Tuesday, 31 August 2010


France’s state rail operator, SNCF, has pledged to open its wartime archives to the state of California to prove it has “nothing to hide” over transporting French Jews to Nazi death camps.
The pledge came a week after California passed legislation making full disclosure on involvement in taking people to work, concentration, prisoner of war, or extermination camps between January 1942 and December 1944 a requirement for bidding to build a high-speed railway in the state.

Interesting.  Why should California be concerned with the Holocaust?  There are no doubts that there was a high number of Jews killed, although whether there was as many as is claimed is extremely debatable.  There was also high numbers of Gypsies and homosexuals killed.  Arnie Schwarzenegger, (what a hand for scrabble that would be), is , we are told , a devout Roman Catholic.  Did he ascertain what the Vatican's involvement was in the Holocaust, before he met the Pope?  Strong as the homosexual influence is in California, I doubt that this is the concern.  Could it be guilt on Arnie's part that his father served in the German Army?  Could it be that America is embarrassed at the length of time it took them to enter the war, thereby making the Holocaust worse?

Or could it be our old friends the Zionists?  Jews we are told make up 2% of the population of America, but they would seem to have total control over the media, the film industry based in California, the American Government and the American banking system with the American 'Fed', being owned by the Rothschilds and his cronies.  It might just be me, but they seem to have an undue influence over American life.


Anonymous said...


The Zionists got complete control of the USA thanks to the fleeing of the Marxist School of Frankfurt Theorists circa 1933. They left Germany with the rise of Hitler and infiltrated every major university within the USA and set about ripping the USA from within, instilling socialism and setting about the destruction of the white peoples of the USA (and the west).

The power of Zionism within the USA is huge. I mean HUGE as you are now beginning to realise. The media industry, the education system, the political system, the judicial system....any minority body that controls even one of the aforementioned pretty much holds total control of the indoctrination of society. If only people realised this they could combat the grip of Zionism on their country.

And exactly what right has the USA to ask for French diclosure of Holocaust transport? There were far more American soldiers who died in WW2 that the fucking Jews, so that should be their main concern. It just goes to show you how through constant media and education manipulation of society a tiny minority within the minority groups of the USA can change the perception and beliefs of people to believe that the group with the most dead within WW2 were the Jews and that they suffered the most. Ironic as well when you actually think that the very people who will support and pity the Jews are the Christians, whom the Jews loathe.

This is reality. Lie upon lie upon lie. Did Hitler invade Poland as a strategic position, simply to get their land or his attack on removing the Jews from Europe once and for all to do everyone a favour? Sure, when people speak this way out will come the Nazi, Aryan supremacist and fascist jibes, but I simply don't care. From research and much reading, I'm beginning to see the bigger picture that the Jews were not just not wanted in Europe and incredibly disliked for obvious reasons, but they held incredible control. Especially in Germany, the country was on its knees under Jewish control and it was the Jews who launched a war against Germany, long before Germany launched a war against the Jews.

The west is and has been manipulated by Judaism now for a long time. It needs to stop or else our beautiful civilisation (and every other on this planet) will fall under those of the synagogue of Satan.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, they certainly seem to have every part of American society covered. I think it's because we see so much American stuff on TV and films, that the 'Christian' and I don't count myself amongst those, gets the belief that the Jew is just the boy next door. I suppose in places like New York there are large numbers of them, but I'll bet there aren't so many in Arkansas. They have obviously gone where, first, they can make the most money like LA, New York and Washington and secondly, where they will have the most influence over the American people. The way the 2nd World War is portrayed now is all about the Jews, never about what my father thought he was fighting for, to stop the country being under the Nazi jackboot. If he had known he was fighting for the domination of society by Zionists, he wouldn't have been so keen. I don't think his generation had that sort of 'touchy feely' attitude towards the Jews that we have now. He probably saw the damage they were doing post the 1st World War.

RMcGeddon said...

Heck DL you're starting to write like Harbingers.
Then that will be two commentators that your readers ignore due to terminal boredom !
Concerning the Jews.
Who would you rather live next to ?
Jews or Hamas ?
End of.

banned said...

