Monday, 10 January 2011


Cameron spoke about a 'Job Creation Summit', on the Andrew Marr show, being held in Downing Street today.
Firms making job creation pledges today include Asda 7,500; InterContinental Hotels 1,000;  John Lewis 4,000; Morrisons 6,000; McDonald's 3,000; Sainsbury's 6,500  and Tesco, 9,000.

Cameron held out little hope that Labour's planned rise in fuel duty, due to be introduced in April, will be deferred. But he said he hoped that the increase in income tax to 50% for those earning more than £150,000 would be withdrawn.

So, in other words, the bastard wants us and our children working in low paid shite jobs in the service industry, while they increase the cost of fuel above most working peoples' pockets.  In the meantime, someone earning above £150,000, who is too stupid to have a decent accountant is unable pay a MARGINAL rate of 50%.

This is at the same time as he cuts the welfare bill for needy people.  Don't believe all the propaganda you read in the MSN about scroungers getting huge welfare benefits, it's crap. In the meantime Billions are spent on the armed forces and Trident and at the same time old people are freezing to death because they can't heat their homes.  All part of course, of the grand plan for humanity, at least in the EU.  We starve while the politicians, OUR SERVANTS(!), gorge themselves and throw us the scraps. 
 Things have got to change!


banned said...

You sound a bit upset Darkers, do calm down before yu do yourself an injury.
"Asda 7,500; InterContinental Hotels 1,000; John Lewis 4,000; Morrisons 6,000; McDonald's 3,000; Sainsbury's 6,500 and Tesco, 9,000." Good quality stuff eh? Britain will haul itself into recovery by importing East Europeans to flog stuff to us.

Don't be to bothered about fuel prices, someone wrote to the Telegraph last week pointing out that in the 1970's (when going for a casual drive was all the rage) the average weekly wage could buy 40 gallons of petrol while now it would buy 80; I can't be aresed to check it out though.

Dioclese said...

I think that marginal income tax rate are grossly unfair. Why should I pay 4 times as much tax because I earn twice as much??

Having said that, this is not the right time to rescind the 50% rate and frankly I would be surprised if it happened in the next budget. All higher rates should go and be replaced with a flat rate but with a much higher allowance to take the poorest out of the tax system altogether.

Oh hang on! I'm beginning to sound like a LibDem which is worrying for a lifetime Tory! Help, I'm being coagulated...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I am the voice of the silent majority! Anyway, your man in the Telegraph was talking shite. I too can't be arsed checking it, but I know at that point in the mid 70s I was winching, (Scottish Word), the current Mrs DL and the casual run out in my mother's car cost fuck all, when as you say going for a drive was a leisure experience.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, you think you've got problems. I'm starting to sound like a Socialist. No, I think it the spirit of fairness and considering that VAT rises, Fuel rises etc, hit the poor more than the better off, I think that anyone on over £150k should pay 50% on that part of his earnings. Remember their only paying less than 30% up to that amount. If I was on £150k, I would be quite happy paying 50% on my 151,000 pound note if my accountant couldn't get me out of it. Most of it at that amount would be going into a pension fund anyway which the Government will be topping up with my marginal rate of tax although I seem to remember, that that stays at 40%, although I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...


On looking at those jobs being created one forgets, what about the rest of the 2+million unemployed? More so what about the continuing number of immigrants coming in, not forgetting the children of those who have been here for thirteen years under Labour?
Bottom line, as I've said many times before - when you lose your manufacturing industry and ability to be a self sustaining land your country dies.

Regarding taxation, what I do think is far more feasible is paying a percentage of income for rent, travel, property etc etc. For example the average rent in London is £100pw to rent a room in a house. Therefore someone on £20k will end up paying nearly £3k a year on rent which works out to be 15% of their yearly income. Someone on £100k only pays 3% of their income. Therefore to make things fair, bring the cost of rent to 10% of one's income a year meaning that the person on £20k pays £2k and the person on £100k pays £10k. That way it works out far better as the person on £100k pays the same as the person on £20k, that is in overall percentage of earnings. In order to stop landlords only wanting wealthy individuals, put a cap on the amount of money they can take in for their properties, thus making it an even spread. Also designate areas of cities as low cost housing, but not in standard, as things used to be in London until Labour moved into power. The East end and South parts of London were always cheaper.

