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A detailed financial statement has been issued of which the following is the conclusion:

“The detailed analysis blows apart the Scotland Office’s claims, which are exposed as a ham-fisted attempt to do Scotland down by not counting income such as oil revenues, the fossil fuel levy, water charges, or even the TV licence fee – a whole range of funds collected from Scottish taxpayers to the tune of £14 billion. Bizarrely, the report excludes council tax revenues but includes spending by local authorities in Scotland.

“The report from the Scotland Office – Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland, or ‘ERS’ – is perhaps suitably named by its authors, as it is littered with basic errors and can only be politically motivated.  “The Scotland Office should be renamed the anti-Scotland Office, as its sole purpose these days appears to be to concoct dodgy dossiers on Scotland’s finances.

“This litany of mistakes in what purports to be a serious economic analysis would be laughable if it was not such a serious issue. Excluding revenues raised in Scotland is bad enough – inventing phantom spending at the same time plumbs new depths.  “It’s time for the Scotland Office to halt this charade, set the record straight, and admit once and for all that Scotland more than pays its own way. The real figures demonstrate that Scotland would be better off with fiscal autonomy and independence.”

Once again DODGY MURPHY and his ANTI-SCOTLAND office which is supposed to support SCOTLAND is shown to be an expensive SHAM!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would like to know what Scotland turns over.surely to christ someone must know, someone must have some idea, if its less than the handout we get from engurlandshire, the games a bogey I personaly believe it to be vastly greater than the unionist crumbs.
it is the club with which to bludgeon the unionists
to rich to big to intelligent to let go

Stout Heart said...

My dear Lochnagar, you and your buddies in the “Tam O’Shanter” are, as usual, taking a rather simplistic and dare I say one sided view of the relationships between the inhabitants of this island.

When the “Good King Billy” died of pneumonia in 1702 there were 50 or so Stuart claimants to the thrones of both England and Scotland; Queen Anne (a Stuart) recognised the trouble that a pro-French Scottish monarch would cause to England, to try and avoid this she proposed a commission to unite the Kingdoms. When that complete idiot James II (VII too you lot) died in 1701 there was a great danger that the Scottish parliament would invite the Chevalier de St George (Old Pretender) to take the Crown; bearing in mind that he was deeply in debt to Louis IVX it was very likely that he would take the French side in any disputes and probably invite French troops into Scotland.

Politically England had two choices, it had to either slaughter the Scots or bring them into political and economic union; both were possible but neither was terribly attractive so it was decided that union was the nicer way forward.

Economic union has never has been to England’s advantage; when Union was finally negotiated in 1707 Scotland’s income from Customs and Excise was £63,500 in England the equivalent figure was £2,289,000; the beer tax collected in Yorkshire alone was the same as all the tax collected north of the boarder. To be frank Scotland was a third world country.

When the Union was agreed it was on the basis that England would pay off Scotland’s public debt – some £398,085 & 10s. This was called the “Equivalent” and eventually the Royal Bank of Scotland was formed with English capital to manage the problem. (The Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695 and with difficulty took two months to raise £1.2 million Scottish – 10% paid up, as capital; this was the equivalent of £12,000 English; at the same time the Bank of England raised £720,000 in English money in 12 days – there was no chance of the Scottish economy funding another bank, there just wasn’t enough gold in the country).

Prior to the Union there no roads and no vehicles, the economy was dependent on England and consisted mainly of beef cattle being driven south. The first wheeled vehicle in Stirling didn’t arrive till 1725.

Despite all this the English dug into their pockets, ignored the Scots lack of grace and gratitude and bailed out their neighbours. The irony is that despite the subsidies that have quietly gone north ever since there are still those in Scotland that think they could exist without England – the reality is that they can but only if the EU decides to step in and continue the subsidies; if the subsidy supply dries up the Scots standard of living will be down the tube once again.

My advice is that you should all shut up, stop listening to the idiots that think you can go alone, and keep getting the “National Handbag” topped up with handoots frae Westminster.

subrosa said...

If you wanted my advice Stout Heart maybe reading some Scottish history may help you. Prior to the union were there any roads in England? I think not. Similar to parts of Scotland there were cattle trails and horse paths.

Unless of course London had tarmacadam roadways. :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, what puzzles me is why are they so desperate to hold onto us and the Union? Have you watched a vid called the Great Obfuscation. Try it. It may explain why.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, I should have shut my face about you being concise, you appear to have reverted to your usual prose.

Yes, my view is one sided but then again it is the side I am on. I have many friends and indeed relations in England but they are just a wee bit different from us in outlook and character.

Billy may have been a 'good King' to you but to me and my ancestors he was a Dutch wanker. You have been trying to 'slaughter' the Scots for 800 years or so and apart from Flodden and a few sackings of Berwick you have not succeeded. So come ahead big man if you think you're hard enough! We know quite a lot about the Bank of England because it was a Scotsman who started it and I believe we also invented the wheel.

The figures in this report speak for themself and of course you are more than welcome to comment in your usual inimitable style but really this is an internal arguement between the politically motivated Scottish Office and the Scottish Government. When we make our decision about leaving the Union one way or another, you'll be the first to know. Oh, and reading ahead to Rosie's comment about Tarmacadam roads in London, he was a Scot too.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, old Stouters has a pair of rose hue glasses on when he comments on stories. His avowed pleasure on his profile is 'baiting Jocks' so until he actually realises that it is a bad case of 'Scottish envy' he has, (as in penis envy), then he will always be an unhappy man. I believe that secretly he may be a Morrissman, which to be fair is a great thing to be if you like a drink or two.

Stout Heart said...

Dear Children, as usual you are attacking the detail rather than looking at the larger picture.

I have read some Scottish history, and I have to say it’s pretty parochial stuff; most of it is about Scotsmen betraying each other in minor tribal squabbles. Nothing of much interest happened, other than a few tribes living in stoneage squalor, until Robert the Bruce’s family arrived from Brieux in Normandy (arguably the best Scotsman ever was a frog!). All the good stuff in Scots history, like the Enlightenment and the engineering advances, took place after Union with England dramatically improved the economic situation.

