Wednesday, 1 September 2010


A UK-wide "floor price" should be imposed on the sale of alcohol to tackle Scotland's excessive drinking culture, a new report has recommended.
An alcohol commission set-up by Scottish Labour backed a British ban on drink sales below the total cost of production, duty and VAT, as part of a raft of measures to deal with alcohol abuse.

The 'fuckwits' in the Labour party are morally bankrupt.  The 'Gray' man and his crew are past their sell by date, let's consign them to history.  The above, 'Alcohol Commission' has cost a fortune and come up with practically the same measured as the SNP Government's minimum unit price.  How do these twats expect a Tory/Lib Dem Government in Westminster to bring in a 'British ban on drink sales'  Fuckwits may even be insulting former fuckwits, now popularly called CHAVS!


Anonymous said...


I said long before the smoking ban that it's merely a trial run for banning alcohol. People simply do not realise that alcohol is the biggest liberty that people have (next to breathing that is) and by taking away their power to drink alcohol and lose complete control of themselves they are making a massive statement!

"They'll never ban smoking in pubs" I heard the fuckwits say. "There'd be fucking riots in the streets and no pub would enforce it!" they said. And what happened when the ban smoking ban came in?

People are still not fucking catching on to the jackanory. Politicians DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM and worse still it's the fucking people who end up protecting the politicians and enforcing their laws (police)!!

When people get together in pubs they talk. The government don't like this. They don't like groups of people talking about dissent. And people still think we live in a democracy when we really live in a communist state thinly veiled by capitalism. LMFAO.

And I'll tell you why no one will do anything about the forthcoming alcohol ban because no one's got the balls to rock the vote for they know if they do they'll get arrested, fined, possibly banged up AND LOSE THEIR JOB AND THE MORTGAGE, AND THE WIFE AND KIDS.....

Our master have got society by the balls. They can't work unless they have a bank account and an NI number and if they've got a criminal record then their job application may easily be overlooked.

Oh, if only the people realised just how much they're being controlled it's totally fucking unbelievable.

Putting a floor price on the cost of alcohol means rises in the price, meaning pubs losing business, meaning pubs closing down, means less sales of alcohol, meaning destruction of more liberty!

And ironic when you think that old school labour fuckwits would never have destroyed the working man's freedom to have a fag and a cheap pint down the local boozer..

And to top it all off, any pub that doesn't obey the law, the council won't renew his alcohol selling license.

THEY'VE GOT YOU BY THE BALLS! as George Carlin used to say.

MekQuarrie said...

You've found 'em out DL. That will probably infuriate 'em more than anything else... ;-)

Billy said...

"Scottish" Labour? And only a semblance of being fuckwits?

Come on DL - a shower of English-funded quisling useless bastards. Say it how it really is!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, at last we have a difference on opinion. I don't think that a minimum unit price on alcohol will hurt the pubs, rather I think it will be the saving of many of them. If Supermatkets are not allowed to sell drink at below cost prices, people won't have the same excuse to get pished out of their heads before going out and only drinking two or three drinks in the pubs and clubs because they're legless. If I was still a heavy drinker my Libertarian principles would be aghast at this also, but as one who is/was an alcoholic, I know how much damage drink can do and there is no doubt there is too much damage being done to society particularly in Scotland. You might tell me that young people will turn to a £10 wrap, I don't know, you're younger than me and probably more in touch with younger society but my instincts would say that in general they won't.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mekkers, what surprises me is that no one has thought of writing a sitcom about these Labour fuckwits. Surely that twat Gray can't last much longer, he is a complete tosser. Mind you, look at what they are thinking of electing as UK leader! It says a lot about Scotland and Scottish society, that we still vote for these fuckpigs in the numbers we do.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I thought I was, but I stand corrected!

Anonymous said...


Nothing wrong with a difference of opinion whatsoever. It makes interesting debate.

I think there should be no restriction on the price of alcohol, for the simple reason that thanks to a minority of the population who behave like animals in the city centres, many people can handle their drink and cheap drink certainly saves the pennies.

I have a far better idea - remove all alcohol from supermarkets and not only that but all non food items as well along with putting them to the outskirts of cities (not inside like Tesco) which are destroying local businesses.
Bring back the off licenses that sell them slightly cheaper than the pubs. Think about it? How many politicians have profited from lobbyists of the major supermarkets? I bet there are loads.

I used to drink a lot as well DL. Being an incredibly fit Rugby player at the age of 18 up to 23 I was regularly drinking 100 pints a week easy. When I went to London I was also easily going out and knocking back loads of alcohol. The difference to the rowdy minority of youth today and me back then? I had respect not only for those around me but myself and never behaved like some kids today, even though I'd easily drunk far more than they.

