Monday, 13 September 2010


The Pope will warn Britain of the dangers of pursuing equality at the expense of Christians' religious freedom during his visit this week.  He is expected to highlight the importance of allowing Christians to follow their beliefs without fear of censure, in a speech to political and religious leaders.
His message will be seen as a criticism of the last government's introduction of equality laws which have resulted in Christians losing their job or facing disciplinary action for wearing a crucifix at work or sharing their religious views.  The Pope – making the first visit to Britain by a pontiff for 28 years – will make it clear he believes that Christians and people of other faiths should not lose their freedom at the expense of a secular state's emphasis on equality.  The speech on civil society is also likely to reflect on controversies over different attitudes to homosexuality and abortion.

Although I am not a religious person, I would agree with many of the Catholic Church's ideas.  I also would agree with some of the Muslim Religions ideas as well.  But as a citizen of Britain, whose law should you follow?  Some Muslims say that we should introduce Sharia law, but in my opinion although we are not yet a Muslim country, although in some areas you wouldn't know, that's a non-starter.  The Catholic Church and  the Church of England are similar in many ways, but the Church of Scotland is very different to both as it adheres more to it's Calvinist beginnings and the Pope would do well to remember that when he talks about Christians!  So do we follow different laws and guidelines in different parts of the UK, depending which Church is dominant?  Or do we just follow the law of the country, blindly and without recourse to our conscience and beliefs?  Jewish people can always move to Israel if they don't like the laws of the UK and Muslims could move to an Islamic country.  But, where would a Christian go? 

It just shows you how much our culture has been altered over the last hundred years or so, by immigration.


Toni said...

DL, as you know I am a Roman Catholic, however I am not a wanker about it. I understand the difference between Calvinst faith and ours and I feel a little sorry for any Church of Scotland followers that for one day they won't be able to enjoy Bellahousten Park. Perhaps they can come back another day to enjoy the art house or whatever. The Park has had its congregation limited to 230,000 after the last Papal visit. and I am sure you can appreciate the need for security not just ftom overambitious muslim cab drivers but lets face it, Ibrox is just around the corner. Muslims go to an islamic country has to be the joke of the year. They may make a big deal about hating it here in the UK but if you offered free flights to Pakistan or Afghanistan as long as they handed in their passports on exit, well I think there would be plenty of legroom on those flights. And as for the Arab countries - they treat their fellow muslims so well that they provide them with floating accommodation, it isn't exactly a yacht, in fact in fact I think the first one was a prison ship from Liverpool.I hear it every day, young lions of islam telling me how much they hate it here and when I point out that if they wanted to leave they could, I am branded a racist or they assure me they will as soon as they finish their degree.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, yes there is a big rush to get back to Pakistan after they get their degrees. But why are they allowed to stay here? Fucked if I know. They are polluting and I use that word from choice, our western society. I accept that we have to accept the ones that we have given citizenship to, but I don't see why anymore should come here. Let them sort out their own countries, if they are not happy. If we try to 'help' them, like in Afghanistan, we are seen as aggressors. So fuck them, let them sort it out themselves and get our troops here to protect our borders which is what the military should be doing. As far as the Pope is concerned, enjoy your day, but I believe that there will be plenty of room this time round! Was it you I gave that wee bit of advice to by e-mail the other day?

Toni said...

DL, yes it was me and thanks very much - I will email you again about that subject as I am struggling. Thank you.

As for the papal visit, Benedict doesn't have the global appeal JP had and his old kissing the tarmac trick but I have already been told I cant come to Glasgow unless I am sponsored by a local church - I told them I did 4 months at Lourdes school but no dice. This visit is going to be a far different experience to the last one. It comes to something when a Christian democracy is worried about the safety of a religious leader because of the almost pervasive islamic sentiment we have all pandered to.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, email me no problem any help I can give.
Do you think that the Muslims are going to protest over his visit? I think that would be bloody stupid on their part and would just be a recruiting agent for the BNP, who by the way seem the only party along possibly with UKIP in protecting our Chrisian democracy, although that in itself is a joke as we elect politicians who then rob us blind. I think it is time seriously, we got the army in for a year to sort all these fuckers out and give any found to have been on the fiddle, long prison sentences and get a constitution in place, to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Billy said...

Religions should not be allowed to dictate our laws - why should they when they are just dishonest con-men passing off their pagan copied garbage as being real.

They are ripping off the people they are brainwashing with their lies and not paying tax or VAT council tax etc and living the good life into the bargain.

We should not be listening to these people full stop and it is time they paid their taxes.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I agree with you 100%. It's just one more thing we have to put right in this so called Democracy. Democracy, my big, fat, fucking arse!