Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The EU and the British Foreign Office is on the verge of recognizing the Palestinian State, after years of Israeli atrocities and the ghettoisation of the Palestinian people who are the only ones to have legitimate claims on Palestine.

Those of you who are studiers of the Israeli State will know that the 'False Flag' operations, planned by MOSSAD for many years for just such an eventuality will come to fruition.  Expect to see, small explosions in many European countries which will be attributed to Muslims, but ask yourself, why would they do that, now that the Palestine state is about to be recognized? 

In Afghanistan and Iraq, 'Muslim' opposition will be stepped up, at least that's what will be reported in the Zionist MSM.  BTW, those of you who think the BBC is neutral, just look at the people at the top who plan the BBC's programming.  The only 'independent' news now on TV, belongs to Channel 4 and that is a sad state of affairs.


McGonagall said...

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a truly sad affair. The Jews never gave up their claim to the land after being forced out. Every year of their 2,000 year diaspora they declared: "Next year in Jerusalem, and: "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither." These people maintained their language, culture, religion, and identity through two thousand years of diaspora and finally came home to find others living there.

What would Scots do in similar circumstances? They'd abandon their identity and assimilate.

While I admire the Jewish people in their quest to reclaim their homeland, I grieve for the Palestinians who had called it home for so long. A solution must include an Arab willingness to resettle Palestinians within their territories. It is indeed strange that their co-religionists and ethnic brothers insist that they are still refugees three generations after entering their territories.

Territories artificially created by the British after WWI. Let's not forget that Palestine wasn't a nation but a mere province of the Ottoman Empire. That when the Brits took over they created "Trans-Jordan" (amongst others) which included the left bank and yet folks from this region are now considered "refugees" in their own country now renamed Jordan due to the fact that the Jews have returned and claimed the West Bank as part of Eretz Israel?

DL, Jews are smart, well organized, and dedicated to preserving their nation. Would that Scotland was the same.

Dioclese said...

If I was world dictator, I would take Jerusalem off both sids and make it an international city under the control of the UN. Mind you, we'd need to reform the UN forst...

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL there is always a Christmas surprise designed to make the 25th miserable on MSM, as if the soaps aren't enough. So yes I think you are on the correct track here.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, a very interesting comment and indeed the persecution of the Palestinians by the Jew is indeed a truly horrific occurrence.

I note your remarks about the wandering Jew with his notion of a homeland. However this is not really the case. The majority of Jews in the world are Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, whose diaspora has never been near Israel never mind a sand dune. At one time in the 1930s, Ashkenazi Jews numbered 93% of all world Jewry. Hitler, of course, gassed a few during the war years, but their numbers are currently still riding high at 80% of world Jewry( Wkipedia Ashkenazi Jews).

Today, Ashkenazi Jews constitute not only the largest group among Jews, but among Israeli Jews as well. They have played a prominent role in the economy, media, and politics of Israel since its founding. So after being banned from 120 countries throughout their history, they finally found somewhere they could call home, but for that matter it could have been in Asia as far as Ashkenzi Jews were concerned. The state of Israel came about as you will know, due to Zionist influence in bringing America into the 1st world war, not for any altruistic reasons on the part of the British.

The Jews are certainly smart and well organised. So well organised that they help their own people even more strongly than the Masons. Not that there is anything wrong with that IMO, except when it comes to screwing Gentiles who of course they consider to be cattle and people who they can influence to do their bidding by attacking Muslim nations like Iraq and Afghanistan so that Zionist cunts like Rumsfield and Rothschild can benefit.

That is why the point of the blogpost is about how, I believe we will soon see MOSSAD false flag operations.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, If I was the world dictator, I would ban religions altogether and then the daft fuckers wouldn't have the excuse to kill each other for the benefit of the Zionists.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! I am indeed honoured that you think I may be right, but I'm sure time will tell. That is the great thing about predictions, they're either right or wrong or sometimes half right!

Anonymous said...


Much of what you say just simply doesn't compute. What's this shite about a Jewish homeland? Judaism is a fucking religion!
What amazes me is that you have the audacity to put Scots in the same sentance as Jews as if you can compare them. It's a fallacy!

The Jews certainly lived in Judea, but they were merely one of the 12 tribes who lived there. Remember that Israel is not a place. Israel was the father of 12 sons, of whom became the tribes. So for you to harp on about Wouldn't the Scots do the same? You're speaking absolute tosh. If I was to compare your surmise with Scotland it would be like the Campbells (one clan within the Scottish people) saying that they want Scotland all for themselves and fuck all the other clans living there, for they'd have to move out. This is an effective comparison to the Jewish/Palistinian problem.

More so, about 97% of the Jews in Israel are from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, USA, UK etc etc. They are not related to the ethnic Jews of the bible and the land that was Judea. Oh no. They are Khazars (as DL has already said) meaning they have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel other than the fact they worship the same religion.

