Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hola Amigos!  I am back to annoy you, fresh from my travels in France and mostly, Spain.  I apologise for my lack of communication but I had a system failure on my laptop which stopped me from being able to blog.  However, I am now armed with a new laptop and fresh vigour.

You know, in this country we are fucking idiots.  We knock our pans in at work.  Our pace of living is killing us.  Do we enjoy life?  I don't think so.  Look for instance at the Dayglows.  Their Supermarkets don't sell everything like ours do and therefore small businesses are allowed to flourish.  Their town centres are not like ghost towns, like many of ours are.  The Supermarkets and normal shops don't open on a Sunday.  Sunday is a family day when they got to church, (many of them) and then they go out for a meal as a family and have a relaxing day off.  It's accepted that the shops shut in the afternoon for a siesta.  They all do it, so people don't expect to shop in those 3 hours.  Instead they have lunch and a kip.

We were in France last Thursday and ALL the shops and most of the restaurants and cafes were shut.  I asked the guy in the hotel what the score was and he told me it was some sort of local holiday.  The streets were deserted because people were in their homes being families and with their friends.  Does that happen here on a so called holiday?  The only restaurants that were open were the British/American ones like Mcdonalds, Burgerking and Kentucky Fried Rabbit.  Does that really surprise you?

Our way of life is shite and I don't know what we could do to change it.  Instead of cutting down the power of the Trade Unions, why don't we cut down the power of the big companies.  Let's tell them that they are not going to open 24/7.  Tell them to shut at 8 at night and they can't open on a Sunday.  Don't give me the tale about convenience and choice, because that is what is ruining what little culture we have left in this country.

It's pathetic to come back to Scotland and to see that 50% of the young girls in the street are, quite plainly, fucking obese.  In a Spanish supermarket, there is only about 3 feet of ready made meals.  The women in Spain still know how to take some ingredients and make a meal for their family.  Not that I'm saying there are no fat young women in Spain, there are, but not nearly the same percentage as here.

Can anyone tell me why, in an oil producing nation, our diesel is £1.40 per litre and in Spain it's £1.05?  Why is diesel dearer than petrol here, when it's cheaper to produce and diesel cars are more efficient.  In France and Spain, diesel is much cheaper than petrol, so why not here?

No my friends, this country, (UK),  is a shitehole in so many ways and unless we make a stand now, it's just going to get worse.

Oh, BTW, I've purchased a house in Spain.  Available for hire once I get it ready!


bugsbunny said...


Since you have been away the Jewish bloggers have been calling down the SNP, the Scottish Government and the Scottish People simply because a 22 member Council in West Dumbarton want 1 library to boycott books from Israel from July 2011. They now have a picture on youtube of Alex Salmond waving and proclaiming him, and all Scottish Nationalists as Nazis.


I have always had more Pro-Isreali views than anything else. But I spent ann entire evening reading things like this. So I contacted them, told them my history, and told them, "Congratulations, you have made me an anti-semite". Fuck them all. Isreal and their supporters.


Budvar said...

Hey DL, como estas amigo? Great you managed to find a place, Torrevieja?
I hope you wore the fez and haggled like you were in a Turkish souk? Nice to have you back.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, the Jews always come back to the concentration camps and the Nazis. It's in their blood and the persecution angle suits them because they have been flung out of so many countries through the centuries. They don't tell you about the worldwide Jewish boycott of German goods which strengthened Hitler's hand or the support from the German Zionists fro the camps because it meant more profit for them. Israel is the country where apartheid is practised on a daily basis. There are more UN pronouncements against Israel than any other country, but due to the fact that they run most Western Governments, nothing is done. No, the Zionist is one to watch and as I have said in the past, at least you know where you stand with a Muslim, they're not sneaky bastards like th Jews.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, gracias, soy muy bueno! No, I looked all round Torrevieja and then went down to Camposol near Mazarron on the Costa Calida and although I said I wasn't wanting to be an ex-pat, (which I won't be), it is a urbanisation mostly populated by Brits. However the house I bought is five years old, has never been used, has 3 bedrooms and 2 huge terraces and a massive solarium and I got it for 55k Euros although they wanted 72k. It was such a bargain, I couldn't resist it. There are also more business possibilities if we decide to move over there permanently and I am already working up a few ideas. Who woulldn't want to move when it's 4.30 in the afternoon in June, it's raining and 10 degrees, FFS!

Sue said...

You should move as soon as you can. I love it here :)

It's the first time in 30 years I don't wake up tired.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sue, whereabouts are you?

doom and gloom merchant said...

There was recently a big earthquake near where your new house is DL so check the founds for cracks. Oh and don't forget the cooncil can bulldoze your house if they want to. Be worth inviting the local mafia/ mayor to your house warming bbq and keep them on side with some readies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Doomers, I am glad to report that I have it on the finest report from some dickhead of an surveyor who is educated from the Uni of Madrid, that the house is sound. It better be, the bastard cost £400! Mind you, a halfwit can look at a house and the rest of the ones surrounding it and decide if it's sound or not. The ones in Llorca that fell down, were old ones! I can assure you that when you rent it next July, there will not be a problem just whether to choose sangria or bubbly in the jacuzzi!

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