DL, you are questioning the death of 6,586,083 Jews under the Nazis?

I will be reporting you to the German and Austrian authorities so you can expect a European Arrest Warrant coming your way sometime soon matey.

Visit Krakow said...

" The way the 2nd World War is portrayed now is all about the Jews"

I think you're talking crap.
The way the war is potrayed now is about the Nazis walking into Poland and threatening anyone who wasn't a blonde blue eyed german.
Do you really think the nazis would have stopped once they had killed all the jews ?
Then it was gypsies. Then homosexuals, then the mentally retarded, then twins ( read 'Mengeles Assistant' - I got a copy at Berkenhau last year) . They used to cut open twins and compare their organs and see if they could find variations.
Visit Krakow DL and ask to go on the visit to Aushwitz and Berkenhau. It will take a morning of your time but will allow you to ditch harbingers views forever.
And be a better person.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Visit Krakow said...

Visit Krakow DL and ask to go on the visit to Aushwitz and Berkenhau. It will take a morning of your time but will allow you to ditch harbingers views forever.
And be a better person.

(rolls eyes)
And the brainwashing continues...(must write that down that critical theorists and those who do not allow the politically correct emotive thinking cloud their judgement in their quest for seeking truths in the present and the past are obviously really bad people)

It seems as though 'anonymous' has returned under a new pen name, to postulate, pontificate and promote the propaganda of his Palestinian persecuting, pals.......

Nothing ever changes, the world moves on and the gentiles happily ignore those trying to warn them that they're being led straight into the abyss.....

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should drop the seeking into what is and what should never be? From what it seems from some of your viewers they don't like you going back into the past, uncovering history that was never told and upsetting the Jews.

It seems obvious that fuckwits like RMcGeddon are blissfully ignorant on Hamas, Palestine and Israeli war crimes, but then that always tends to be the case of those who shout the loudest against those who seek to put uncover the truth.
It's funny, but I used to think just like he. I used to be blatantly anti Islam because I'd allowed myself to become completely indoctrinated by Zionist propaganda in the media regarding Islam. And then, as I told you, I awoke...

When I woke up this morning many thoughts went through my head regarding history.

1. France has always been our enemy (well England's anyway) and yet we went to their support in WW1 & WW2. And look how de Gaulle repaid our men's sacrifice by trying to shaft us in the EEC? And then there was Sarkozy's snub at the DDay remembrances also?

2. Britain and France declared on Germany not the other way around and of course people will always say "but we had a pact with Poland blah, blah.." What the fuck did Poland ever do for us? Where is the historic relation between us and them that warranted the sacrifice of so many lives? Isn't it also ironic when one thinks of it that Poland had one of the highest population of Jews within Europe at the time?

3. We allied with Russia again! IN WW1 they had murdered the Tzar of Russia a relative to the King of England. We allied with a movement completely run and controlled by Jews that persecuted millions upon millions, who committed even worse war crimes than the Nazis and yet we did nothing? We allied with Stalin in WW2 whose soldiers did unspeakable things to the German civilians (and Poles) and no war trials? Where were the war trials for those responsible for the Holodomor? Nope, we never saw one did we? And where was the media coverage of that in the newspapers? Nope nothing on the holodomor. I wonder why? You don't think it could have been about who controlled the papers do you?

4. The war trials in Nuremberg of Nazis, where everyone of them were mostly executed by the Jewish 'witch hunters.' The torture of many for signed statements. The story of Rudolph Hess who came to Britain to talk about peace terms, was arrested and many believe was murdered and an imposter put in his place in prison.

Anonymous said...


And yet here we are, sixty years after the war where it's been built on Jewish suffering. We are conveniently ignored, all those who died saving the lives of the Jews. And of course we always hear of the persecution of the gypsies and the homosexuals also, before our own allied and civilian deaths. Again minority control and promotion of minority suffering.