The point I am trying to get across to you is that the Scots had better reasons to enter the Union than England had. Those reasons may not be so obvious to the “romantically inclined” highlanders but they still exist and if you don’t have England you will need someone else to bankroll you.

You might also think the Anglo Saxon ethnic roots of the inhabitants of the Lowlands (including Edinburgh); the Lowlanders are hardly Scots at all and they have more in common with their English cousins than they do the natives of Fife or the Highlands (Fife, by the way was the ancient Pictish kingdom of Fib. I wonder what the natives were known as.). As usual the naive Highland numpties are being exploited by over ambitious “slick willies” in Edinburgh.

Go on – go for independence; most English people know very little about Scotland because they don’t care, and that I suspect is the root of Scotland’s problem, it has a national inferiority complex and like the metaphorical hooligan from the bad background it has to break a few windows and punch some policemen in order to feel big. It’s the national equivalent of the teenager that whinges – “you don’t understand me”; Scotland needs to grow up.

Oh well back to your mossie ridden bogs where the sun rarely shines to get pissed and dream romantic delusions of a Scotland where everything is fine because the English have retreated south; but don’t worry we will save you again next time you are in the cart and that must be a very annoying thought for you – if you do go for independence you will have to come back cap in hand at some point.

I’m surprised that a Scottish patriot uses the nom de blog “subrosa”; the term comes from the Star Chamber which was an instrument of Government used by the woman that had Scotland’s Queen executed. Subrosa - check out the history of the Turnpike Trusts and you will see who was building roads and why; Scotland didn’t have them because it had nothing to transport around, no corn, no iron, no coal, nothing, that’s why the Scottish Customs and Excise duties were so pathetically low prior to the early 1800s.

Anonymous said...

@Stout Heart
What planet are you currently orbiting?!?!!
"I have read some Scottish history"
I have read some English and its an endless list of people getting f*cked over. Celts by Romans , Romans by Celts , Celts by Saxon , Saxon by Danes , Danes by Normans ,Normans by French , Franch by Dutch , Dutch by German.
A mongrol nation of loosers at best!
The Union was FORCED on Scotland and yes we had experienced a financial disaster , an expidition in South America that went wrong. Thanks to speculators etc...England took advantage of this.
"if you don’t have England you will need someone else to bankroll you"
This of course is complete nonsense.
View from the LEFT

“LABOUR ministers were warned in a secret Whitehall dossier 30 years ago of the powerful case for Scotland becoming independent with booming oil revenues, but the information was kept confidential by Harold Wilson’s government to keep nationalism at bay.

The dossier, most of which was written by a leading government economist in 1974 and 1975, sets out how Scotland would have had one of the strongest currencies in Europe, attracting international capital into its banks in the same way as Switzerland.

It argued Scotland could quickly become one of Europe’s strongest economies with “embarrassingly” large tax surpluses.”

View from the RIGHT

“Adam Smith Institute, Friday, April 27, 2007

The Scottish economy could enjoy record growth if Scotland became independent, leaving the average Scot many thousands of pounds better off each year. This is the finding of a research Briefing Paper published today by the Adam Smith Institute, the free market economic think tank.”

And who will bankroll the UK and England? China perhaps?
This is a list of countries and territories by current account balance (CAB), based on the International Monetary Fund data for 2007, obtained from the latest World Economic Outlook database (October 2008).

Rank Country CAB USD, bn
1 People’s Republic of China 371.833
2 Germany 252.501
3 Japan 210.967
4 Saudi Arabia 95.762
5 Russia 76.163
6 Switzerland 70.797
7 Norway 59.983
8 Netherlands 52.522

178 Australia -56.342
179 United Kingdom -105.224
180 Spain -145.141
181 United States -731.214 [

181 is last place btw.

"I suspect is the root of Scotland’s problem, it has a national inferiority complex "
Thanks to Unionism!!!! I think you will find this is NOT the case amoungst Nationalists!

"Scotland didn’t have them because it had nothing to transport around, no corn, no iron, no coal, nothing, that’s why the Scottish Customs and Excise duties were so pathetically low prior to the early 1800s."
This might have something to do with the Highland clearances. There are less Scots today in the Highlands than in the 1750's.
Stout Heart YOU will be able to tell me what a shining future an Indeoendant England will have. NO manufacturing industry! making your money on financial services, which is bankrupt!! and selling Scottish Oil for American dollars , neither of which will be around for a long time?
I think you still imagine a day when the Union Jack flew over a third of the world. It did so with Scottish regiments ,WE where the thin red line , it was run by Scottish administrators , Adam Smith was a Scot, the Scots set up the bank of England!
Its time to stop living in the past ,its stops your future from growing.
Wrap yourself in your Union Jack and go back to dreamland.

Stout Heart said...

Oh dear I seem to have stirred Mr Culthulan up a bit; I hope he doesn’t have a conniption as a result, that would be very sad and a great loss to the British intelligentsia (not!).

Mr C seems to be rather an expert in a lot of matters – economics, international banking, British – English and Scottish history, Geography, Astronomy, the list goes on; it’s just a shame that he is neither accurate nor well informed.

He lists all the invaders that have arrived on the ferry over the years and seems to think that they stopped at the Solway; nice idea but a bit far from the mark, as I have said many times Edinburgh’s an Anglo Saxon town and has been since the Dark Ages. Scotland was invaded by Vikings and every other bit of seafaring riff raff that happened to get washed up on the cold northern beaches; the Scots themselves came from Ireland for goodness sake. To cap it all the English have given the Scots a few good thrashings to boot.

As for the Scottish soldier winning an Empire for the English, that’s another good laugh; most of the Jocks that I came across were drunken, ill disciplined, morose idiots (some were very brave). The Mutiny Act was only invented because the Royal Scots mutinied in Ipswich in 1689 and set off for home rather than fight in Europe.

The Union was not forced on Scotland and by the standards of the time very little bribery was used; “we were bought and sold for English gold! Such a parcel of rogues in a Nation” (that was Burns, who by the way was one of the public servants that got paid as a result of the English gold) is very far from the mark. The accusation was first made by George Lockhart and it related to £20k that was allocated to pay overdue Scottish salaries; not much really and couldn’t have bought many votes even in piss poor Scotland.

