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Are Celtic FC and their fans paranoid?  My mate, a big Celtic fan, excitedly sent me the above picture as evidence of a referees' bias against Celtic and presumably, for, Rangers FC, the other half of the 'Old Firm'.  We've just had a referees' strike in Scotland caused mainly by the insistence of the Celtic Manager, Neil Lennon, an Irish fuckwit and John Reid, the Celtic Chairman and former Labour bruiser at Westminster, who should know better, that Scottish referees are against Celtic and the decisions don't go their way for that reason.  They should try supporting one of the smaller Scottish teams, trying to get a decision at Celtic Park.

Now, we come to the paranoia.  The above picture is getting on for 40 years old.  Tiny Wharton, the referee, has only stopped wearing the black blazer that he used to referee games in and slimmed down at the insistence of the SFA, FFS.

Are referees in Scotland anti-Celtic?  No, would be my answer to that.  There will be Catholic referees as well as other faiths and maybe if some of the paranoia was aimed at the Catholic Church in Scotland's insistence on separate schools for Catholic children and kids were not split up into two faiths when they were five, maybe any perceived anti-Catholic bias wouldn't exist.

But of course, that wouldn't suit the Catholic Church, because separate schools are just a kid's first steps into paying into the Catholic Church business, which if they can get a stupid enough adherent, will continue until they're laid to rest.  The same applies to the other Churches as well, in my opinion, just in case I'm accused of any anti-Catholic/Celtic bias!


The Young Oligarch said...

They're not "covering their work" , therefore it isn't a Masonic handshake .

Even if it was , why shouldn't players and match officials belong to such a quintessentially Scottish fraternity ? Many Celtic players and one manager , I am led to believe , were members of that same fraternity .

Who is biased against whom ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, the whole thing is pish. Jock Stein used to bring this up every game to put Refs under pressure to give Celtic awards and it's become an urban myth since.

Key bored warrior. said...

Danny McGrain is a Free Mason. How many refs are in the Knights? How many employees of Glasgow Council are Catholics? Where does it all end?

The handshake above usually happens when one attempts to give the Masonic shake but the other does not return it.

In this case, the dominant hand appears to be the refs. Why would he not be a mason? He could also be a Knight.

Given that there are around 5000 Knights in the UK as against nearly 500,000 Free Masons of which 150,000 exist in Scotland and Ireland, the odds for both these men being free Masons are quite high. Add to that the fact that between Scotland and Ireland the Orange order has around 100,000 members who may also be Masons you can understand the paranoia that Celtic display. The Catholic organisations are in the minority in Scotland and Ireland.

That in itself needs to be taken on board by Celtic and put to bed. They need to answer all this paranoia by one simple tactic.

Score more goals than the other team, regardless of dodgy decisions, then they can hold their heads up and let the Masonic conspiracy rumble on as they reap the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Neil Lennon is an 'Irish fuckwit'.
Well, IMO, a fuckwit is a fuckwit. The fact that he's Irish neither increases nor diminishes his culpability.
Just like Jeremy Clarkson calling Gordon Brown a 'one-eyed Scottish idiot'.
Factual, I grant you, but Jezza obviously saw the fact of his Scottishness as supporting/ confirming his idiocy.

If your determined to be seen as a devil-may-care bombast, a man who calls a spod a spod (sic), a big-bawed he-man who tells it like it is, then Jezza is the perfect role model.
If you're not that insecure, best look elsewhere.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Keybo, exactly, but to be fair, I would have thought the chances of John Gregg being a Mason as captain of Rangers, are quite high! Personally speaking, I despise the Orange Order and have done so for 40 years, since the bastards woke me up one Saturday morning with their band right underneath my flat window when I had a stinking hangover. Apart from that there just a bunch of drunken morons.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anon, you are quite correct, I hang my head in shame. He is indeed a Northern Irish fuckwit.

The Young Oligarch said...

I am reliably informed that Big Jock knew ... about this and other matters .

He was doing the same thing as the current mhob in charge at Sellick Park - encouraging the fans' fantasies about conspiracies and bias to keep them keen and to put pressure on the football authorities to give Celtic special treatment .

Keeps them in business , but mucks up society at large .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, as far as I know big Jock,(Proddy Bastard), Stein, WAS the one who started it, but it's getting fucking stupid now. That fuckwit Reid is the one who's pushing it. A Labour bruiser!

The Young Oligarch said...

Willie Maley wasn't averse to agressive victim-mongering of this sort either .

When John Thomson , Celtic's goalkeeper , was tragically killed during a collision with Rangers' Sam English , Maley is reputed to have said "I hope it was an accident" .

The implication was clear , as is the train of thought , a train of thought followed assiduously by the Commie thug Reid and his less well-educated side-kick Lennon .