And to top the whole debacle off DL, people are villified, pilloried, lambasted, arrested, tried, imprisoned should they disagree with the 'official' story of the holocaust. Those who say there was no holocaust (by definition of the word holocaust) are 100% correct but thanks to media sensationalism and manipulation and propaganda, they conveniently forget that there were three holocausts in WW2 - Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then there are those who agree that Jews (like many others) were forced into labour camps to work as part of the German war effort and the 6 million figure was a joke. Those who died, did so towards the end of the war because of the communication lines breaking down and thus not enough food to feed everyone. The very fact there were Jewish survivors is testament to the fact that had Hitler wanted all Jews dead they would be so.

There are far too many discrepancies surrounding WW2 but thanks to total Zionist manipulation of the media, government and educational establishments, people in the west have been totally brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing the Jewish version of WW2, even though throughout history our greatest men aned women from all walks of life have warned us that they are deceitful. We have been told on numerous occasions that within every society Jews have been in (segregated of course through choice being the Chosen ones) they've abstracted money from the populous and been the mot politically active agent provocateurs.

And we'll always have muppets like RMcGeddon who are unable to think critically that there may just be another side to the story.
There is a saying that those who study the holocaust always become revisionists. There should be no halt orders on any investigation. The truth must always be recovered regardless.

The very fact that Jews have put a stop to any investigation into the holocaust is overwhelming proof that there's something hiding they don't want the non Jewish population discovering. And as many have said, smash the myths surrounding the holocaust and you take your first steps to obliterating Zionism.

Anonymous said...


The more I read and uncover regarding Zionism the more I see the bigger picture.
The holocaust is instrumental to the persecution of the Palestinian peoples, that is the story we've been told. You see it allows them to sniper rifle children and blow off their heads. It allows them to booby trap toys to murder little children who have done no wrong. They do so because we are Goy, we are untermensch. And their excuse is "we will never allow ourselves to be in the position again we were under Hitler and many people before throughout Europe." So in essence DL, the holocaust™ is their excuse to kill anyone who should (in their eyes) threaten Jews. It's when one realises this; when one does research on Zionism; when one uncovers the machinations of their most powerful people throughout time, does one begin to understand that the holocaust was orchestrated to bolster the future actions of Israel.

We may never know because anyone who could have told us of the truth in history have been hunted down by Jewish 'blood packs' and executed, certainly with restraining orders of interviews when in prison.
It's ironic as well isn't it, don't you think that the Jewish witch-hunters carried this all out no differently to their ancestors in the Russian Red Army, those who orchestrated the Russian revolution and going back to the French and the reign of terror. We are of course conveniently told that it's to get revenge, but now I'm beginning to realise it's all about silencing the people. The most recent example was the Zionist organised war against Iraq (to protect Israel again) and the subsequent show trial in a kangaroo court and Saddam's execution. He was about to spill the beans....

Everything fits together like a jigsaw and what's worse is people's hatred of freedom of thought, opinion and speech. Our society has been so indoctrinated into emotive reasoning that it's oblivious about common sense logic, therefore it completely shuts off regarding the holocaust, because they remember all the pictures, they were programmed to remember when they were at school. I find the whole thing frankly disgusting, that people are quite happily giving up their liberty in order to protect what seems very much to be nothing but a lie. The Holocaust Industry™ continues to pump millions into Israel on a daily basis.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mcgedders,you have to remember that Parliament is in recess and there are a lack of good political stories going about! However, in saying that, I do believe that there are significant problems in the World caused by Zionist control and the more research I do, the more I become convinced that that is the case. I will get onto other subjects, don't despair. You pose an interesting question though. Would I rather live next door to, Jews or Hamas. Well the simple answer would be neither. I would rather live next door as I do at the moment to native, Celtic descendents from a 'Christian' background. However to you mean would I rather live next to a Jew or a Hamas voting Palestinian. If I had to, either one would probably be acceptable, although I wouldn't be happy. By Hamas, do you mean a Hamas 'terrorist'? Well as someone once said, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and sooner or later they will come into the 'acceptable political arena'. Just ask Sharon, Mandella or McGuinness. Hamas are the elected Government of Palestine and if that doesn't suit Israel or the US, too fucking bad IMO.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I believe the number claimed is now 6,586,082 as Moshe Cohen from Krakow got counted twice. I look forward to my day in court and I may call you as a material witness to the fact that I have never put any particular number on it, as there was obviously a lot of them, but that number is the entire population of Scotland and N. Ireland.