It's a simple case yet again of the majority being punished because of the minority. And who was it that brought in 24 hour drinking, a crazy idea if any? Yup our politicians. Remember the saying DL "Order out of Chaos". The NWO create a problem in order to come to their solution already planned. 24 hour drinking and supermarkets selling alcohol has done irreparable damage to our society as many knew it would. Remove these two, bring back proper education again and the problem will sort itself out. In all my years of drinking, I've never behaved like the morons today, even though I've far more alcohol than they.

MekQuarrie said...

It's interesting to see the coverage of the UK-wide alcohol pricing debate on British Beeb today. Some very lame genericization of the regional differences being shoe-horned into the packages. "The health issues related to alcohol are also being considered in Scotland and Wales." Shockingly misses the lead being taken by the Government in Scotland and the heel-dragging by - whoops - so-called 'important' parties.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I suppose that drink just brings out the character flaws and accentuates them. I was knocking back a bottle of Vodka a day for 30 years and I never once was arrested for breach of the peace, disorderly conduct or sticking one on the wife. She once told me that if I ever hit her she would wait until I was sleeping and bash my face in with a frying pan! But these are traits, that I would never have sober, so they didn't appear when I got pished.

As for banning all non-food items from Supermarkets, I would go further and ban Fish, meat and fruit as well and let small food shops on our High Streets flourish. But of course if you banned cheap clothes etc from Supermarkets, as you want to, you are destroying your argument about cheap booze, because small retailers won't be able to compete with the supermarkets' buying power, although it would be nice to see our town centres thriving again. Maybe we could get rid of those fucking pedestrian precincts while we're at it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mekkers, No doubt that he first mention of this was in Scotland which has the biggest problem. Are you old enough to remember, 'Haddows'? What the fuck happened to them and Vicky wine well. You never see them now. I wonder how many palms got greased to let the supermarkets get a near monopoly in booze sales at least off-sales. Mind you in Spain, they have pubs attached too, where the men can go for a beer while the women shop. But, that wouldn't be fucking PC in Britain!

Anonymous said...


AS I said it's about upbringing and respect, something lacking in society today. A bottle of vodka a day is some going. I never was a spirits man. I remember necking a bottle of whisky straight in 20 mins, burning the back of my throat and not being able to eat for a week! More so, any time I put a whisky to my lips the smell (even most spirits) makes me want to wretch. It's now automatic and a good thing. The worst of it was when I drank the bottle of spirits my friend driving the car (a west indian) looked at me and said "I know about you crazy jocks and alcohol/whisky but I've never seen anyone do this in my life." I wasn't even ill nor did I vomit!

Ban all non foodstuffs from supermarkets because they're taking business away from local shops. I'd rather pay more for a product knowing that it's helping local economy than support some rich prick sitting at the top of his supermarket chain, which should never, ever have got planning permission within the cities.

I totally agree. Bring back cars into the centre of cities again to restore the life. Dundee's a bloody ghost town!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, my liver used to play for Scotland. No fuck Tescos and all the rest of them, bring back local shops and town centres. Ayr like Dundee is a fucking joke for a High Street that used to be in the Guinness book of records as having the highest per capita spending anywhere in the UK. Bring down the rates and let people run businesses that actually might make them a return on their capital, ingenuity and time. I used to have a 'modern' type fish shop which we opened in Ayr in the 80s and the rent and rates were nearly £50k per week. So we had to make £1000 per week before we paid a wage or hee haw else and still invested £70k in the shop. Fucking impossible to make money unless you were a chain or a charity.

Anonymous said...


The pedestrianisation of any city is a death knell. End of. Did your liver really play for Scotland? I know of George Best, but Scotland?

Are you shitting me you paid £50k a week in rates and rent? That's a crime if you did. Absolutely shocking!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, my liver would have knocked fuck out of George Best's liver. He was a champagne man, I would have killed him stone dead on the hard stuff, evenwith the new liver he got. Sorry, I meant to say £50k per year, not per week. Fuck me, that's what M&S will be paying probably.

banned said...

No comment on the pricing thing but 24 hour drinking was introduced on the principle of "give 'em enough rope"; ie to allow the animal types to demonstrate how ghastly they can be and thus allow the righteous to demand all manner of curbs on alcohol rather than animal behaviour. Thus it is happening.

Tesco will now be demanding ID from those the till haridans think might not be 25 years old, in case they might not be 18. Thus, as Leg-Iron poined out a while back, introducing the idea that the 'real' age of responsibility is not 18 but actually 25 years of age.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, going by the boys next door, I would say they're right, 25 does seem to be about the right age.