Sunday, 5 September 2010


Their housing allowances have been slashed, their first class train travel cut and their gardening expenses banned. Now MPs cannot even cry into their cheap subsidised pints.
A pint of Becks is to rise from £2.20 to £2.90, as will a pint of Guinness.  The move has been greeted with dismay by MPs. One senior Labour MP, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's scandalous.  "I'm stuck in London doing a public service job and now they want to raise the price of my well-deserved pint by almost 50 per cent."

The FUCKWITS still don't get it, do they?  Time we had a military coup.  Line MPs up and hang every third one from the lamp posts over Westminster Bridge, making sure that BERCOW and his slutty wife are included, (I know she's not a MP, but she's worth it), and draw up a proper constitution for the country which doesn't enrich politicians.  Mind you, by that time, I think a few of them might have WELL PUCKERED ARSEHOLES anyway!


Anonymous said...

"...It's scandalous. "I'm stuck in London doing a public service job and now they want to raise the price of my well-deserved pint by almost 50 per cent....."

Shaking my head in utter disbelief.
I've just left a comment on Captain Ranty's blog about the insanity of politicians. It's not about drinking but they expect us to carry their baggage, that is, their wages go into the bank, untouched, while the people foot their other bills (food + drink, transports, property costs, household bills, clothing and holidays).

But then I only see the above as a good thing. What it will mean is that when politicians have to start forking out they'll then start dropping costs.

However, I agree, hang all of the bastards!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, the problem is that it's the small things that start them thinking about the price. Once they get used to everyday things at subsidised prices, they expect to get everything like that and the 'gravy train mentallity' sets in. Fuck we all wish we could get a roast beef dinner at £3.90 and a pint of Guinness for a bill of £6.80. They don't even pay at the time but run up huge tic bills and that really pisses me off. "Give me a job David, I've got my mess tic bill to pay". Cunts!

Anonymous said...

I know DL.
They run up a tab that is then forwarded onto expenses that's paid for by the taxpayer. Their life is one big free ride and they have the fucking audacity to say they're public sector workers, when they're creating illegal wars and doing fuck all about the millions going to the EU daily in taxes and the millions coming to the UK from fuck knows where, wanting a free living and automatic British citizenship because they walk on our land????

This society is fucked up, but DL, it's really simple when you look at it - who votes the shitheads into power? Who allows their screwing of the public to continue?

Once people start looking and seeing who the real enemy is can they then address the problem.

Things won't change DL. Politicians have now worn silk and don't want to go back to cotton. The public have allowed this. They've submitted to civil law and have allowed themselves to be controlled.

The wheel continues to turn....

Anonymous said...

I dunno what a pint costs in London but I expect that they are still getting it cheap.

If they don't like only being subsidised a bit less than they used to be, they could alwyas take the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of Northstead. (Why do we still have this nonsense?) That is to say they could resign.

Frankly as long as no one does anything about them having to pay more, I couldn't care less if some fat drunks of MPS aren't happy. I'm only get pissed off if they get Cameron to reduce it.

[He's already backtracking on his staunch support for the new standards office.]

But one question... why do these people have a bar, or bars in their work place? Does Tesco supply their staff with alcohol during the day. Does Ford or Nissan or the Dept of Work and Pensions?

Our staff were told that if they came to work smelling of booze they would be sent home and disciplined.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, the problem is that being an MP is a job where people look up to you and you are put on a pedestal even more so than if you were a Priest or a Minister. We from Scotland know what that is like, we've seen it. Just a wee aside. I never forget when I got married, my wife being a Catholic we had to see the Priest beforehand. Neither of us has done anything about it since, but her parents we're staunchish Catholics. Anyway, I had to meet this fucker in a hotel bar. We were sitting with two soft drinks even 33 years ago and when I asked this Irish Fucker what he wanted to drink, he asked for a large Drambuie and a pint of Heavy. Don't get me wrong, I could afford it, but he thought it was his right to get bought drink despite the fact that it was his religion's duty to marry us. These fuckers in Westminster have the same attitude. Now while a Priest is not being paid fortunes depite the huge wealth in the Vatican, these cunts are. Hang every third one!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, you make some very relevent pints regarding boozers at places of employment. This is 200 years out of date, you have to remember. It's time we got shot of all this fucking pish tradition of Black Rod, State opening of Parliament, fucking Bercow's stupid walk to work and particularly the bars. They will say they have to entertain people, usually some lobbyist offering them a job where they only work 1 day a month for £60k per year. Ok give them a restaurant or two but don't serve drink. Who the fuck has a staff canteen where they serve drink? In fact the bastards should be breathalysed if anyone smells drink and suspended for a month wothout pay or voting rights. They are after all running the country.

banned said...

One in three is a bit harsh DL, decimation would suffice.

Time to extend the Smoking Ban to Parliament too, hypocritical cunts.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, exactly and as Tris says above, "what place of work do you know that's got a subsidised boozer"?