Thursday, 23 September 2010


Clegg and Ban ki Moon discuss their investment portfolio at the UN

I must be a right stupid twat!  I thought we were bust.  But it seems that those fuckwits in the Coalition have loadsa  money for foreign aid while they make cuts at home.
They have promised to RAISE foreign aid from £7,400,000,000 to £10,000,000,000 by 2013, (that's billions BTW, Anonymous, I know you're a bit slow on the uptake).
Now maybe it's me, but I think when the country is doing well, then you can increase foreign aid, but are you really telling me they want to cut Disability Living Allowance so that someone with a severe disability gets less, to give it to some Fucking African President to swell his Swiss bank account?


banned said...

They do it as overeas is the one place where they can prance around in the spotlight of their generosity (with our fucking money) while patronising other world 'leaders' who realise that "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME".

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Where to start with this one DL. The clown on the left is saying something along the lines of "I wish we could do with our proles what you used to do, shoot them dead en masse in the streets." The guy on the right is saying "Hand over the cash as much as you like fuckedwitz once my big mates in Beijing start rolling you lot are fucked"

Either way the UN is a corporation and that means we are all going to get fucked over. Giving money we don't have to people who will be brought into the "system" whether they want it or not. Destroy our way of life through taxation, destroy their way of life through the "benefits" of modernity. You can be guaranteed that not one red cent will come out of Clegg or Moon's pockets that's for sure.

BTW DL have you ever thought that with what we know about what a bunch of cunts our so called leaders are in a so called functioning democracy, just what a collection of arsewipes the UN general arsembly must be?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, aye it starts at home OK, first they give it to themselves, then their family, then their family's family, then their family's family's family and so on. Eventually it might get to some cunt who actually needs it. Meanwhile 50,000 old people die in this country basically because they have to choose between food and heat.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! The Americans have the right idea, give them fuck all money. They should be peacekeepers pure and simple. They should be in places like Palestine not operating as some quasi charity handing out money left and centre. This Wank Mi Soon, who the fuck is he and where did he come from. I think he is Burmese or some fucking thing. What did he do before he got the job at probably £500k per year? Slanty eyed bastard.

Anonymous said...

During the Live Aid years the money was distributed in Sudan and Ethiopia with 90% going to military and armed militias and 10% to starving poor. That is what remained after expenses for the various charities to ADMINISTER the collection and distribution of our money.

The children we saved in Somalia in the 90s are the pirates who are now plundering our shipping.

And these fuckwitts want me to send money at the moment to the Federaly Administered Tribal Area in Pakistan. The very same place that is involved in the majority of jihadist training and resource allocation for
attacks carried out in Europe.

I can see no benefit in the UK government borrowing money to help a population who actively conspire for our deaths on a regular basis.

I blame the PC sandal wearing vegans of the EU, UN and London. They are mighty generous with our money.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Trouble sending from mobile phone. I same to have said the same thing 3 times.

I feel like Tony Blair in that respect although I am not a lying god botherer and fake socialist.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous when you say you're not a fake socialist, does that mean you are a socialist?

Foreign Aid is a fucking disgrace and it's time someone hung that cunt, Geldorf. He has been a blight on humanity too long! Your comments are 100% correct and I know the trouble sending from a mobile, so I have conveniently deleted two of you posts for you, so that the next time there is an Anonymous on, readers won't think it's the same prick, if you see what I mean.

2Mac said...

No I am not a socialist. I am a realist. I have long since given up that lefty nonsense and big state fuck ups.

I am not really sure if my political opinions fit within any of the political parties currently available but I am a rampant Scottish patriot.

I hate London Labour Scottish Branch for their utter fuckwittery as they grovel on their bellies like fat seals clapping for their masters in London waiting for a hand out. The comrades have their noses so far in the public purse it is totally shocking. These cunt represent some of the worst shitholes in Scotland and yet still gain support. With their mates in the Glasgow BBC and MSM covering their lack of a single good idea or previous good idea. They have had 60 years and they have made much of Scotland a economic wasteland.

I dislilke the Scottish Conservatives like any normal thinking person. They are crap and full of social climbers and hypocrites.

I feel sorry for the cardigan wearing Lib Dems and all the other jumble sale affiliated dafties who vote for them. Typical middle class do gooders who cannot see the difference from realism and idealism.

All of the above would sell out Scotland's people for a Lordship or well paid job for the state.

Leaving just the SNP as the only ship I can sale with. However I am not comforable with some of the nanny state lefty ideals they have but I realise this is necessary to get enough support for independence and economic control.

At least with the SNP it is Scotlands people first.

Dark Lochnagar said...

2Mac, you'll do well on here then, because as you probably know, I tend to be a right of centre, Independista, who is forced to be in the SNP although there are many of their policies, I don't agree with. Although I have been a member on and off, I have been to a couple of meetings recently and there are many who feel like me. I am told it is a broad church. Now religion.....

Highton said...

Totally agree.If I had the chance to ask Dick Smegg a question,it would be a simple one...JUSTIFY.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Highton, welcome to the blog. You've got to remember I'm a thick bastard and as such I'm not too sure what you mean by your comment, I have an inkling but I don't want to jump to conclusions.

Highton said...

Ahh my friend.You may remember Shades of Ansel?Well he's died and been reincarnated as Highton (long story)....Smegg,DL,is the Vieux Boulogne cheese-like substance that one gets at the bottom of one's bell-end,when one is a dirty fucktard who can't be bothered washing their love-weapon for a few days after sex( bet you remember me now with my delicate diction lol )
As for the justify point..I'd like him to justify WHY,when this country is being bought to its knees with these cuts and the finacial farce,that he,Scameron and their parties of loony toons,feel that it is right to protect overseas aid.PAKISTAN and AFRICA spring to mind.Why the fuck can't they look after their own first.
Hope you are keeping well after your op mate.How's Mrs DL these days?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, me old mucker. I was wondering where you had got to. I was worried in case you'd shot yourself or something, you sounded a bit down. You should still have my e-mail address, send me a mail and tell me how you have been. Aye, I'm excellent as is the wife, well in saying that her father is dying, but he's 84, so he's had a fair run at it. I've lost almost 11 stone now, so I'm half the man I was, nearly! My health has improved greatly, no more insulin now, excellent.