Friday, 3 December 2010


Hardy England fans react to the announcement in London

Just why was the Prime Minister of GREAT BRITAIN in Zurich, twice to help the World Cup bid of ONE PART of this country.  Not only was he there on Tuesday, but he then flew home for PMQs and THEN FLEW BACK!  Should he not be running the country?

For that matter and for the same reason, why was Prince Willy there?  Not that it matters to me what he does.  As for his wedding, I would rather stick cocktail sticks in my eyes than watch it!  I'd have thought he'd have been a German supporter anyway, like his great uncle.


Bill said...

His carbon footprints must be huge. Bet Huhne will have something to say... not!

sweaty sock said...

Cast irons speech wasn't very 'inclusive'. Going on about 'the king of england' and 'our country'.
And I expect he will now prosecute the BBC for malicious falsehoods over FIFA bung allegations. He obviously doesn't believe the BBC as there's no way he'd send the 'king of england' and 'becks' to be bummed for two days by fanny blatter and Warner if he thought for one minute that they were crooks.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hi Bill, no, that was the first thing that struck me, what about this climate change crap, never mind the expense? Harman stood in for monkey face when he had paternity leave, so where was the other half of the gay antique sellers, Clegg?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Pink Sweater, the whole thing was a fucking embarrassment, for England and Britain. Next time why not just declare war on them. That'll be Quatar fucked for 2022 as it'll likely be a war zone.

banned said...

Don't give a fuck about losing the Fifa bid which was a bit greedy since we haven't even proved tht we are up to running the Olympics yet.
What I do feel is shameful is the childish bickering and sour grapes exhibited since, "S'not fair!!!"

As for the divisive nature of your post DL, how will you feel if Fifa use the current dishevelled status of Englands FA to impose a 'One Nation' policy on UK football as a whole?

Personally I'm in favour of England leaving Fifa, setting up an alternative World League and inviting our friends (incl Scotland, natch) to join it.

"Fuck off Fifa (clap clap)" would have a certain ring to it on the terraces.

banned said...

DL, what will Qatar do in the event of Israel qualifying?

I understand that winning hosts have to sign an agreement with Fifa re taxes and visas but that would prove mightily embarrasing for them, no?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I'd be up for that, if I could get a job. Every other cunt is getting a bung, why not me? Seriously though if someone offered you £100k in a bung, would you take it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it will be a Zionist plot to get Mossad agents into Arab countries. I forecast Israel will get an easy qualification group.