Thursday, 23 September 2010


With its rows of smart semis in the heart of the ‘English Riviera’, it should be a delightful place to live.
But according to houseproud Judie Chisholm, the green wheelie bins that now line her road all week round as far as the eye can see have ‘wrecked all kerb appeal in one fell swoop’.
So dire is the blight of the ‘unsightly and bulky’ bins that she claims her £200,000 three-bedroom home has been devalued by £5,000.  She is suing Torbay Council.

However, in a surprising move last night, Torbay Residents Council have decided to sue Ms Chisholm for being such an UGLY, DYKE BASTARD and scaring prospective buyers away from their properties.


banned said...

My Council recently supplied me with a small black wheelie bin, presumably they will soon be stealing the old bigger one.

They have supplied me with a full colour glossy leaflet detailing the new collection arrangements which will be weekly but alternating "recycle" one week, "other" the next.

This was supposed to start last week but they have yet to supply me with a green bin. This week they emptied my large old wheelie bin as usual. Useless cunts.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Banned just wait for the spending review. We'll be reduced to eating rats like the good residents of St Petersburg in the 1942-43 period. That should solve the recycling problem. I bet we'll still be paying through the nose in Poll Tax though even if there are no street lights, cops, bin collections, tarmaced roads or schooling because we'll have to finance some UN initiative giving pots and pans to primitive tribes stuck up a tree somewhere in the Amazon because the WWF say so.

BTW DL what gave it away for you? Dead letter box?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, Don't blame the council, It comes from central Government, (Labour), bringing in land fill rules and costs that are prohibitive. If they weren't recycling if would cost you more in council tax. They could still be useless cunts, BTW!

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! Come to Scotland. Our Council Tax has been frozen for the last four years under the SNP. Mind you that means money would be getting spent somewhere else. Think about how much money the central Government take off the motorist and none of it is given back to fill potholes. Fucking ridiculous.

We in MI6, no longer use dead letter boxes in this new age of technology. It's much easier just sending a CD through the post and kidding on it's a film!

Anonymous said...

I hate the Cuntcil. (Sorry for poor spelling but I went to an underfunded state school)

Every council manager I have met has been a lefty unionist PC spunk bubble with not a hope of ever working out how to run a bath let alone a massive organisation.

There plan seems to be that if they only employ numpties, fucktards and ejjits then nobody within the organisation will ever realise what an utter arse they are making of it. Then all they have to do is hide it from the public under DATA PROTECTION.

Not a single senior manager in any of the councils will ever make it in real world yet they get massive salaries and 50% of that massive salary for life (index linked) after 40 years of hanging about the office stamping bits of paper.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention 1.5 times final salary as Tax Free lump sum on retirement.

If they are really smart they move within the Local Authorities to maximise the pension contributions when they move.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, for fuck's sake make up a name, so I know who you are! I refer you to a post I did a few days ago, when the same subject was discussed. They are fuckwits who would never be able to make it in the real world, but then there are plenty of them about. As a matter of fact you begin to wonder what the real world is. Maybe they're in it and we're not?

2Mac said...

I usually post under 2Mac (Alasdair mac Alasdair Mór Mac an Righ)

Dark Lochnagar said...

2Mac, welcome officially. Now we know who everyone is!

Anonymous said...

At a time of cuts, our coucnil just spent £2.5 million purchasing these unsightly waste containers. A shocking waste of money.