The UK is the world’s 6th largest manufacturing nation – fact. You might not like it or even believe it but it is fact. (Mainly in England as the Celtic fringe would rather draw disability benefits rather than work).

The clearances, you idiot, were carried out by Scotsmen for Scottish landowners; that is not one you can pin on the English and I suggest you complain to the Duke of Sutherland’s heirs as a starting point if you have a grievance not the English. There are fewer people in the Highlands now because it pours with rain and is a long way to the DSS Office.

I think you have got your Adam Smith mixed up with your William Patterson who was a founder of the Bank of England (and an Anglo Saxon from Dumfries) – he also founded the Bank of France and the Darien Company. Patterson was one of the leading exponents of the Union – I think you need to re-read your I spy book on that issue. A Smith was also a great exponent of the Union and the free trade aspects of the Anglo/Scottish relationship.

I love it when you Jocks make these daft arguments based on booze and delusions; you should heed the words of Adam Smith who said – “the imagination is baffled by the facts”; he must have had you in mind.

I take it from your intemperate language that you have had ane or twa prior to putting pen to paper; I suppose you are back in the Tam O’Shanter, wrapped in melancholy, telling yer daft mates how you saw off that Sassenach; sadly they are the only ones that will believe you.

Good luck.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, I knew this would happen. You've stirred up the natives with your foolish Unionist notions. The Scots rioted in displeasure when the Union was announced and they will celebrate in the streets when it is dissolved.

I think that you have a cheek, nay a fucking cheek, to accuse the Scots of being a mongrel race when you consider the number of times you have been invaded and conquered. A few Viking raids is bugger all compared to the Norman Conquest. Indeed if it hadn't have been for the fighting Scots you may very well have been speaking German today! Smith, Patterson and the others were only exponents of the Union because they saw how easy it was to exploit the under educated English. Scotland had thanks to the Presberterian Church had schools in every parish long before it was the norm in England where as usual thanks to your inherent class system only the offspring of the nobility were educated.

IMO Cuthulan makes some good points which you have not answered despite your usual waffle. As your own 'Bard' Will Shakespeare said "Bullshit baffles brains". But then again being a squaddie you would know that! ;-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, well answered. Stout Heart is all bluster, but by all means give him another blast at his reply. He likes to give 'Jocks' a roasting according to his profile. Singe him some more!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Me thinks I touched a nerve.....
Far from being all knowing ,I was just correctinmg some of the delusional nonsense you pass off as knowledge.
As for invaders.... The Romans stopped at Hadrians wall. The Saxons got further I agree ,but could not hold it. Same with the Vikings please check the latest research in DNA in the UK.
"The Celts carried the early Y chromosome, which provides the first clear evidence of a close relationship in the paternal heritage of Basque and Celtic speaking populations. “They were statistically indistinguishable’, we also noticed that there’s something quite striking about the Celtic populations, and that is that there’s not a lot of genetic variation on the male Y-chromosome, We conclude that both the Basques and Celts are reflecting pre-farming Europe"
Celts (including Irish, Welsh, Scots, Basques and Berbers) are a remnant of a group of people who also left Spain between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago
Somehow these people have remained in isolation from the rest of Europe up until the Bronze age where their genes begin to indicate an influx of female genes from mainland Europe” said Prof Goldstein.his colleagues compared Celtic and Norwegian populations and found them to be quite different.
Geneticist Prof Steve Jones, who recently published a book called Y – The Descent of Man,

As for Scots being Irish?!?!? someone needs to brush up on your history .
"Scholars say that people arrived in Ireland after 8000 B.C. via land bridges from Scotland. These land bridges were submerged by 7000 B.C. The first inhabitants were Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) hunters and gatherers. "
I think you are getting confused with the much later arrival of the Celtiberians from Spain.Yes Ireland was called Scotland first and the Scotia was the name of the Celtiberian tribe that arrived.BUT Scotland and Ireland was already CELTIC at this time and had been for thousands of years!
You might explain what a Celtic culture was doing in Ancient England if it only arrived 2,000plus years ago from Ireland?
You might find these posts informative.

As for financial knowledge ,I worked for the people that made the datafeed interfaces for banks and Stock exchanges and trading Houses. I was on the Scotsman site warning of a financial ABYSS while unionists like AM2 where praising the strength of the British economy!! SORRY if I do NOT take your unionist finacial advice very seriously.It does NOT have a good track record.
FYI William Paterson founded the Bank of England and Adan Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations,I am NOT confused with these facts!Maybe its your powers of comprehension that are faulty?
You did not answer who is going to bailout the UK economy? China or maybe we can ask NORWAY OR SWITZERLAND?

I take it from your language you are a typical ignorant arrogent biggotted Unionist.Your view of Scots is nothing short of racsim. Probably a product of the English public school system .
I bet your sitting in your homo-erotic boys club telling them all how you saw off the barbarian Scots... of course only they will believe you...Put down the brandy and cigar and starting smelling the coffee!
........And try NOT to be such a ignorant racist!

Stout Heart said...

Oh dear me Mr C has got a bit of a bee in his bonnet (tartan of course) tonight and I thought I would be safe while he was down in the Hawse Inn having a few snorters.

You are a bunch of school kids – you even use bad language to look grown up; Celtiberians my arse, where on earth did you get that from. Why on earth would any smart Celt that was living in Marbella want to go and live in the permanent damp darkness of Scotland – unless of course the Polis were after him, which is of course quite likely.

You are a numpty; loads of pseudo science and even more mystic claptrap, druids, elves and Ossian no doubt.

Judging by your spelling you can’t read properly anyway so I don’t know where you get your half baked theories from presumably some brighter bloke feeds you your better lines, such as “what planet are you orbiting” – you are overusing that one, it’s all over the internet with your name on it and for your information you do not live 12,000 miles from the centre of the earth (unfortunately) because the circumference of the earth is approximately 25,000 miles; a bit of pi (you know Pi X R2 etc) would tell you that you are just under 4,000 miles from the centre of the earth. Where you are is known as the “arsehole” of the Universe which is an altogether more unpleasant astronomical anomaly but luckily it seems to suit you.

