Sunday, 12 September 2010


How much is the queen worth?

Well after extensive research, (just type Queen of England into google, Anonymous, you thick twat), she owns 310 residences, 7 castles, 20,000 paintings and old masters, 2.25 acres of central London, 250 pieces of expensive jewellery and not forgetting the Duchy of Lancaster with 36,000 acres which the Monarchy stole in the 13th century.  This is not including what, fuckwit Charles owns, which includes the Duchy of Cornwall.

Now when you add in her blue chip shares, etc, etc, her wealth comes out at something like £17billion.  Much of this wealth is controlled by the Bank of England Nominees Ltd, which just don't give out information.  This wealth is invested by a coterie of Jewish Bankers including the Rothschilds, who made friends through various means with her antecedents.  Remember as well, the information that comes across her desk.  If for instance the Foreign Office warns about a military coup in Nigeria, she can shift her investments out of that country sharpish.  Who is ever going to charge the Queen with, 'insider trading'?

Now I accept that much of this wealth is owned by the state, but the only person who has the authority to say ,what is owned by us and by her, is the Queen herself.  It's even a bigger disgrace than the expenses fiasco. 
In this time of belt tightening, is it not about time that some of this wealth came back into the Treasury, never mind paying her to open a few fetes and Parliament, twice a year.


Toni said...

DL, Think about it, no actually go and check out the legal paperwork on your house, if you own the freehold. The small print says all land sold to you as a freehold is just an extended lease granted by the Crown - this is just in case they discover gold deposits or oil reserves in your back garden. The Queen, via the crown owns every inch of the UK and its overseas possessions. If you have any doubt just consider the way the army requestioned the mansions of the landed gentry, (not exactly people without influence), during World War 2. And as for the oil wealth generated in Scotland, well we don't even own our own territorial waters.

William said...

The Crown and the queen are not the same entity!
But nobody ever owns anything ever because as far as I can tell when someone dies not matter how wealthy they are all that wealth stays in this world to be argued over by those still alive.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Toni, I'm not sure that is the case in Scotland where the Monarch has different rights. As for the landed gentry and their mansions, I think that was some act of Parliament, which I know ultimately means the Queen, but there are laws brought in for wartime. Mind you, I suppose compulsory purchase by the council if they want to build a road through your property, means that you don't ultimately own your own land.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Willie, that's as maybe. But we should be pressing her for our stuff at least during this time of austerity. Are you saying that she's going to pass on our property to that fuckwit, Charles?

Captain Ranty said...


You are right in one respect: things are slightly different here.

In Scotland we have the right to obtain Allodial Title.

Assuming your own your property free and clear, you can get allodial title. This means that no-one, absolutely no-one, can take it away from you. Even compulsory purchase orders do not apply to you. (As long as you set up a commercial lien on your property. In a dispute the owner/originator of the earliest dated lien has supremacy).

Look it up. This is a pretty unique right. Some US states have it too.

There is more to it than I have outlined here, but Wiki has the basics. (Wiki isn't 100% correct but you can get an idea).


"Allodial lands are the absolute property of their owner and not subject to any service or acknowledgment to a superior. An allodial title is the opposite of a feudal tenure"


Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, that's interesting. It mentions though that only Orkney and Shetland have Allodial tenure, alone in the Uk and Ireland. Are you sure it applies in the rest of Scotland?

banned said...

Don't be a cunt DL, if the entire Royal Family were shot at dawn and their stuff flogged off it would raise about 49p per head of UK population (rather less nowadays what with migration and wotnot).

Rather the Windsors than Presidente Tony Blair or, god forbid, Prescott.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, FFS sake don't be such a Royal bootlicker. Stand up and take your place as a freeman from the Queen in this the 21st century. Let them keep Buckingham Palace and Balmoral and flog the rest off! Bunch of freeloading wankers, well maybe apart from the Queen.

banned said...

Have to disagree DL, they are cheap as chips compared to other heads of state and it is the random nature of their characters that saves us from the likes of Bush and Blair whose main skills are in climbing the greasy pole and then making themselves rich.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bannd, you are a Capitalist pigdog and come the revolution you will be strung up beside your beloved Royal Family!

banned said...

Fine, I wish Prescott upon you as your next Head Of State.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, at least we'll know who ate all the pies and do away with all this secrecy!