Tuesday, 23 August 2011


(Isn't it funny how in Scotland Tory women look like men and Labour men look like women)!

Scottish Tories and LibDums have protested at the Scottish Government's proposal to teach Scottish history in Scottish schools.   The Scottish Conservatives' education spokeswoman, Liz Smith, insists that Scottish history is already 'adequately taught' in schools and has voiced fears about the 'pseudo-nationalist undertones' of the new subject while the Libdums insist that Scottish history is adequately taught.

  I have 'O' levels and Highers in History from my school times in the 60/70s.  However, I was only taught English history at school in Ayrshire.  I am an expert on the Tudors, but any knowledge I have of Scottish history, I have taught myself.  Is anyone else the same?


Anonymous said...

She does look like a neep.

Elizabeth Smith
Member of the Scottish Parliament
Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education & Lifelong Learning

Email: Elizabeth.Smith.msp@scottish.parliament.uk

sweaty sock fae fife said...

We got taught all about the london fire/plague. War of the Roses etc. Fuck all about Scottish history. She's determined to push the Unionist line.

Minging feet said...

Her Mother was a man.

Didn't get Scots History either - all about Tudors and what happened dahn sawf.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, mair like a tattie.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sweaters, me too. I got the Tudors and even in economic history, I was taught nothing about Scottish inventions which helped the world into the modern ages.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mingers, utter pish. If it hadn't been for my father instilling a love of Scottish history in me then I would have been ignorant of my country's past!

Jacobite said...

Like you I was taught english history in school, its only later in life that you realise that we scots have a wealth of history I think that they were following the programme from the powers that be, in my day anyone who spoke the gail in school was ridiculed unbelievable to think that.

The Young Oligarch said...

DL . You've come out with this stuff before . It's not the 60s/70s any more . I got Scottish History at school in the 80s . I'm a qualified History teacher and so have taught Scottish History in Scottish schools .

She's right .

The SNP are trying to politicise the curriculum by continually repeating the "When I was a boy in 1864 all we got was Anne of Cleves , Mary of Guise and other Englishwomen . They should do real SCOTTISH History" pish , when they ken fine it's not relevant today .

The hoped-for end-result is Alec Salmond Studies .

It's pish . You know it's pish . Why do you keep repeating it ?

PS . The wumman is much better looking than Christine "The Loonie" Grahame . That's not saying much , though .

sweaty sock said...

young oligarch...

I dread to think what Scottish history you're teaching our kids. Do you have a link to the curriculum ?
There's no way people would still be voting for the Unionist parties if they were taught Scottish history properly.

Barney said...

Oligarch -

No computo.

If you are a qualified teacher of Scottish History, why are you so anti it being taught?

The Young Oligarch said...

I'm not anti- Scottish history , Barney . It's taught already . Some of it very well .

My problem is illustrated quite well by sweaty sock's comment above .

Only the politically pure SNP line , taught by politically pure SNP teachers will be allowed .

The formerly superb Scottish educational system has been destroyed by such commissars (although of a different hue)within our life-times .

Otherwise sensible (?) men like DL use the example of their own experiences of 50 years ago to justify changes today ; changes which they understand in only sloganistic terms .

If you can't see the incipient , or indeed overt , totalitarianism in this , you need to open your eyes .

The history curriculum for all examinations in Scotland can be found on the SQA's website .

All schools choose their own topics , usually three , in each of the first 2 years of school . Last time I taught history it was The Ancient Egyptians , The Romans and The Wars of Independence in 1st year ; the industrial revolution , the Suffragettes and Native Americans in 2nd .

Teachers play to their strengths . A centralised curriculum would bring us close to the sort of dictatorship where the government tells you what to call your wean .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Jacobite, welcome to the blog. History was my favourite subject at school, but as stated I was never taught any Scottish stuff. What the fuck did the Tudors ever do for you, time?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, you're coming at this again from the British unionist angle which is your preference through your personal family history. I can only talk for the 60/70s because that was when I was at school. My career path could have been different had I been taught Scottish history because I early accepted a place at Stirling to do Economic history instead of going into business and this was in the days before every bastard and their horse got a place at Uni, I'll have you know!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sweaters, so do I.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Barney, because he comes from a unionist upbringing.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I'm all for history being taught across the sectrum. we should know about the Romans, the Egyptians, the Plains Indians, the Conquistadors and even the Tudors, but at least 50% of the history curriculum should be Scottish history and where it relates to the modern Scotland, IMO. You come from a Unionist point of view, which rightly or wrongly clouds your judgement of the issue, just as I come from a nationalist point of view.

