Tuesday, 21 December 2010



Eight British couples will argue that the  ban on same-sex marriages, are unlawful and should be reversed.

Over the past two months, homosexual couples have been refused marriage licenses at register offices across England. The couples will file a joint application to the court today, the fifth anniversary of the first civil partnership ceremonies in England.   They will argue that the ban on
homosexual marriages is a breach of the Human Rights Act, specifically the right to respect for private and family life, the right to marry, and the prohibition of discrimination.  Peter Tatchell, who is coordinating the "Equal Love" campaign, said bans on same-sex civil marriages were "a form of sexual apartheid". "Outlawing black marriages would provoke uproar," said Mr Tatchell. "The prohibition on gay marriages should provoke similar outrage."

That IMO, is absolute bollox, you won't be surprised to hear!  Marriage is between a man and a wife as defined by World religions.  If Homosexuals want to get together, that's fine by me and they should have all the rights that couples living together, have now.  If they want to call it a civil partnership, I don't like it, but that's up to them.  Why do Homosexuals like all minorities push so fucking hard.  Don't they realize that's what gets peoples' backs up?

We've discussed at length here and on the various blogs, that we all visit about Homosexuality being the first Marxist step to breakdown of society and you'll all have your own views on that.  Figures show that there are more failed Homosexual relationships than Heterosexual ones and in many cases nowadays, children are involved.  Do I think that Homosexuals should bring up children.  Absolutely not.  Call me Homophobic.  I don't give a fuck.  My opinion is my opinion and there is one of you who always votes, PISH, when I do a Homosexual subject and when I find out who you are, you're in trouble!


Anonymous said...

There is a pooftah works at our place, loud shirts and a man-bag and he always pisses in one of the traps instead of the urinal for some reason.

Anonymous said...

One of the bonuses, rephrase, one of the main functions of heterosexuality is having children. Homosexuals through choice of banging the same sex, come to the odd predicament that "wait a minute if I bugger my boyfriend he's not going to get pregnant, or if I bugger my same sex girlfriend, with a strap on, no matter how hard I try I need man's sperm to trigger of cell division and the creation of life."

When I was growing up I used to always be quite liberal to homosexuality. I was very much under the belief that the creator of life put homosexuals on the planet in order to stem massive over population. And then you get the likes of your article and gay marriage etc etc. I then realised wait the creator would simply create barren women and men with a terribly low sperm count. Then IVF came along and fucked that idea up.

You see DL the freemasons want to make that which the creator made perfect. That is their philosophy. They believe that they can create perfection from that which created them's imperfection. Talk about ignorant arrogance. Remember that great quote:

"If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't." - Lyall Watson. It's simple and that is don't fuck with nature because it's far more powerful than you will ever know.

So this is why society's headed the way it is. The fuckup freemasons want to make themselves into Gods, by continuing to acquire knowledge on how to create artificial life, or play God. Now I know you're not religious and you know neither am I, but bottom line is a simple one - FUCK THE BIG BANG bollox - we were created by something so fucking powerful we can't begin to think of what it is i.e. some form of Great Omnipotent Deity, a sort of 'Q' of the Universe so to speak.

When you start giving in to the constant demands of equality by homosexuals (which of course they aren't, because they choose to mate with the same sex and thus unable to procreate unless through unnatural means) and we are, as is planned, the next step will be paedophilia, which I spoke of in my article on "There's nothing you can do.." Yes, people do not realise that it will one day be perfectly legal for old men to pick up little girls and boys and fuck them silly, free from prosecution. And any father that dares to do something about the molestation of their children will find themselves locked up. Remember DL, they hire police not because of how well they pass their entrance exam but how badly they do. They want machine pigs, not coppers capable of critical thinking. And so these fucks, like the fat fucks in the USA at the Airports working for TSA, will happily do what their masters tell them.

Homosexuals, should continue being homosexuals but stay well away from the realms of heterosexuality, marriage and having kids. Really, this is fucking comical. It reminds me of the Lorette sketch from Monty Python's Life of Brian. It's just too fucking absurd. But again, this is how they want society to progress. They want to create a hetero-homosexual people within. In other words, if you're not homosexual you're bisexual. It's called welcome to the Fuck Up.

Alan McIntosh said...

Your a sad bigot. Who fxxking cares what a donkey like you thinks.

Anonymous said...


Who's the bigger bigot? The bigot or the bigot that call that person a bigot?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dr Spackers, I'm not bothered as to his sexual orientation when it comes to pissing, but you raise a good point. Why do some men insist in pishing in the shitebowl instead of the urinal. Now, IMO, a urinal is just what a man needs, particularly when he gets into his 50s and his pishing may become more troublesome. In fact if I could install one in our house, I would and it would stop me pishing in the sink.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, It may come as a surprise to you but I don't disagree with what you say. There is obviously some sort of plan, be it insidious, I don't know? But the problem, IMO with Homosexuals is that they want to become better than Heterosexuals. Like all minorities and I would include women in this, equality is not enough, but they generally crave, superiority.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Alan, first of all welcome to the blog. However, on here we prefer some sort of debate rather than an attempt at personal abuse. If I am a 'bigot', so be it. But, what interests me is how you come to that conclusion?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, You've got a point there. The chap says, "Who fxxking cares what a donkey like you thinks.". Well, obviously he does or he wouldn't have bothered commenting. Not that I give a fuck anyway, if he hasn't the ability to explain his allegation.