My ancestry, life style and schooling have got nothing to do with you but I know that my genes have been living on this island since before the 1100s probably in Wales. The really early ones in the family had Welsh names. I also have/had Scottish relatives, a lot of whom fought for Britain in many wars. I don’t recall suggesting that your ignorance is caused by your background and, actually, nor do I care. What worries me is that morons like you have the same voting power that I have. Try arguing the facts and don’t attack my character it is a very childish way to behave.

I think DL should ban idiots from his site and you pal would be top of the list but sadly he is determined to let you carry on because you entertain us.

I suspect nurse will be round to give you your pills and tuck you in soon so Pip Pip – sweet dreams.

Stout Heart said...

I ment to mention that I worked for the Scotsman in the late 1970s and from memory most of the people there were well educated and civilised; how did you slip through the net? Were you a sub contractor?

Pip pip again.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, I think you've got him worried. I've noticed when he starts the personal abuse that's when you're starting to win the arguement. He gives me pelters about swearing as well, but as Jonathan Swift wrote " a pejorative fuck lends the meat course to any sentence". Obviously people came from Spain to get away from all that greasy dago grub to seize a more affluent lifestyle amongst the Athenians of the North. Or as the famous Roman General Liviticus was rumoured to have said to the Emperor Antonine, "fuck this for a game of sojiers". Keep the argument up, you're starting to win.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, nay laddie nay. One minute you're telling me not to swear and the next you're telling me who I should allow to comment on the site. EVERYONE is entitled to comment on this site unless they are talking in toungues or peddling their wares. Believe it or not, you are not a popular person on here and I am sure you have read the occasional grumble. But because I am a easy going, confident Scot with a chip on both shoulders, I let you play out your fantasies. But, FUCK ME, a Welshman who worked for the Scotsman? You don't get worse than that!

subrosa said...

Stout Heart, I thought you'd have recovered from the shock of David Starkey getting the job of Scots-bashing by now but alas no.

Anyway back to the thread. Seems John Swinney has found a bit of cash so all will be hunky dory tomorrow.

As if lol.

Anonymous said...

Personal insult after personal insult and no questions anserwed!!!
Very mature and well bred of you ,What Ho!!Time for Tiffin?
Stout Heart YOU have just shown your ignorance
"Celtiberians my arse, where on earth did you get that from"
The Celtiberians were Celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. The group originated when Celts migrated from Gaul and integrated with the local pre-Indo-European populations, in particular the Iberians.
This is the "Celtic" culture that YOU mistakenly think is when the Celts arrive in Britian.
SO YOU have a very BAD knowledge of Celtic history!!!!That is obvious

YOU are so arrogent YOU do not want to learn Celtic history YOU think YOU KNOW IT ALL ALREADY and obviously you don't.According to YOU Celtic is something to do with Irish ,tartan hats and alcohol....Aye right.

"You are a numpty; loads of pseudo science and even more mystic claptrap, druids, elves and Ossian no doubt."

IF you actually read my post you will realise its all archeology and DNA.It was the fantasy nonsense I cut thru. Not something that would interest YOU. Can't let FACTS get in the way of a good delusion!!!You just remain arrogent and ignorant and keep repeating your anti-Scottish mantra.

"I think DL should ban idiots from his site and you pal would be top of the list"

Obviously I am asking the questions YOU cannot answer and showing your ignorance and I am winning the debate.I think if DL had a vote YOU would be nearer the top of the list.BUT as I am totally against cencorship ,I would not want you banned. It is better to have YOUR DELUSIONAL NONSENSE on display for ALL to see and have a good laugh at!!!

Anonymous said...

I see YOU have reverted to name calling and have completely avoided answering any of my questions!
Your responses are just ignorant RACSIM!!! If you said these things about any other race you'd be in serious trouble.
I have shown your knowledge of history to be outdated at best and a complete load of bollocks in reality!
You have NOT answered 1 of my economic questions which would suggest that YOU CANNOT ANSWER one of them!You're not AM2 are you?
A brief summary of "free market" economics,or the Boom and Bust economy.
1.Availability of credit allows money to flow between savers and borrowers.
2.Resources and funds are allocated to various projects or investments during a boom phase.
3.Eventually borrowing becomes excessive and leads to malinvestment,
4.At this stage, adherence to free market theory would allow for an efficient cleansing period and a healthy recovery period. How? Irresponsible and unprofitable businesses fail. Bad debts get liquidated. Excess resources go on sale, flow into more stable ventures and pool together with more profitable resources controlled by healthy corporations or entities
We have just come out of the BOOM period ,and we are in DEEP DEBT ..179 United Kingdom -105.224 .PLEASE ANSWER who was going to pay this debt when the BUST happened? As I am not an economic genius like Brown and Greenspan I had no idea,prehaps YOU can tell me? I always that you where supposed to put something away for a rainy day (the Bust period) It seems Norway understand this principle...7 Norway 59.983.

Glad to see YOU have been out there checking up on me and reading some of my other and older comments.Trying to find dirt to attack me with, as you have lost the arguement? Obviously I have had quite an effect on you. I have NO such interest in you, you bore me ,I've heard all your nonsense before ,you just unquestionally repeat the same old bollocks.
SO YOU used to work for the Scotsman propaganda rag. That explains a lot! Are they still paying you to write this anti-Scottish drivel? Why don't you go out and become a PRODUCTIVE member of society, like a street sweeper, you are obviously used to handling large amounts of RUBBISH?
..........No offence meant to the tireless indiviuals that sweep our streets!

Anonymous said...

Stout Heart
"What worries me is that morons like you have the same voting power that I have"

Showing your TRUE colours there.
YOU think you are Intelectually superior?
What worries me is that biggotted ,igorant racists with delusions of grandiour,like yourself, still walk the hall of power with this "unwashed masses" attitude. It belongs in the time of feudelism NOT in a modern civilised society.That is another good reason to ditch the UK and bring on the Republic in Scotland.
With this British delusional superiority attitude and racist anti-Scottish beliefs ,how can this possible benefit Scotland?!?!Do you even agree that Scottish people should have the vote? seems not!
The solution....
a Direct Democracy Independent Scotland.