Anonymous said...

I've had the misfortune to see Liz Smith in person and she/he looks even more butch in person,even walks like a bloke!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, that'll be the balls that do that! Or maybe she's got farmer giles.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I'll give you a wee bit from a much more eloquent person than I am, Hugh Henry in the Scotsman, Tuesday.

"Last week, MSP Alasdair Allan, the minister for Learning and Skills, announced that a new subject, Scottish Studies, would be introduced into schools. The syllabus will cover the history, language, culture and literature of Scotland. Although recent research has found that 90 per cent of the public welcome this, the Labour Party accused the SNP government of politicising education and promoting nationalism. Sadly, once more, the Labour party finds itself on the wrong side of history.

I'm speculating here, but Scotland must be the only country in the world where teaching children the history of their own nation is perceived to be treason. The idea that introducing Scottish Studies to the national curriculum is brainwashing our children is farcical beyond belief".

Billy said...

Obviously not the Labour party Hugh Henry then DL.

Yes what have they ever done for us:


Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, Aye! What a wee prick he is, I fucking hate him. Good clip. I wasn't a huge Python fan, but some of their stuff was good.

Gallovidian said...

Fair enough on the more balanced history, but next they will be pushing that Gaelic shite, claiming, utterly falsely, that it is Scotland's language.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, Gaelic unfortunately, is a dead language. Unlike Latin, another dead language, it can not be used to form other words in foreign tongues

Do I detect a little criticism?

The Young Oligarch said...

Mr Scotsman Column-Writer may be more eloquent than you , DL , but he's not more correct .

Check out this article supporting your view from The Scottish Review -

Alec Salmond makes a chance remark to a journalist regarding a speech delivered by an old commie to a juvenile 1970's activist audience , and , lo! , it becomes part of the curriculum in many schools !

If you can't see the political interference , or at least the strong possibility of it , then your name's changed to Nelson during the night .

Let me repeat , Scottish History and literature are already taught in schools . I've done it and seen it done . Scots is now making a welcome , though faltering ,appearence in some schools .

Those opposing Salmond's cunning plans are not anti-Scottish they are anti-SNP . The 2 are not synonymous .

The Young Oligarch said...

Gallovidian and yourself both make a fine point regarding the fake Gaelicisms being imposed on us .

I notice that now Newton has had it's name changed into Gaelic on the station sign , as I pass through on my way to Glasgow . As Latin has more claim to being a native and official language in Lanarkshire (the Romans ruled for about a century) , why not have tri-lingual signs ?


Am Baile Ùr

Novum Oppidum



Tobar na Màthar

Fons Matris

With all the signs in the language of Holy Mother Church , even with your hateful comments about the sainted Neil Lennon , we can't be accused of the sin of anti-catholicism .

Or would such a move be too political ?

Anonymous said...

My parents were nats back in the 70's and I couldn't get enough about Scots history. I read all Nigel Tranter's historic novels. Just the right blend of violence, intrigue, glory and smoochy stuff for any young man to enjoy. I sat in history class daydreaming about the days of honour and yore....took my mind off the tedious Marxist history of Scottish Industrial Revolution and the Russian Revolution I was being presented in the Peoples Republic of Wishaw.

Still love history and benefitted more from learning it myself than getting it spoon fed in a double class from Leon Trotsky with elbow patches.

The Young Oligarch said...

Well said , Anonymous . I love teaching Scottish History of the sort you're talking about . The weans love Braveheart , especially when they can point out the shite bits and know that the reality was better and more interesting .

My problem with politicians footering with the school curriculum is that it produces they Leon Trotskies with elbow patches . Ones with Tartan elbow patches won't be any better .

Wishae isnae really as bad as you make out , though . We used to call it "The Best Wee Toon in Scotland" . With pride .

Incomers imposing their ideology while telling the locals that they're a load of shite , as is their culture ? Never heard of the left doing that before .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, you make some relevant remarks. I'm afraid you dropped off my front page and I didn't get the chance to answer you re:history.

All sides are disparaging to each other whether it be left or right. We should be breeding people in Scotland that feel equals with their fellow man. Only stupidness should be sympathetically frowned upon. Someone who is blessed with a reasonable education provided by his country should use it to the best if his ability for the good of his family first and then his country, whether you call that society, Maggie, or not.

Wishie is OK BTW, I have a good mate stays there.