Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hola Muchachos, estoy aqui en Espana BORRACHO!

It´s hard to get annoyed when you`re on holiday and I apologise for the poor state of this blog, but a couple of things annoyed me.
Firstly, how come that shirtlifting bastard Laws, only got suspended for a week from the Commons?  He should have been suspended by his BALLS with a bit of cheeesewire.  The thieving bastard!

Secondly, I saw that Jewish Catholic, Jim Murphy on Sky News this morning being interviewed about the sectarianism in Scotland and the fucker had the audacity to blame the Scottish Government.  Why doesn´t he fuck off to the land of his Irish heritage and pick some fucking tatties?  The fuckwit bastard!

Anyway, I`m back off to the pool.  I´ve been having trouble getting a Wifi connection and this little electronic soujourn is costing me a $10.

Thanks to all of you who voted for a new future for Scotland by voting SNP on May 5, but let´s get on and finish the job, by taking our own destiny into our own hands properly.



Dioclese said...

If you just had the holiday I had at a cost of six fucking grand you'd find it very easy indeed to get annoyed.

Hope you missed the earthquake - we had one in Greece of the same magnitude but it seems only jerry built Spanish buildings fall down not Greek ones!...

$10 to do a post? Have you not heard of scheduling?.....or do as I do and write them down on paper and post them when you get home...low tech but cheap and effective!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, I was told this joint had wifi, it´s worse than the shite I have at home!

Sorrry to hear about your hols!

huns win the league said...

DL. If you can spell sectarianism then you're not drinking enough.
Spud's been called back to Scotland to help raise their game. Subway 12inchers all round.

Anonymous said...

Jim Murphy is a complete and utter fucking prick. I couldn't care less about someones Religion or Irish Political views, but when some "Scottish" Labour Cunt spews fucking pish about Scotland not needing Independence, if I find out he's a Celtic Supporter, (I hate fucking Football), I ask them when Ireland are re-joining the Union. You should see them go red in the face, two faced fucking gits. It's like going round with the bearded brigade, protesting that meat is murder, then going back to work in a fucking Abattoir? What a bunch of two faced wank stains.

Fuck them. Let's get ourselves Free and truly Independent and fuck Nato, the EU and the UN as well, while were at it.


george said...

Don't hold back Steve ;)

Be careful in the supermarkets if you see a Bulgarian looking annoyed and carrying a machete. As you often do.

Billy said...

Councillor Terry Kelly is coming out with the same garbage about it all being the fault of the SNP over at his blog.

The trouble with diddies like him is - it is nothing to do with them. The fact that Paisley boy Terry does not support his local team but supports a Glasgow team because of his religion and "Irish" heritage makes him a hypocrite and a bigot.

I am from Irish stock on my dad's side but Ireland has a much relevance to me as Denmark - the same goes for most of these people. I don't do religion as I am educated enough to know that all these religions are just a con and are about worshiping the SUN unlike the numpties from both sides of the Old Firm like Terry who are too daft to realise they have been conned and that they are all the same.

Too many people living in an uneducated past in this country instead of living for and doing what is the best for the future of everyone in Scotland.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hunny, raise their game? Fuck off! You´re having a laugh.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, settle down. Now that I have lived amongst my Spanish cousins in the EU, for 3 weeks or so, I believe the Euro is a great institution, at least it will be when it hits 1.15 and I purchase a wee house over here. Special rate for blog punters.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gorge, I just kicked a suspicious looking character in the bollocks this morning. It turned out he was the mayor of Calpe. Politicians, the same the world over!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I know the prick you mean. I´ve been on his site a few times and as you say he´s a fucker of the first order.