted up for a driving ban because of cameras?

In my case I was fortunate that I had my own business and I could get my wife to drive me about, although it did affect my business to some extent and probably cost the jobs of some of my employees, a fact that the old fucker, who tried me, didn't seem to be able to comprehend.

Coming up to Christmas, we will have the 'drink drive campaign'.  Now, I don't in this day and age have any sympathy with some prick who gets pished in the pub and drives home. However, they seem to take a delight in Scotland at stopping people at 8.30 in the morning when they are going to their work and might be slightly over the limit from the night before.  When I was drinking heavily, I never took an early appointment in December.  Although, in the 70's, I did it on more than one occasion.  On one celebrated Christmas party with my lads drinking 20+ Whiskies, (Scottish measures) and 6 half pints and driving  up the High Street and demolishing the road sign on the way into my street.  I accept that that was wrong, but they were different times.

I don't think however, that jailing someone who is banned for speeding serves any purposes, other than letting general society, chuckle and rub their hands in glee. Does it make them a better or worse driver?

How worse is it to mug some old granny of her pension and get off with it as happens now?  When are we going to regard, crimes of violence, higher than a driving offence?  Of course, if someone is totally reckless and someone is killed that is a  completely different matter, but let's get things into perspective!


banned said...

I got done for speeding last month, first time in 8 years so I got offered a "speed awareness course" as an alternative to prosecution.
No doubt I'll have to sit and be lectured by some cunts who don't even drive and will end up wishing I'd been fined and taken the fucking points.

Justice is blind. Rob a bottle of water in the fag end of a riot = 3 months gaoltime.
Beat someone senseless, drag him into an abandoned building and spend 2.5 hours torturing him with blades and fire = "Rehabilitation Otder" WTF ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's all a load of pish and only the Establishment's way of keeping us in check. Meanwhile, like Huhne, they get away with it. What do you think will happen to him if it's found his ex took points for him? We both know the answer, fuck all. But if that was me or you?

Citizen Sofa said...

"We shid ban driving of course!:)"
Trevor McDonald, SNP Candidate fae Basildon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sofers, personally I'd ban Sofas. far too much money lost down them, to say nothing of false teeth!