It would keep people like YOU away from the reigns of power. Do YOU even know what direct democracy is,or how it works?
This might be a red letter day for you , and you learned 2 things in 1 day!!!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, I think you've sorted the Welsh twat out now. I expect him to crawl back under his stone!

Stout Heart said...

Oh dearie me; Mr C is definitely in a bit of a tiz aboot this, still it’s good for him to get his blood circulating round the turnip he uses as a brain. No wonder the NHS needs more medics in Scotland, mainly in Carstairs if this blog is anything to go by.

The fact is that is that even when he does get his facts right he misinterprets them.

As for the voting issue – I presume it’s the Celtibeerians that keep labour in power; well done that has done the Country a lot of good and as for being the most unpopular commentator on the Blog – good, I would hate you to think I was just typing to make friends with nutters.

I would be interested in finding out why you think I am an Englishman. I could be another nationality, I might even be Scottish; as Sir Percy (Blakeney) said: - “If we are to succeed, we must maintain our anonymity, mask our identities. Even if it means suffering the mockery of others. Being taken for fools, fops, nitwits, even cowards.”

Pip Pip – I hope Nursey has tucked you in by now.
One last brandy and I will be in my four poster with the memsahib as well.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, you've just told us you're Welsh. Although I have always suspected you of being a Scot, you know too much about Scotland and the Scots. You are probably one of those Anglified Scots, educated in England, privately and expensively, because although I accuse you of being a squaddie you are too well educated to be a private or an NCO or whatever they're called nowadays. As Sir Winston said, "it only takes one rotten turd to start a stink in a cesspit".

I don't think you have answered Cuthulan's points to any degree, in fact I am disapointed in you.

Stout Heart said...

D-L’ers, if Mr C framed his questions succinctly and in an understandable way rather than burying them in a mound of verbal (Verbal – using words or language) rubbish and superficial use of technical financial terms it would be easier and more challenging to try to answer them.

It is difficult to separate questions from unqualified rant.

I have found some your posts interesting because you think rather than just repeat the tired old misinformation used by the more intelligent but devious Nationalists to recruit and energise nuts like Mr C; that bloke reminds me of sort of person that blindly follows a political creed and fails to see that the world around him has changed because he is being manipulated by the people that run the party to achieve their own ambitions. Mr C is (metaphorically) like the East Germans Communists that carried on trying to claim they were acting in the interests of the people right up to the moment the Wall fell and they were exposed for what they were – he is using an unsustainable and warped version of history in an attempt to convince people that his daft ideas are valid.

I’m very surprised that my knowledge and understanding of Scotland (inc Ayshire) is intriguing you so much; quite a lot of southerners go to Scotland and enjoy themselves when they are there; so much so that I have noticed that there are now a lot of English names beginning to appear in the Highlands – they are running some of the businesses; mainly, I suspect, because they have sold a semi in the south and bought a business in the north with the proceeds. You guys want to be careful or given time you will lose the majority and the English planters will scupper your Nationalist ambitions. The Scots will become like the Palestinians – stateless in their own country. It would be much better to accept the realities and go with the flow, it would be a more grown up and practical way to move forward.

I guess I am probably about as close to a true Brit as you can get every sort of gene runs through my hardened arteries and that’s the point, the nutty Mr C shouts “racist” (have you ever noticed how for some inexplicable reason the less intelligent pepper their rants with words in upper case – it’s a real give away) but actually I can’t be one because I don’t know what race to promote as being supreme. I am genuinely proud to have that rare mix of dna that makes the Brits stand out from the other riff raff that live in the rest of the world. I am proud of the fact that the society I live in tolerates daft people like Mr C and is even capable of finding him amusing and entertaining; provided people don’t take him too seriously he is a national treasure (as are you, but for different reasons).

Hoots fer the noo and pip pip (I think Mr C must still be under sedation – either that or he has popped out to buy more acid for his pen).

Stout Heart said...

PS - I'm not Welsh although I wouldn't mind if I was.

Anonymous said...

@Stout Heart
"D-L’ers, if Mr C framed his questions succinctly and in an understandable way rather than burying them in a mound of verbal (Verbal – using words or language) rubbish"

My post are more succint than yours!! I think most people with above average IQ understand my points very well.

"Oh dearie me; Mr C is definitely in a bit of a tiz aboot this"

BUT I'm not the one background checking YOU on the internet. I obviously got YOU in a TIZZ!!...OR is that jealousy? or just a crush?

Stout Heart's response, just more personal insults and NOT ONE QUESTION ANSWERED!!!! ..... Pathetic really

"Try arguing the facts and don’t attack my character it is a very childish way to behave."

That's a good idea why don't YOU try it?
As far as I see YOU are the one misrepresenting the facts(your knowledge of Celtic history is laughable ,NO its not Celtiberians keeping labour in power ,your financial knowledge is no better) and you avoiding answering the questions and resort to mud slingging and name calling!
Unlike YOU, I don't care what your ethnic background is, I just want MY COUNTRY back.
Please see how you have refered to the Scottish people and culture. You think you are knowledgeble and enlightened and educated?!?!?!?!?!!?
When in fact you are ignorant , arrogent and biggotted.
So I have taught YOU something new in Celtic history and what are YOUR opinions on direct democracy? OR are YOU SO arrogent, that YOU think you know its all rubbish anyway, even though YOU do NOT have a clue what it is!..... I think this is TRUE!!!
How do you think the UK is going to get out of debt when the Boom period is over? Remember the figures I gave where BEFORE the collapse really kicked in . The UK is in deeper doodoo today.The interest on this alone is enormous!
" I am genuinely proud to have that rare mix of dna that makes the Brits stand out from the other riff raff that live in the rest of the world."
How's the street sweeping job application going?
Has nanny brought your medicine yet ?... See mudslingging is easy! Its answering the questions YOU have problems with!!

TTFN Old boy.......
Stout Heart unless YOU stick to the topic I will not bother answering YOUR pathetic mudslinging responses..... It seems hipocracy is one of your many talents as well

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, It's a funny thing when the English do decide to settle here and very welcome they are too just as long as they don't try to take over, they are often more nationalist than the Scots. Mike Russell of the SNP is English and he is high up in the party hierarchy, but then we have a broad church. On the more substantive point, I don't think you have any way won the argument with Cuthulan. His point have been better informed and as I said previously, I am a tad disapointed in you.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, although Stouters makes a good point about your use of the upper case, I think you are winning the argument and your points have been better backed up with research. He has been abusive but the secret is not to rise to the bait!