Anonymous said...


What continues to amaze me is people's blissful ignorance on Zionism. Now Zionism was created around 1850, which of course leads to the problem of the Babylonian Talmud, written hundreds of years before hand, thus we need to realise that problem is not just Zionism, but also Judaism, that is those who worship the Talmud and the hatred within over the Bible and the Torah.

The biggest aspect I've come to realise is the constant lie being told within the media of the 'Jewish race.' What a load of complete and utter bullshit. There is no Jewish race. There never has been a Jewish race. You cannot fuse people who worship a belief system and create a race of people? There is no Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jedi, Scientologist or Pagan race is there? So what gives Jews privilege of being classed as a race? It's simple indoctrination over and over in the media that people eventually accept it because it's being told to them all on a daily basis.

The simple fact is thus DL - we are born into the human race. With that human race there are different creeds/breeds/tribes whatever you wish to call them who are the way they are because they've evolved physically over thousands upon thousands of years of evolution. You would laugh if I said that blacks are the way they are because it's what being a Jew made them evolve into being wouldn't you? It should be no different with Jews. Considering that the Ashkenazi Jews were non semitic peoples of Khazar speaks volumes but more importantly people need to know the truth. You are born into humanity and captivity. That captivity is under the control of the state and should you be born into a religious family your parents then, without your permission, initiate yourself into their belief system. Religion is an ideology. You are not born into any religion. You are PUT into religion through no choice of your own and that is an incredibly important point. You will not find anymore an ethnocentric, prejudice and hypocritical belief system than Judaism. Jews are people, not Jews who follow a truly fucked up ideology of supremacy over all others. And they have the audacity to criticise Hitler or Muslims. LMAO!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Visitor from Krakow, "I think you're talking crap". Fair enough, that's what this blog is about, discussion. Let me ask you a question. Do you just blindly accept what you hear or are told from the MSM or do you try and look behind the news for what may be behind it? I don't know if there were 6,586,083 Jews killed by the Nazis, as suggested by Banned above. I think when you get to that number it is impossible to be accurate. What of course I do accept,was that there were a great number of Jews killed, but you are wrong, (or so the MSM says), in your assertion that there was no Gypsies, homosexuals, tramps or thieves killed, as that according to them was not the case and I'm quite sure many of them were blonde with blue eyes. In fact most Germans aren't blond, blue eyed specimens as Hitler himself is testament to. You may indeed though be correct in saying that I would be a better person, because to be honest with you the more I look into the truth about society, the more cynical I am becoming, but in many ways that is also uplifting.

Anonymous said...


I was Doctor Mengele's Assistant by Miklos Nyiszli

From Wikipedia about Nyiszli:

Miklós Nyiszli (June 17, 1901 in Szilágysomlyó, Hungary, now: Şimleu Silvaniei, Romania – May 5, 1956) was a Jewish prisoner/doctor at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Ironic isn't it? Where are the testimonies of the non Jewish prisoners and staff? Could it be because they're all dead, hunted down, tortured, imprisoned and executed by the Jewish witch hunter generals?

Could this article be nothing but pro Zionist propaganda in order to bolster the state of Israel?
They totally debunked the human skin lamp shades and soap from human fat myths, not forgetting the 'baby eating huns' from WW1.

I'd like to read something from the other side and see what they have to say quite frankly, but I doubt that would ever happen. It was known that during the Nuremberg trials, Germans had their testicles smashed with hammers to draw out statements from them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, well what can I say, well firstly. RMcgeddon is entitled to his views, as is anyone who posts on here, so please do not call him a fuckwit because he has not either become aware or doesn't want to become aware of what is really happening in the world. You know, that I don't approve of personal abuse, at least towards someone who comes on here with a proper ID. You can be a little 'intense' at times because you believe in your subject. I find your ideas and conclusions compelling, but maybe not everyone is in the same boat.

