Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The French interior ministry ordered police to single out Roma in its crackdown on illegal camps, a leaked memo shows, despite government denials that gypsies were specifically targeted. (Why they would single out an Italian football team is beside me)!
The memo orders police chiefs and regional government prefects to launch "a systematic operation to dismantle illegal camps, prioritising those of the Roma".  These unambiguous "specific objectives" expose the French government's claims that Roma are not being targeted on grounds of their ethnicity as a lie. They also blow a hole in France's claim to be treating cases of illegal immigration on a purely case-by-case basis.

How nice it must be for the French to have a leader with some 'cajones', not like the sorry bunch of public school, OKYAS, that we have.  It's your country, Nicolas and if you don't want Romany Gypsies and all the problems that causes with crime and prostitution, although you're an ugly wee fucker, who fancies his barra, (Scottish expression), then that's entirely up to you.  It's time these other so called leaders, cracked down on immigration, before we are swamped with immigrants from the third world who can't add anything to the country's skills. 

Go on David, tell the EU to fuck off, I dare you!  Start with the Lisbon Treaty, LMFAO!


banned said...

France has been rapped on the knuckles by the Evil EfuckingU for deporting Pikeys, oops, sorry Roma Persons, for being beggars and thieves (like we all know); let's see if they stick to their guns.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, if they do, it would be a good thing, IMO. It's time we started to take our countries back from the EU and all those fuckers that have come in to our fair land over the last 13 years under those Labour fuckpigs.