Anonymous said...

DL, I know you're anti religious like me and I know you're not stupid, so you must no doubt ponder at times, just who/what created us here and the universe. I don't stick with some paraplegic in a wheelchair saying it was a BIG BANG, well that is unless he believes the BIG BANG was created by the creator, with all the necessary ingredients within in order to start everything off, a sort of 'pop-up-picture-book' thingamajig all with everything neatly packed away before hand.

What I'm beginning to see is that throughout history, most of the homosexuals have come from the 'upper echelons' of society. What I'm also beginning to find as well is that there is mounting evidence to suggest that homosexuals/bisexuals are being engineered, not just medically but through MSM programming. For example take a look at what women on the pill's urine has done to fish? They've turned into hermaphridutes. We also know that the elites have been fucking about with synthetic female hormones and lacing (rinsing before filling) baby bottles as well as, wait for it, beer cans with the substances. Then have a look at tampax/sanitary towels that all went into the toilet and future water supply? It's literally raining fucking oestrogen baby!

Homosexuality to freemasons is a huge one finger up at the creator. They're literally saying - "Sure, you can create heterosexuality in order for procreation but we can now make women into men/vice versa and have homosexuals having families too."

I certainly do not hate homosexuals and most certainly do I have no irrational fears of them, but in a nutshell, they're the antithesis to procreation I'm afraid to say and unnatural procreation is hideous and yes, that includes sperm donation, surrogacy and IVF. Don't play at God or Nature. That's their job, but they won't stop. We know that.

And as for Peter Tatchell, well, he's just a loud mouthed cunt. The sooner someone drops a Sperm Whale on him the better.

Dioclese said...

Would that be the same Human Rights Act that allows Kurdish asylum seekers to get away with murder and still stay in the country? Or would it be the one that Julian Assange is using to fight extradition? Or the one Cameron promissed to abolish and then didn't? Ambiguous little thing isn't it. All things to all men?

Every time I hear the phrase Human Rights it makes my piss boil!!

Read the bible - this is a Christian country? - 'a holy estate ordained by God to join one man and one woman...'

They've got civil partnership already so what the fuck is their problem? Fucking daft poofs...

banned said...

I give Peter Tatchel some credit for attempting to arrest Robert Mugabe but not much.
What will the Daily Mil have to say when the first Vicar is defrocked for refusing to end a lesbo 'marriage' service with the words "I now pronounce you wife and wife"?

Anonymous said...

"Like all minorities and I would include women in this, equality is not enough, but they generally crave, superiority." You got it there DL. The lazy fuckers just want the keys of the pirate ship handed over to them rather than scuttling the fucker and starting from scratch. That is too hard for the workshy bastards. Better a riot on the poop deck and then off to the captain's cabin for fine wines and sweet meats than a long hard look at the criminality that is the basis of all commercial intercourse. All inequality bollox is.....bollox.

Agree with banned on the Mugabe malarky though.

Can't be fucking bothered signing in again it is too cold down here in the smoke.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, long ago I decided that matters of the universe, like the order of the planets etc, did not interest me because we have enough shite down here to concern us.

It is as you say true that the sexual deviants seem to come from the upper echelons of society like the hell fire club. It may be that Mr and Mrs Bloggs of Acacia Avenue are smacking the merry hell out of each other then indulging in devil anal sex. I don't know, but in general I doubt it. I certainly know that I'm not, no matter how hard I try and persuade Mrs DL!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, yes, human rights. Whst the fuck is that all about. What's even worse is animal rights. What rights do an animal have, apart from the ones that we as a superior race happen to give us. If we were invaded by aliens who were brighter than us and we became their food, what rights would wwe have?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, the whole thing is fucking ridiculous. They've got civil partnerships and they should be happy with that. It displays, IMO, a jealousy of Heterosexual relationships.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, and we will call you that for now, you lazy cunt, yous supposition about the Captain's table with the sweetmeats, whatever the fuck they are, is I think, correct. Tatchell was right with the Mugabe thing, though if he was really into freedom for Homos, he would have tried to arrest the Pope.

I am Stan said...

I`m a lesbian you know!

Billy said...

Actually I think Big Bangs and universes being created are ten a penny.

The Big Bang started from a Singularity, a minute hole if you like, where all the matter was squeazed into and was mixing together and the went bang obviously before expanding into the universe we know today.

Meanwhile in our universe giant stars implode into themselves as Black Holes and continue right down until they become a singularity which then starts to suck in all the stars, planets and matter around them, which cannot get back out, until one day they go bang and disappear.

Hey presto our Big Bang could have been the other side of one of these Black Holes and thus new universes could be being created all the time.

I emailed Steven Hawkings about this once because he never mentioned this theory in his books and I think the bastard has stolen it now because he now quotes it as a theory. No wonder I never got a reply!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, I couldn't persuade you and your partner to indulge in a threesome? Is she white? :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, that is very interesting. Well, interesting. As I think I aid up there,^, I've got enough to bother my small mind down here without worrying about the banging theory, although I would prefer to believe the scientific explanation that the cunt, that is Hawkings, stole from you. Some of these twatter chappies must be exponents of the black hole, or maybe the arse hole, as they have been unfollowing me all day! :)