Stout Heart said...

Oh dear Mr C you are definitely missing the point, which is that it is no more your country than it is mine.

I’m a bit pushed for time so I will just answer one of your questions this time and then the rest later but before I do: - you obviously have a bee in yer bonnet aboot yer Celtiberians (is this the new favourite fact that you’ve read on the back of the porridge box?) and you’re right I don’t know much about them and what’s more nor do I care because the folk that live in Scotland (the vietjock that is) descend from many different genetic strands including Picts, Gaels, Scots and various other nations; the Celtic thing was an romantic invention created in reaction to the Enlish domination, no one knows anything about them because they couldn’t read or write so there are no records.

Despite your assertion that I am a racist or supremacist or something I’m not, and I have nothing against the Scots as a nation (they are not, by the way, a separate race unless they are no longer “human”) and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ one as a nanny for my children, a worker on my estate or even as a private in my old regiment (which for DL’s information was not the Parachute Regiment – it’s full of oiks, but I did do their selection and get my para wings); the better sort of Scot makes a good worker in those kinds of job; sadly most of the good Jimmies left Scotland and got jobs in the Empire, that’s why the remaining Scottish gene pool is a bit short of talent (being tactful here you will understand).

To your question – which was how do we get oot frae the financial mess the Scotsman that was Chancellor and is now Prime Minister got us into?

Simple my dear chap – get rid of the man and let the hard graft of the solid English working classes generate great wealth again. If you keep quiet Scotland will get dragged oot o the mire as well, on the English coat tails.

You might not like the answer but it is what has to happen.

Yours as usual (by the way, if even a little of my common sense rubs off on you it will leave you a better and more balanced person – your doctor will be pleased).

Stout Heart said...

Ah ha DL, I didn't see your very moderate points before I posted!

Anonymous said...

@Stout Heart
Suddenly Stout Heart is an expert on Celtic DNA!!!!
Please tell Geneticist Prof Steve Jones, who recently published a book called Y – The Descent of Man you findings on Celtic DNA I'm sure HE would love to know he's been wasting his time with genetic research!!!!
Well at least YOU have got the idea of there being many Celtic tribes. Like today thier are many Australian aboriginal tribes,BUT they are all still genetically aboriginal. The same is true of the Celts you can definately test for Celts!!!!
Solid as a warrior of the Caledonii tribe, the man’s hair is reddish brown flecked with grey, framing high cheekbones, a long nose, full lips and a ginger beard. When he lived three thousand years ago, he stood six feet tall, and was buried wearing a red twill tunic and tartan leggings. He looks like a Bronze Age European. In fact, he’s every inch a Celt. Even his DNA says so.
But this is no early Celt from central Scotland. This is the mummified corpse of Cherchen Man, unearthed from the scorched sands of the Taklamakan Desert in the far-flung region of Xinjiang in western China

Anonymous said...

Your Economic Solution is just as laughable and disconnected from the real world
"Simple my dear chap – get rid of the man and let the hard graft of the solid English working classes generate great wealth again. If you keep quiet Scotland will get dragged oot o the mire as well, on the English coat tails."

Good Luck...I think you'll find the majority of modern manufacturing with a future is in Scotland. The Online Gaming industry , Silicon Glen , Medical research like cloning and artifical skin, renewable energies, Oil industry etc etc etc . Scotland has a well educated population of 5-6 million so the overheads are low on this as well.
England at the momment has to claw out of this hole with a 50-60million population.Bailing out incompitent bankers and Manufacturing
Japanese cars and other industries bribed to set up factories in England. So the efficient English worker will out work automated industries and the cheap labour force of the Far East.Its the 21st century, Is England going to become the cheap labour sourse of Europe?
DREAM ON!!!!! This is a nonsense idea.
The Debt is still rising!!!
Congress to raise the limit from its current level of $12.4-trillion
Wall Street is not recovering as predicted.
Wall St. Revenue Falls, So State’s Deficit Rises
The Bailout was BIGGER than Admitted!!
FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion!

It would IN REALITY take a MANUFACTURING MIRACLE to save England! I do not see one on the horizon.
It was Unionists on the Scotsman site praising the economic genius Gordon Brown that I first started commenting on and against. So if YOU want to blame an ideology for our current economic situation try unionism and unionists!!
This is just phase 1 on the financial crisis. This is just "liquid" money or the Credit market we are talking about. That's why the government bought all those toxic assets. As if they had to go on the market to fetch a market price all the banks would be bankrupt!!!! So the government buys them at the banks price NOT THE MARKETS !!! IT ALL A CON! and there's worse to come

"the better sort of Scot makes a good worker in those kinds of job; sadly most of the good Jimmies left Scotland and got jobs in the Empire, that’s why the remaining Scottish gene pool is a bit short of talent (being tactful here you will understand)."

Thanks to unionism our country has been drained of talent ,glad YOU agree with that! Another good reason to get out of the Union.You also come across as being a racist (being tactful here you will understand)

Hi D'L ,I use the upper case for paragragh and point making purposes. It s just my style... I know some people think I shout a lot ;-) ...maybe I do need to adjust my style..

aka Grappin said...

I hope the tumbrels aren’t about to start up there in North Britain – seems you chaps up there have it in for the nice Stoutheart chappie.

No Guillotines please – I have been enjoying my retirement.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, By your assertion the gene pool in Scotland will have been improved by all the rich Henrys and Cecils who have moved here to buy castles after selling their semis in Croydon. No doubt their genes will mix with the many others that exist here. Fortunetly for us only a few of them are from the 'Empire' so we retain a British if Scottish DNA. If that sounds racist then I apologise to any racers listening but that's just a fact of life. Any time I have been down south, which on occasion has been often, I am astounded by the mix of people from different races that exist there. As an ex prime minister of Australia said recently, "multi-racism is fine but they should then embrace the culture of the host country". It would appear to me in many parts of England, that is not the case.

