Monday, 28 June 2010


After extensive research on your behalf my ENGLISH COUSINS, I have unearthed the address of the dirty Uruguayan rat who cheated the mighty ENGERLAND out of their victory today over the GERMAN SWINESHAGGERS!  it is:

Snr Pablo Fandino, Avenida de los Germanicos, Montevideo, Uruguay, 33498.  His phone number is 00-34141567893, ask for Pab.  When you get there, give him a good kick in the bollox from me.  Blin' bastard!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

In the age of rewarding the thick what will result but failure and diversity.

Failure is ubiquitous.

Success is, well they have aoens to work on that bit of stick.

Their mates must produce the thickest weans on earth!

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! Yes, we used to laud Scientist, engineers and inventors. Nowadays it's some scabby wee bastard on some talent (sic), show. How we have succumbed to the age of celebrity! Stevie Wonder was on tonight. Christ he must have been singing for 50 years and he's blind. Lady Gaga? She couldn't lace his corset.

theo walcott said...

I thought Stevie Wonder was refereeing the Engerland match ?
Me and Wayne Bridges are devastated at Englands early exit from the world cup.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Sahara where I, a few camel drivers, some tourists, myself and a few enthusiastic camels watched Engerland getting humped by the Germans, again.

Schadefreude is to simple a word to describe the complexity of my emotions and no alcohol available too

banned said...

Happily I don't give a fuck about football but I do like England to win since it cheers everybody up, well south of the border it does.

Our Monday local paper will have been out to bed last Friday (with a timeless lead sad baby story) so I won't know the extent of the mayhem in town as our 'supporters' emoted themselves until tomorrow.

Boris Johnson probably hits it on the head (Telegraph blog), he puts our national sporting decline down to the teachers outlawing competitive sports with their 'medals for all' since little Jaydan might suffer from low self-esteem if he's made to feel that he is not special.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Theo, I bet you're fucking glad he left you out now. When all the shite gets chucked out then he's going to have, well, you. Fuck me! Home Internationals anyone?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, What no bevvy to toast your German friends. Too much hype of pish players. Because SKY pump money into the Premiership doesn't make it the best league. Anyway it's full of foriegners. The England players are well over-rated. One of the guys I tweet with's son got 100/1, Rooney not scoring in the World Cup. It looks a good bet now!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I'm sorry for the ordinary Englishman in the street and obviously all the guys who come on here. It's the media that hypes everything up. I can guarantee you that in 2 years time at the Euros if England qualify, the media will have built them up so much they'll think all they have to do is turn up. Old Boris has got a point about competitive sport. Those kids are going to get a shock when they go out in the real world!