Sunday, 9 January 2011


British Fishing Minister, Richard Benyon has been accused of talking shite and putting the Scottish Fish Farming Industry in peril along with that well known, climate change activist and celebrity chef, Shug Ferangie-Milkingstool.
He spoke out to warn of the environmental impact of the industry and suggested consumers should switch to less fashionable wild alternatives such as gurnard or megrim.  But the remarks have infuriated Scotland's salmon farming industry, which is worth £500m a year and responsible for 6,000 jobs.

This is a perfect example of why Scotland needs independence on matters like fishing.  Most of the fishing industry and nearly all the Fish Farming Industry is based in Scotland and the Scottish Government should be responsible for it, not some fuckwit that doesn't know what he's talking about.

I spent 30 years in the Fishing Industry as a Fishmerchant and there aren't enough Gurnard landed in the UK to feed Grimsby never mind the rest of the country.  The megrim fishery is not sustainable either.  Are these guys not supposed to have some knowledge of their brief or at least get advice from Civil Servants?  And, as for that hairy fuckwit of a chef!


Budvar said...

It's got fuck all to do with Scottish independence DL, and everything to do with we all as UK citizens being ruled by a set of cunts!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budders, that as well. These pricks who call themselves Fishing Ministers have been misrepresenting the Scottish Fishing Industry for years. The problem is when they are in Whitehall and part of the Establishment, they are untouchable. When was the last time someone resigned because hi Department had fucked up rather than because he was shagging his landlord. They are not close enough to the people like they are in Scotland and a good example of that is Iceland. When they tried to bankrupt the country, the people just held a referendum and told them to fuck off. The Scottish Transport Minister resigned recently because basically there was a bigger than expected snowfall and the gritters couldn't do their work for abandoned cars. That didn't happen in England or Germany for that matter, because the politicians think they are above the people.

Anonymous said...

DL, I know you're seeing the bigger picture these days. As Budvar says, it's about being ruled by a set of cunts.
If Scotland breaks free of Britain then it means the UK is divided and thus far easier to conquer. If Scotland breaks away from the UK then guaranteed DL, it will merely become a vassal of Brussels and another state of the EUSR, not that we aren't (the UK) already.

It is about destruction. When the UK's fucked financially, there are no jobs left, the food industry is dead, then the UK will be right in the position where the rulers in Brussells and those who rule them wanted - in a position of total servitude to those whom they rely on for survival. This is what's planned. It is called turning the UK into a country that's unable to look after itself and they're on track, sadly, rapidly.

DL, you have to realise that these politicians are not stupid. They know exactly what they're doing and are merely following a script and they'll be richly rewarded. Our politicians DO NOT work for us, but a hidden elite who are spread around in all walks of life, that is the upper echelons. Therefore when you pick up the paper and read another disaster, there's no point in saying "I can't believe these fucking morons..." because they know exactly what they're doing. They want all countries to go under, then they'll blame their failures on Nationalism and that the way forward is for a world bank to keep all countries economies in check and a world government to keep peace. In other words DL, the elite have sent people into your shop, they've smashed it up, they're now telling you that if they take control of your shop there won't be any more attacks. This is how they work - they're gangsters, creating all the problems and then offering you a solution to them.

Everything is planned DL, everything is planned and has been for hundreds of years. Once you realise this, there really won't be any more need for you attacking some politician/NGO spokesperson because they're working to their own agenda. Society, of course, hasn't a clue, because it looks to the MSM to keep it in the know and considering the MSM are owned by the elites, pushing through the agenda, then that's the last thing the MSM will ever do. And there you have it - stupid people and a heist on our country (world), liberty and freedoms and they're winning too!

Anonymous said...

What would an EU backed minister in Whitehall, care for the Scottish Fishing Industry and supplementary trades, in the face of furthering interests in Brussels? It's been that way from 1974 when one of the first acts was to open up British waters to the EU fleets. They couldn't give a monkeys for what? 100,000 jobs in Scotland? Small fry compared to an ex ministers pension.

Down in the smoke said...

I'm not anonymous, i'm just a free man with appendages that are faster than the brain.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I have as you know worked down the rabbit hole over the last year or so. It may be preordained, but I don't think that I am the stage yet that I can accept it.

I look at the UK and the Establishment led by the Monarchy and think to myself, how can that be changed? We are never going to get a vote to gt us out of the EU as far as I can see, so what can my country, Scotland do to change the situation. We re as yet one of only two countries in Europe with oil. Now, I know that if it came to it the US would invade to have it. There are also the fields of deep water oil off the Rockall. Now I know that when it takes more to refine the oil that the actual energy it produces, we are fucked, but I don't think we have reached that stage yet. It is obviously in the Elite's interest that the UK with it's institutions stays intact and indeed they have already lied about the amount and value of oil to Scotland. The South of England, let's face it is fucked. London will soon be brown on the inside and vanilla on the outside, like an inverted walnut whip. So is it time for independence and a fight within Scotland about the continued benefits of the EU, when a country like Norway has stayed out and built up an oil fund of $500 billion? Labour are fond of laughing at Iceland. But when their politicians tried to bankrupt them by doing what they have down here, i.e. bailing out the Jews' banks like the Inter Alpha group and then paying interest on Government bonds payable to different parts of the same group, the people told the politicians, who in a small country are closer to the people, to fuck off. That is what I envisage for an Independent Scotland. Some may say, I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Fuck, I think I just wrote the start of a song!

Anyway to sum up. I accept all you're saying, I'm just not at the stage of giving in yet.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, you are indeed a man of quick appendages. To quick, your partner say, but that's for another day.

Yes they don't give a fuck and the only thing as I have said that has any possibility of changing anything is mass riots and anarchy, which will begin in earnest when the first food riots break out.

banned said...

Hi DL, I've been avoiding Blogger as my New Years Resolution was to avoid saying 'cunt', oops!

Dunno about Scotlands fishing industry but Englands has become a sad remnant with hundreds of small and medium sized 'fishing' towns and villages seeing their dozens of vessels reduced to one or two each barely scraping a living. This is a direct result of the EU Common Fisheries Policy which, as mentioned above, was one of the first things introducd by dead traitor cunt (there I go again) E. Heath.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I saw it coming in the fishing industry when Spanish Boats started landing in Lochinver in the Highlands. I remember being in Spain at my flat and being in Alicante fish market and seeing fish that were way too small to be landed, which had come from boats fishing in our waters. At that time, we had hundreds of fishery inspectors, in Ayr where I lived there were 5. I was later told that Spain had only 1 (one), inspector and he was based in fucking Madrid, which as I'm sure you know is exactly in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula. Heath ws a cunt, BTW.

banned said...

Sounds just like Agriculture Inspectors. We've got fucking hundreds of Spanish ones employed by DEFRA largely because they can't find work in Spain because their own country doesn't give a fuck about EU Regulations re agriculure inspections, or fishing.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, the rest of the EU make the rules and we're the only fuckers that keep to them. Some Scottish Hill farmers were getting threatened by the British Government with huge fines because they didn't keep to some obscure EU rule about counting fucking sheep. A bag of shite.