You certainly make a racist point when you point out that our current PM and formerly Chancellor is a Scotsman. I would pefer to make the point that they are LABOUR and the fact that they are Scots has got fuck all to do with it.
Cuthulan does make a good point about the industry and I intend to look up his sites containing info about the Celts. p.s. You're still not answering his arguments adequately. You got yourself into it!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, My points are always moderate. I know we have to work with YOU people to get independence.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, I'm fasinated by this Scotsman wearing tartan trews in China, three thousand years ago. Can you tell me more?

You make some good points about industry which probably won't be answered because as yet you have had the best of it IMO. Indeed he hasn't really answered any of your points adequately so far which surprises me. As I said to him the last two PMs have been Scottish but they have also been LABOUR, which IMO is the crux of the problem.

You comment how you want. If you want to shout, rant or swear that's OK with me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappers, welcome to the discussion. I don't know how often you are on my site but we like a bit of meaty and interesting debate as you might have seen. So you are quite safe! Enjoy your retirement and you can come her any time you want a rant, whether o/t as Stout Heart is most of the time or not.

Stout Heart said...

To tell the truth DL it’s not possible to give simple answers to Mr C’s questions, which by the way are mainly statements of twisted fact anyway; I’d only have time if I was on the national handbag as well.

National finance is a very complicated issue that some people study all their lives and even then there are those that propose different theories. What is certain is that neither Mr C or I are as clever as some of the Anglo Saxons in London and Edinburgh that are trying to sort things out.

What is certain is that the rather warped Mr C seems to think that everything English is anti-Scot; in that he is wrong.

Most of the industry in Scotland is there because it was attracted by grants made out of English tax receipts; no one in their right mind locates their business so far away from its market – especially not with the current cost of diesel.

Keep at it men – your obviously enjoy living in cloud cuckoo land.

Pip pip, I have to go now and mix a chota peg, had rather a good lunch in the Club today, most of the chaps there like Scotland as well although they don’t think the fishing has been very good recently and the grouse have been disappointing as well.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the 3,000 year old tartan wearing Celt in China
There is a National Geographic documentry about this as well.

@Stout Heart
yet again a response that is just mudslinging and avoiding the question.
No I am NOT on the national handbag ,never have been..... are you?

Your economic reply is SO MUCH WAFFLE you should be a polition!!!
With your "superior intelect" that worries about ME having the vote ,I expected a better response.

"What is certain is that neither Mr C or I are as clever as some of the Anglo Saxons in London and Edinburgh that are trying to sort things out"

Speak for yourself , I was clever enough to build the datafeed interfaces for asset management and risk assesment software for these very people.It took me days to figure out what was going on.
BUT YOU SUGGEST us Scots should just stop worrying and let the nice inteligent industrious Anglo-saxons rescue us again?
Not only is this another classic racist statement ,basically YOU are suggesting WE leave it too the very people that got us into this situation!?!?!
These people should of gone bankrupt long time ago ,if THEIR OWN FREE MARKET RULES APPLIED!!
That makes them irresponsible and unprofitable in the market place !!! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM MY POSTS!!!
I am in NO WAY anti-English.I have English friends and workmates. Post independence I hope England can reply on Scotlands help if required.
"Most of the industry in Scotland is there because it was attracted by grants made out of English tax receipts"

Yet again MORE DELUSIONAL RACIST RUBBISH with no proof or references at all!!
Where do you think Maggie got her money to finance the 1980's ,
nothing to do with Scottish Oil of course.
It could be argued that since Blair was born in Edinburgh and Brown a Glaswegan .Can England run itself in the 21st century without a Scot at the helm?
I am still not convinced how England could support itself in the 21st Century. But Stout Heart has no worries about that ... so he should know.

FYI Scotland does NOT need English financing!!
This has been know by both leftwing and rightwing politions for a long time.
I think I have managed to show your delusional beliefs about history and the Celtic people. I think your economic knowledge is NO better. You are a social/political dinosaur .Enjoy living in the past,when the peasants knew their place ,BUT I think reality is closing in on you!

Talk about living in cukooland .....Pip Pip old bean......You just can't get the staff these days can you....
I ate very well today ,as well ;-)

That's all from me folks ..have a good night.

Stout Heart said...

Joking aside I'm looking for a gardener if you know of a decent one.

He would have to be polite and knowledgeable of course; there is a cottage thrown in with the job.

aka Grappin said...

Stout Heart has made some good points here and I think that you are unfairly ganging up on him.

No matter what he says you are going to disagree; Cuthulan methinks, reminds me of Citizen Chauvalin on a bad day.

He's bound to come to a sticky end, the bigots always do.

Keep it up Stout Heart - the truth will eventualy shine through and you are somewhat more balanced than these scottish bullies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, at thr risk of ganging up on you, I think there are many and varied reasons why companies exist in Scotland. No doubt some are parochial, others attracted by grants paid by BRITISH taxes, others because there is a skilled workforce available particularly in Electronics and oil and others because Scotland is a good place to work and bring up a family. I'm sure there are lots of other reasons which are too numerous and varied to go into. Cuthulan to be fair is counteriung any points you make one by one and I don't see any evidence of you putting up counter arguments, which is surprising.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, some good points, well made as they say on the 'Royale Family'. I'm afraid that Stout Heart doesn't seem up to debating with you which is a shame because he's usually got plenty to say for himself. It would seem that only Scotsman are able to rule the English as the polls are beginning to converge as I forecast months ago. Indeed I was so certain that I've put money on it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, does it have roses round the door and will the gamekeeper give us a rabbit for the pot now and again?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappers, I wasn't aware that I was ganging up on him but it just shows how perception changes. I thought I was stimulating debate, which considering we are approaching 50 comments would seem to be the case. But, if you want to enter the debate, don't tinker round the edges. Get into us. That's what this blogs for. Shite-talkers! :-)

Stout Heart said...

Hold yer whisht DL; the day I’m intimidated by you bunch I’ll take up flower pressing and join the Mothers Union. Grappin does point out that whatever I say Mr Nutty just counters with tripe about Celtibeerians (the Scots aren’t actually Celts, let alone Spanish ones) and a load of mumbo jumbo based on selective facts.

