Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Britain’s Armed Forces face inevitable cuts that will leave the country “dependent” on allies to fight future conflicts, ministers are to admit.

The country can no longer afford to fund current operations in Afghanistan and all the equipment now on order for the Armed Forces, a Ministry of Defence green paper will make clear.  Dark Lochnagar has seen a copy of the paper, which will be published on Wednesday.  The stark admission from Bob, the knob Ainsworth, the defence secretary, will undermine Gordon Brown’s attempts to claim Labour is committed to big defence projects like the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers and the new fighters to fly from them.

And that's the way it should be.  The armed forces are costing £700 for every citizen of the U.K. and I believe IT IS TIME our so called E.U. and NATO 'partners' bore more of the brunt.  If Latvia and Estonia and all the rest of them can't send TROOPS TO FIGHT then they should be PAYING FOR OURS. 

If the idea of the EU was to stop major European wars, which so far it has, (but many of us believe the HUN WILL TRY AGAIN), then it's time we had a properly funded, equipped and manned European Army to fight in Afghanistan, albeit under British commanders.  Furthermore, why do we need NUCLEAR ARMS when the FRENCH AND THE AMERICANS have BETTER ONES THAN OURS?


Stout Heart said...

The Duke of Wellington (the first one) who knew a bit more about war than Mr Bob Ainsworth said "I would rather fight allies than be one".

Why don't we just tell every maniac in the world to pop over and take what he likes; it would be easier and cheaper.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, the thing is that we defend our own shores, not go fighting every other wanker's war. o/t I saw a quote yesterday which would suit Clare Short, why aren't there more women in politics? It's too much trouble to make up two faces.

aka Grappin said...

I hope the MOD have laid in a big stock of white flags - we wouldn't want to run out too quickly, which is a danger if we have to rely on the damned Frenchies.

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