Wednesday, 19 May 2010


New Home Secretary, Theresa May, is said to be disappointed with the ruling of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission's,(SIAC), decision to grant the appeal of four known Al Qaeda terrorists who want to stay in this country, rather than be deported back to Pakistan where they may be tortured.
The Home Office was seeking to deport the two men, on the grounds that their presence in the UK was not conducive to the public good for reasons of national security.

WTF!  The rest of the world must be laughing like fuck at (GREAT) BRITAIN.  Are we so bound up in HUMAN RIGHTS SHITE after 13 years of LABOUR that we cannot deport PAKISTANI citizens back to PAKISTAN, a COMMONWEALTH COUNTRY, for fear that they may be tortured?  A country that is losing daily more of their citizens than the rest of the coalition forces put together, IN THEIR FIGHT AGAINST AL QAEDA!
WHERE IS THIS COUNTRY GOING TO AND HOW CAN I GET OFF?  Tell them TO FUCK OFF and they can take the DITTERY OLD BASTARDS on the appeals commission, with them!


subrosa said...

I was ticked off by one of my readers who said this bloke hadn't been convicted of anything - which of course is true.

However, we'll never know the whole story or see the intelligence data.

What a country eh DL?

banned said...

Time for Thersa May to show that the new Torylib coalition has got more bollox than the old Labour rubbish, time to show "SIAC" whose in fucking charge!

wee boaby said...

I'm the first one to call for guilty terrorists to be strung up. Forget all the extradition nonsense.
But these 'terrorists' are just as guilty as you or me DL.
No evidence apart from secret files that we can't see but which were obtained under torture. Nothing in this 'secret' evidence to bring charges against anyone.
You could be arrested tomorrow DL. Locked up for a month and found guilty on evidence that your defence lawyers can't even see. Then deported to a country eager to kill you. It would be like stasi Germany if this was allowed to happen.
You can't complain about the Aberdeen cover up yet be in favour of this fit up.

wee boaby said...

cont \
Oh and anything that Theresa May does will be counterproductive and expensive to taxpayers. This is because all of her policy decisions are subject to the EU Human Rights laws which have jurisdiction over UK Law. The suspects will just run up more expenses at the EU courts for the UK taxpayer for each new law she brings in.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL the continuity of the real government is highlighted by this. Change administration and the courts still keep the terrorists here. That can only mean that they, and their quiet chummies who are keeping their heads down, are actually useful to our real government. Unlike us. Gary McKinnon. US space ships? Nah. I'll wager he caught wind of tech transfer through USN and USAF to the ChiComms.

UKIP for me said...

wee boaby..

Yes I've been confused by all the hot air from the political blogs over the courts decision. They are only carrying out the law and are subservient to the EU courts so even if the pair were due to be extradited it would never happen in real life. The EU would stop it. Unless you voted UKIP(or BNP) you have no cause to complain about the present set up as all the other parties are happy with the way things are. Cast iron promised to repeal the human rights laws but is typically backpedalling on that promise aswell.
I've looked back on all the reported 'evidence' in this case and it all comes down to the government saying 'trust us'. Another strange thing for the bloggers to do.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, It doesn't matter whether he has been convicted of anything or not. He is not a British Citizen and therefpre has no right to be here. Do you think you would get into the Staes or Australia if they didn't want you, no chance!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, 100% correct. This SIAC crowd are a relic of the EU/Labour/laissez faire attitude in this country. Sack the fucking lot!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, wrong! I cannot be sent to any country in the world because I AM A BRITISH CITIZEN. That is completely different from these jokers who are citizens of another country, a country which I might add is part of thre Commonwealth and an important partner in the fight against Al Qaeda. That ifs fuck all to do with the Holly affair. That is a cover up by the establishment.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! Like you, I am a cynical bastard. There is a hope at least with the Tories if not with the Libthingies that we might at last stand up to Europe in the likes of this pish if nothing else. These people are not British Citizens and have no right to be here. Neither are they EU Citizens and have no right to be in Europe. If Brussels wants them, they can fucking well go there. Gary McKinnon is wanted by a friendly power for computer hacking which is an international crime. Now I don't think he should be sent if he is not in a fit state to handle the experience and I think BTW there is a certain amount of wool pulling going on here but that again is different from these Al Qaeda fuckers, IMO.

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, I don't normally trust the Government and if these guys were British or EU citizens I would be saying that is just the way it goes, they have to remain here. They are however and I repeat myself, not British Citizens but citizens of a friendly Commonwealth country who is helping us against Al Qaeda and the Afghan insurgents. This is not the Sudan or North Korea. They should have thought of being sent home before they plotted to kill British Citizens in this country and if Theresa May had any balls, she would tell MI5 to stick them on the next transport plane going to Pakistan and fuck the courts and the EU human rights act.

UKIP for me said...

It's irrelevant that they're not British citizens DL. There have been similar cases in the past - the 2 ex gitmo detainees who were only resident here but were allowed to stay because their human rights would be violated if they were deported home. The 6 Afghan heathrow hijackers who were allowed asylum in the UK because their human rights would be violated if they were deported home.
These 2 students have been granted similar status because Pakistan has state torture and execution without trial and so their human rights would be violated if they were deported home. Oh and by the way no evidence has ever been submitted openly that shows them doing anything wrong. They could probably sue you for defamation.
Like I said before if you voted anything other than UKIP then you have no say in the matter because the party you voted for endorses the EU human rights court and the UK human rights court.

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, Well then we'll just have to repeal it or let me run this one past you; WHY DON'T WE LEAVE THE EU , that way you'd be able to buy the herrings to make your kippers at a decent price because the common fisheries policy wouldn't be in place. I bet you wish there was a party that promised that, eh?