You simply DON'T give land in other people's land because of your religious belief. There is no race of Jews although thanks to constant bombardment by the ADL et all, they have managed to turn a religious group of people into a race, which is nothing but bollox, thus enabling them to use UNHRC laws in order to further solidify their right to the land now known as Israel, but most certainly not theirs to inhabit.

The British had no right whatsoever to take that land from the Ottoman Turks. It was theirs. They had no right to start shipping in non semitic Jews there from Russia and Poland. However when you realise that all the people behind this were Jews then you understand why it happened. The British lied to the Palestinians, because the British were under the control of Zionism high up, amongst their Freemason control of society.

Get your facts right in order to understand the bigger picture here. The Jews (read plastic Ashkenazi Jews) have no right whatsoever to the land we know as Israel. They have systematically destroyed the indigenous peoples there and are the biggest anti semites in history. History, much of it is a lie, but what I speak of Jews is 100% correct. There was ironically peace in the middle east between the Sephardic Jews and Muslims, until the Zionists got involved within the British Empire. Your knowledge of history and current events is rather pathetic McGonagall. You are clearly oblivious to much of what is. I strongly suggest you educate yourself before coming on blogs and making an arse of yourself as you have here (and in most postings sadly).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, whilst I agree with your historical theories which I know you have researched fully, you have to remember that we are not all at the same stage of development in realising the big picture. I for instance am possibly a bit further down the road than McGonnagal, but you are much further down the road than me. We all have our own reasons to move down that road or stop where we are comfortable.

As such, I feel that a lot of what you said in your last paragraph was un-necessary.

Highland Cooncil said...

SS Child Kidnapping In Progress..

banned said...

@Harbingers "The British had no right whatsoever to take that land from the Ottoman Turks. Yes we did, we beat them at war; a war that they foolishly entered into at the fag end of their imperium, of their own volition, the daft cunts.

McGonagall is quite correct in inferfing tht the only reason that there is still a 'Palestinian' refugee problem decades after its founding is that it suits the various Princes of Araby for it to be so. Where are the German, Polish or Czech refugees 60 years after the end of WW2? Nowhere, because they have been settled in their homelands as could have been the Palestinians thoughout other 'Arab' lands had their rulers been willing.

Anonymous said...


McGonnagall, as a Socialist I would have assumed to be more clued up on the Jewish Question. He isn't hence why I spoke to him in the manner I did. The bottom line DL is this and that's don't get into debates when you clearly know fuck all about what you're on about.

Jews are smart, well organized, and dedicated to preserving their nation.

What the fuck is that all about? Jews have through time continued to create war after war after war while destroying the west more and more. Now I know that there is much else going on, such as Fabian Socialism, but when you read into that you'll see that that's worked in tandem with Communism, the other great creation of and ruin by the Jews.

Jews are ethnocentric. They are incredibly racist. They are immensely hypocritical for while they create their IsraHELL making sure that it will be controlled 100% and predominantly populated by Jews, they are currently promoting the massive multiculturalisation of the West which will inevitably lead to our destruction. In other words, while they promote ethnocentric Nationalism in Israel, their destroying Nationalism in the West.

They have no right to any nation, just because they're fucking Jewish? Shall we give all the Christians in the world Israel? I'm sure the Jews wouldn't like that would they? But wait there are far more Christians in this world than Jews, plus that's were Christ lived and grw up for a while after all? Now let's look at that eh DL? We could start giving lots of separate religious groups parts of land because of their religion couldn't we? Well it wouldn't happen because of the total control Zionism has in the West, hence why they always get what they want.

I'm beginning to find you friend McGonnagall, whom I first thought quite savvy, nothing but an ignorant cunt. And I won't say sorry. Don't come into a debate unprepared, especially when you're going to harp on about Judaism and their right to anything. They have no rights, but guaranteed they'll create them to the overall detriment of everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Banned do some research on WW2 to see that the UK had already lost the war pre 1917. Bismark had already offered peace treaties to the UK saying that no reparations would need to be made and everything could be the same as before the war even started. However pride always before the fall.

Along came Rothschild and stated that if Britain granted them Palestine they'd bring the USA into the war thus enabling them victory. WW1 was a set up from the start all for the sole reason of creating the illegal state of Israel. They had no right whatsoever Banned as I said to give the Khazars land in Palestine.

The people who lived in Palestine, or should I say the land we know as Palestine were the original descendants of the Philistines. Now I know that the Ottoman Empire was huge, but regardless long before Islam came along in the 7th century there were people in the West bank who lived there before the Jews were expelled and after.

Banned WW1 was a set up. As were all wars before hand. It was merely a case of British Empirical bullying and they'd lost the war as I said by 1917.