There is no doubt that Zionism is woven deep into he fabric of western society and we are led to believe that the next Labour leader will be a Miliband. Of course, both come from good Jewish Ashkenazi stock, which makes their election even more intriguing as I'm sure a good dig into their family history will become a must for at least those on the internet who take an interest in these things, although I don't expect to hear much from the MSM. You're right, where does this race pish come from? It all associates itself with this thing about the Jews considering themselves the chosen race. Why the fuck is that? It goes back to who has the best imaginery friend argument. I'm sure that many 'Christians' are not educated enough on religion. They are of the opinion that the Jews are like them apart from they don't believe in Jesus, but up until the new testament they were the same religion. But of course, what the fuckwits don't understand is that not only were the Jews different up until that point but the supposed birth of Christ takes Christianity in a completely diffrent route, totally diametrically opposed to Judaism. Auch well, I'm still happy to talk about it even if some others find it boring. Truth goes through three.......!

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for that twice DL. Remember Orwell's saying if liberty is anything at all it's telling people what they don't want to hear. Now RMcGeddon my find my articles terminally boring but why doesn't he just ignore them and myself instead of bringing it up into debate? If any insult has been cast first then it is he not I who cast it.

Not everyone will agree with one another. This is the perfect debate killer to socialists who continually state "we're all equal."

I'm not going to attack people who disagree with my opinion, but I'll certainly call someone a fuckwit who has no intention of finding out the other side of any story and instead prefers to be plugged into an indoctrinating, programming media system that does no one any good apart from you know who.

Best thing I find is that if people offend you do either two things - challenge their beliefs or ignore them. It's the best way and I've found it always works for me.
I like reading what others have to say and those whom I don't find interesting I ignore. And RMcGeddon is one of those, along with others.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, It was fucking THREE times and I thought I had deleted it twice. I don't know what's wrong with this laptop. Time I got a new one!
Not everyone is going to be able to or want to debate subjects fully as they might find they don't 'float their boat', (fuck how I hate those management speak phrases), and they can contribute what they feel like. I appreciate you, even if not everyone does and it's my blog!

Anonymous said...


What I need then is your laptop. It should balance things out. I post once and it gets deleted as spam and you post once and it comes up three times! LMAO. A happy medium is what we need.

People will not always disagree but that's liberty. Let there be continuous debate instead of an automaton like mentality. That would never bring about the much needed change in society.

I appreciate you to. It's your blog. You're straight to the point, no bullshit and that's what I like.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I am checking if you are going in to spam. I blame the Zionists! Yes, debate is why we're her. I would get bored just listening to myself whining on.

banned said...

" 'baby eating huns' "; LOL, I was never taken in by the Nun-Raping bollox either.

In my childhood Germans were given such a bad press from the Victor! (comic) to the BBC and Hollywood that I made it my business to visit there solo at the tender age of 15 years to confirm that they were not monsters. Never did me any harm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, well apart from the homosexual rape and the incident with your leg and the machete, you mean.

Anonymous said...


What always amazed me about the Germans when I was a kid was 'how in the fuck did they lose?' I mean they had the best trained forces, the best planes, guns and tanks out of all the allied forces. They were also the best dressed all in tidy leather outfits. In fact the Germans' advancement in technology in engineering and technology put the allied forced to shame.
Hell, they had even invented a sound machine that could obliterate people within a certain radius.

They were far superior and lost. That's the way it goes though...

Anonymous said...

And then there was the German navy "Das boot" who were pretty brilliant also. I have to say, they were a far better outfit than the rag-tag British outfit, there's no doubt.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger, FFS, a Brit will fuck a German nine times out of ten! They may have superior weapons but we've got the 'Bulldog' spirit!

Anonymous said...


Brits 'used' to have the bulldog spirit. I believe even owning a bulldog now makes one racist. LOL

banned said...

Duh! I forgot about the machete thingey.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, if that's the case, where do I get one?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's not your fault, you were legless. Fuck me! That's the worst joke I've cracked in a while!