Without fear and hatred they are nothing , so they must cultivate both .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, very true mate. I've hated that cunt Reid for many's a year. Lennon, is just a prick.

Anonymous said...

its you two bigoted fannies that are fuckwits and pricks, not lennon.

scum like you 2 are vermin and should hang your heads in shame in this day and age. ffs we are in the 21st century while clowns like you are still living in the dark ages

Anonymous said...

everyone hun fucking ratbag bastard on this page should hang themselves from the nearest tree and then beg for forgiveness from the almighty for supporting the most bigotted football team in scotland...I hate the cunts and anyone of you loser bastards that disagrees that the club are the epitamy of an establishment club should be ashamed. Refs are biased towards Rangers in most if not all Old Firm games and this has been goin on for years, fair enough we do get the odd decision that goes our way, normally against the diddy teams but when it comes to the great unwashed fae doon Ipox way, we generally get fuck all. HAIL HAIL ya bunch of knuckle dragging neanderthal sister shagging racist cunts.

Anonymous said...

its people like you who are the bigoted cunts and your heed must be right up yer arse if ye think reid is a commie you right wing facist

The Young Oligarch said...

At the risk of feeding the anonymous "non-bigoted" (ha,ha) trolls , John Reid's Commie sympathies on Wikipedia -

"At university Reid, for a time, became a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain of which he has said: "I used to be a Communist. I used to believe in Santa Claus".[3] However, the secretary of the Young Communist League, Jim White, who went to university with Reid, recalls: "He told us he was a Leninist and Stalinist. Although I was suspicious about his transition, we couldn't tell if he was acting. We let him join." On securing the support of the Communists and Labour students, Reid was able to run for president of the student's union and win the election. His political career was launched.[6]"

"He moved on from Leninism after leaving university with his doctorate, and became a researcher for Scottish Labour party. Reid believes that any socialist, or indeed any rational person, should be a revisionist on principle.[15]

His intellectual familiarity with Marxism helped him in the early 1980s when he compared the split within Labour between the left-wing Tony Benn and Neil Kinnock as one between Bennite "quasi-Leninists", and "Luxemburgers", (named after the German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg), who favoured the more soft-left Neil Kinnock. He lent his support to Kinnock.[4]"

He joined the Communist Party immediately after the Prague Spring , after the Purges , the rape of Eastern Europe , during the Cultural Revolution .
"Commie Thug" is , therefore , a generous description of his intellectual depravity . Just like Big Jock , he knew . And he had no excuses .

After that , he joined the Labour Party , so beloved by our people in those days , in order to contaminate it with his vile , totalitarian creed .
What a working class hero , destroying the humanitarian basis of the party we once revered !

PS . Don't you think the "VIVA LA REVOLUCION" Cuban allusion negates your denial of the Communist bit ?

PPS . Racially segregated schooling in Scotland is characterised by institutionalised support for Ra Sellick . How can you thus "LOVE CELTIC HATE RACISM" ?
To my mind the two are the same thing .
But , then again , I'm just one of they "Hun" untermenschen (i.e. native Scot) .

just cant get enough said...

just fell into this page of bile and bigotry. for a fuckwit neil lennon seems to have the measure of the genius of walter smith the manager who oozes class.

the only people in scotland who talk about a conspiricy are the media and rangers fans any time celtic point out when referees have made terrible decisions against them. over the past 2 years the refereeing standard in old firm games have been a joke and i keep waiting for it to even out well we dont need it to.

smith said if a team wins so much with so many decisions going against them they must be good. today the referee hid from so many decisions which had he not rangers would have finished with 8 men on the pitch. but even with his help i still watched celtic win the easiest game they've had to play this year.

also anyone who denies that over the past 150 years the west of scotland has been poisoned by anti catholic feelings and this poison seeped into every walk of life including football. so for a team to have won so many trophies with the majority of the country it calls home despising everything it represents we stand apart and always shall.

i don't believe for 1 minute that people meet in shaded rooms to decide the future of the league but it was obvious last season that some referees went out their way to help cash strapped rangers and their old mucka walter.

i fully expect over the next few months these decisions to become more and more blatant as smith watches his final season crumble and be shoved down his throat by a northern irish fuckwit. and i just cant get enough

Anonymous said...

"Neil Lennon, an Irish fuckwit"

And therein lies the problem with the cultural backwater that is Scotland. I'm 50% Scottish but I don't live there. When I see the article and posts here I'm so thankful for that fact.

One Scotland Many Cultures???
Irish it would seem isn't one of them.

Thomas Crinigan said...

Some of the comments on here, 😃
Rangers F.C as we know it have since died. 😂