The Jews have no right to a homeland, just as the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jedis, or any other religious denomination choose. Jews should be integrating into the lands they're born in but they aren't because their Talmud teaches them that they are superior to the other cattle (non Jews) around them. The battle between Hitler and the Jews was comical. One saw the whites as superior to all non whites and the Jews superior to all non Jews. It was a battle of ubermensch and "untermensch". It's just a pity that Hitler hadn't wiped most of these fuckers out, but then the majority were running Russia by that time not forgetting having infiltrated the West completely. Not that I'm siding with Hitler, but I'd rather he'd annihilated the Jews and the Communists and then we could have gone to war with him. Instead we have Communism now in the West, predominantly controlled by Zionists.

Again, the 'plastic' Jews have no right to Israel whatsoever. For you to think they do is truly unbelievable especially when the truth is out there that gives them no right factually to it. Now Banned, I'm not getting into an argument with you my friend but the situation really is simple - WW1 was instigated by the Jews (Freemasons) in order to bring about the creation of Israel. WW2 came about to solidify Israel's existence and allow it to expand, so as to become the centrifuge of aggression between Islam eventually drawing the west into WW3. This is fact although you won't find it in the paper.

The Jews have as much right to Israel as the Jedis have of taking over California as a Jedi State.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL the power of prediction is to spoil and dissuade. Predictive programming. We can do it as well.

If I'm unable to be bothered signing on again, like a Googled Pavlovian fuckedwitz, I hope you and yours have a ring a ding dinging Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Highland Cooncil, welcome to the blog. I'm not sure what the boy Pip has done? Has he got ADHD? It is a shocking video and just shows you what a police state we live in.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you've got a point about the Turks although it is much closer to them than London, but I suppose it is the British Way to conquer half the world, making a few very wealthy and the rest of us either dead or poor, or both.

I understand that the other Arab states don't ant the Palestinians unless it is to work as practically slave Labour on their building projects. Now that may be because they are fuckers, I don't know, but I do know that the Jews should know better in the way they treat them after ghettos like Warsaw.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, are you saying don't bring a knife to a gun fight?

As you know I agree with almost all your views on Jews because when you do the research it's staring you in the face.

Where can us Humanists/Atheists go? Somewhere in the Caribbean, maybe Jamaica and get rid of those Rasta bastards. Fuck me, we could make Stan King!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, as Harbinger is too messy going to call you a cunt, I will. Get a fucking grip! :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Incoming!!!!!! You are a lazy fucker! But may I reciprocate my best wishes for the season and I hope yours will be better than mine with two 84 year olds, one of which can't sit at a table and throws more food over himself than he eats. The other one eats fuck all. My wife has just had a stomach operation and can't eat solids and I can eat fuck all either. Still, I might get some cunt to pull my cracker! Me probably!

banned said...

Harbinger, nowhere did I say that the Jews have a right to Palestine, though I believe they do, far more so than Madagascar which I believe was Hitlers idea.

What I sid say was that Britain had the right of conquest (a sadly little known concept these days) to take 'Palestine' as its plaything despite the misgiving of Lawrence Of Arabia as outlined in his much pimped Seven Pillars Of Noncedom.

Indeed I would go further and say that Allenby should have continued the near eastern war, with the assistance of the Zion Mule Corp, unto the reconquest of Byzantium thus returning it to Christendom after four centuries under the foul yolk of the heathen Turk.

banned said...

DL, you can call me a cunt all you want so long as you realise that other Arabs hold the Palestinians in complete contempt, regarding them as we do Pikeys, only slightly more so than Jordanians who they see as tramps because they have no oil.

McGonagall said...

Harbinger, I just spent 30 minutes pointing out your errors and blogger ate it: Error report - unable to complete your request. Post gone. So you will just have to continue living in your delusional state 'cause I can't be arsed retyping it.

I did enjoy your rants BTW - very entertaining.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it seems these Turks have a lot to answer for. Why was a Sheik lying back on a cushion in a tent somewhere in the desert advertising Turkish delight in the first place and what was this to do with the 7 pillars, (a masonic symbol BTW) and were the mule core involved. It seems there's a lot going on in Araby we don't know about.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you're a cunt all you want.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, It's a pain in the arse when that happens. Unfortunately we are not all as quick at typing as Harbinger, so actually putting together a decent sized script is a chore. But please feel free to revert when you have time.

banned said...

@McGonagall, blogger probably ate your stuff because it was too long, best to save in Notepad before posting big posts.

Dark Lochnagar, you have clearly caused me Alarm, Insult, Offence or Distress contrary to Harmons Equality Act and I demand satisfaction, Legal Aid at Dawn?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, swords, pistols or a cock fight? I just called you what you wanted.