I think however the best way of dealing with the situation is simply to cap wages. It's obscene that bankers, sports stars, music celebrities are on the money they're on. But then if they had to pay a percentage of their income on rent, buying a house (10% of their annual income for a period of say, 20 years), food, medical costs etc etc, society would benefit far better, that is of course if the state (minimal) worked for the people and not the elites.

A percentage system of one's income would be far fairer I think. People would say it's unfair, I don't for example, a person who pays out 30% of their income on living bills on £20k is left with £14k a year, whereas a person on £100k a year who pays the same percentage is still left with £70k, five times more than the person on £20k, but the difference is their both paying the same percentage of their wages. I know it's similar to those who earn more pay higher taxes, but this way people see that the comparison to percentage of their incomes.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I can see your point, but surely if we get to the point where everyone pays a fixed percentage of their income, based on purely their ability to pay, then we get to become a communist state.

I don't want to limit the entrepreneurial spirit in the country, but I do think that paying 50% on earnings of more than 150k is not unreasonable, because remember NI stops well before that. Most people earning that sort of level will have a decent accountant who can get rid of their tax liability.

Anonymous said...


I don't think this way it would become a communist state in the slightest. Remember I said minimal state, meaning no central government and very much small local.
The percentage of one's income merely means that each person pays the same according to income (hours worked). Personally, a bricky, slogging it for 10 hours a day is far more demanding than some fat fuck on his arse all day, typing on a computer but making ten times more. That way things are evened out, i.e. I work far harder than you, you get paid much more but then percentage evens things out and makes things much fairer.
The problem in reality DL is money. Money gives people power and remember the saying about power and corrupting?
Someone on £150k earn 7.5 times more than one on £20k and that person on £20k will work far harder than the person on £150k guaranteed, yet will struggle far more. Like I said, once the percentage of one's own income is sorted out when paying bills then those on higher incomes are still left with bucket loads. The bottom line here DL is that the lower earners are not being shafted and the wealthier people are paying the same realistically for time worked.

Toni said...

"limit the entrepreneurial spirit in the country". No problem DL look at those new jobs, we no longer have such a spirit in this country. Supposedly UK academic standards have risen year after year and what jobs do we have for our finest? Selling burgers or cleaning shit in a hotel. Your spot on about the high tax payers getting decent accountants to sort out their tax bills, remember the 70's when the very rich paid up to 90% tax, still at least we got Exile On Main Street by the Stones as a result. Speaking of music, your from Paisley, aren't you? Shame about Gerry Rafferty.

Clarinda said...

A bit off topic but good news for would-be zoo-keeping jobs and Bugger the Panda - Edinburgh Zoo is to get two breeding giant pandas from China. Pity they already have names - as Eck-Eck and Nic-Nic have a nice ring to them?
No doubt the inscrutable Mr Fudd is swotting up on Chinese history so as not to muddle his confusion with Confucianism at FMQs.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, again I take your point, but you must reward talent. Any thick bastard can be a brickie if they're fit enough, but someone like yourself, a wordsmith, deserves more, even though all you are doing is sitting on your plukey unemployed arse. So I don't subscribe to this notion of yours. If they earn more they can pay a higher percentage of tax. Fuck me in Callaghan's day it was 90%. That was too much, but I reiterate that if I was earning 150k then I would be happy paying 50p on every pound over that and proud to be helping my fellow man. But, that's just the kind of fucker I am.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, yes thy've got me a manager's job making sure the fries are warm enough. £2.30 an hour and as many chips as I can eat. Mind you, as long as I'm working 16 hours the Government will make up my wags so that McDonalds can pay me a shite wage and make billions.

No, I'm from Ayrshire. we would never associate with those smelly Paisley bastards, but it was a shame about GR, (as we call him), anyway. I was just saying to Bill when I called him, this would be a good time to re-release a Humblebums LP!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Clarindas, we don't mind a bit of O/T on here. No Elmer will be learning Panda for when Murphy gets rid of him at the first bi-election. He is I believe in charge of Panda's hard-on. Guaranteed he'll make an arse of it, if you see what I mean!

David Farrer said...


Won't it be amusing when the two pandas adopt a diet of deep fried mars bars and pints of heavy and then start breeding like, well, Beckhams?

Dark Lochnagar said...

David, welcome to the blog. Aye, you can shove yir bamboo shoots up yir arse mate, it's kebabs or nothing! And wi a cheeky wee new Bo'jolais to go wi it!