Monday, 23 May 2011


I have been following this Giggs shite on Twatter.  Everybody and their dog knew who it was.

But was the injunction right?  I believe he had the right.  He doesn´t affect my life.  I couldn´t care less who he shags, although I think the bastard treated the silly wee lassie poorly.  What does affect me is when a politician gets a superinjunction, because for instance he has been caught shagging a goat in a Zoo.  They have some influence over my life, unlike a prick footballer.

Now I might get myself in trouble and my new found wealth may be taken from me if I recall who it was. 

OK, fuck it!  The person in question, is Gordon Brown.  Yes, that Gordon Brown.  The one who is not goimng to get the IMF job, the twat!

Hasta luego, caballeros.  Es necisito mas sol para me!


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tris said...

She, of course, it has to be said, would ahve been aware that Ryan was a married man with young children. I mean everyone knows that, so she is not entirely without shame. Nice girls aren't supposed to do that kind of thing, at least not to other women and their children.

I heard it was a lizard by the way, but a gotat works too.

I hope you didn't get burnt.

Gordo said...

Its the idea that there is a form of law; the superinjunction, that is only available to the rich. That is the problem, not whether they are politicos or celebs.

PS what do you think of the priorities of your new Scottish Government? Arresting and jailing people for "sectarianism" on the internet? The Tartan Gestapo is on its way!

Sir Fred ( shagger) the Shred said...

I was pumping my secretary for years and thought I was safe until my superinjunction was outed by an MP !
Nosey buggers.

Anonymous said...

I'll be back a week today, although I'll need to get a new laptop as I have a system failure in my old one, which was past it anyway. Expect even more shite than usual!

Anonymous said...

That's me BTW!

RantinRab said...

I've just turned over your house. Blow us doll? Dirty old bastard.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, a blow us doll. are you pished?

RantinRab said...

Stupid bloody phone.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Roberto, I just got my bill in from Orange and it's £480 FFS. Phones!