As you know, because it suits your stirring, Mr Nutty is never going to concede a point – it is like the scene in the “Life of Brian” where John Cleese asks “what have the Romans done for us”; Mr Nutty is a brilliant parody of the Scottish nationalist to the point where I am beginning to wonder if your Blog is the Bates Motel of the Internet; is Culthulan really DL’s alter-ego (avatar in modern parlance), I don’t think so because if he was you wouldn’t waste yer time with this stuff you would be makin a fortune writing scripts in Holywood (California – where they make the big movies).

Mr Nutty says he designed the risk analysis systems for the RBS, I presume he was the tea boy for the team otherwise he would be a very rich man and judging by his apparent level of education he would be pushed to manage anything much more taxing than a William Hill account. If he is real he reminds me of the type of Johnny that can design an aeroplane but could not actually fly one or even really know what to do with it – which is exactly the way he argues as well.

You know, because you are a bit smarter, that I can never answer his points; Grappen is right, whatever I say will be countered with a quote from some manic blog or daft commentator. I have deliberately generalised in the same way that a prep school master doesn’t confuse young children with the same amount of detail or arguments that their elders can assimilate.

Come clean, are you takin the pishh (your word); have you invented Mr Nutty for your own amusement? If you have done, it’s a brilliant spoof.

It’s a lovely morning here in Mayfair and I’m going to go to the office to sign a few letter then on to lunch in the club in Pall Mall, after that I’ll pop into to see my Russian friend for a few hours this afternoon; I’ll try to get an early train so I can join the memsahib in the country in time for a snooze before dinner (I think I’ll need that after seeing Anna - what);

I’m having a few friends down for a quiet weekend and I think I’ll crack a few special bottles because I’ve had a bit of a windfall on the business front.

Yours in anticipation of a very rosy day and hoping you have a good one as well.

Anonymous said...

@aka Grappin
"Stout Heart has made some good points "
Where ? did I miss a point? I thought I'd answered his points and proven them out-of-date at best. What points Celtic history or economics? It was Stout Heart that avoided answering the questions.

(OR do you NOT even think Stout Heart said anything racist?)

Yet again another pathetic unionist attacking the messenger and NOT the message!

"He's bound to come to a sticky end, the bigots always do."

Well that's YOU TWO screwed then! I care nothing about your ethnic background ,its Stout Heart that thinks the Celtic/Scottish gene pool is less talented and inteligent etc than the industrious Anglo Saxon.Imagine I said this about whites and blacks!!
(it seems YOU HAVE learned something today. I should be charging for this !)

@Stout Heart
yet again YOU are condecending and arrogent and just sling mud rather than answer the questions.It seems to me YOU just cannot grasp the real situation! You even admit this!!YOU SAY
"What is certain is that neither Mr C or I are as clever as some of the Anglo Saxons in London and Edinburgh that are trying to sort things out"
I was a Dept Head ,something well beyond your talents. The Fed phoned ME twice during the implosion ,how many times did they call you for advice? I was not the tea boy ,but I bet my tea GIRL has more talent than YOU! YES I am financially comfortable and run my own company now, and unlike the banks ,its doing well and does NOT need state handouts.You have quite possibly done business with one of my friends and associates. YOU have definately SEEN some of my major achievements ,unless you have been living on Mars!! Thank you for being concered.I do not want to boast (unlike you in your estate and club)BUT I bet I have a higher IQ than you for example. HINT ... Too much inbreedding is bad for your gene pool ;-)
OF course everything I say is mumbo jumbo and everythinmg that Stout Heart says is sensible.
Stout Heart does NOT believe in Celtiberians because they do not fit into HIS world mindset. REALITY has nothing to do with Stout Hearts world!!
Celtiberians are more Irish than Scottish!This is a FACT. If you do not believe DNA evidence then we might as well release half the murderers in prison! .... A very sensible modern attitude
The Scots are all Irish , The Celts arrived in Briton 2,000 years ago via Ireland, Oil RICH Scotland is a subsidey junkie ,the efficient English worker will out work the Far Eastern and automated businesses,irresponsible banklers should be given massive state handouts ,
all very sensible ideas !?!?!?!!?!?!? Aye Right!!
Sorry if I was educated while YOU where indoctrinated!
Come on DL you are making these people up just to keep me posting. They are just TOO STEREOTYPICAL!!!!
It seems to me that Stout Heart is just a parasite on Scottish society sitting in his ancestoral pile being condecending to the locals.
and aka Grappin must be his faithful manservant ;-)
and that is all from me....... some of us do live in the REAL WORLD and have a REAL LIFE and a REAL FAMILY and REAL EMPLOYMENT!!!!!!
I need to go now before YOU drag me down to your mudslingging levels and avoid answering questions and just start looking down my nose at people !!!!!
Peace to everyone

Stout Heart said...

Oh dear Mr Mcnut, poor you; I'm sorry to hear you have a "soar alba"; is it like tennis elbow, I had that once and it was very painful. Have you got it by leaning on a damp bar? I got mine playing polo and it took long time to go. Is it this that's making you so tetchy I wonder?

Obviously your Scottish education didn’t include how to spell, or have you invented your own spelling garbler? I think I might call myself an “arrogent bankler” who commits “Biggorty” as you put it; boys at the Club will have a hoot at that one (I hope me wife doesn’t hear about it though because she might be upset at the idea of me being a Biggortist).

Just remind me what does IQ stand for in Scotland? Ignorant Quoz perhaps, it would fit nicely (just in case your pauper’s education didn’t include the classics a quoz is an absurd person – see why it springs to mind?).

Come on DL you’re not suffering from “Disassociative Identity Disorder” are you? You are Mr Nutty aren’t you – he can’t be real surely.

I think Mr Mcnut (have I spelled that right?) should go to the Falklands and stir the natives up (see your other article) – it would be par for the course and it’s a lot like Scotland (i was in the area in my youth); it’s cold, wet, sheep ridden, dark, boggy, a long way from civilisation and full of people with half baked ideas who’s only recreation is getting pissed a lot. It wasn't quite as bad as a Friday night in Greenock, which is where we left from to conduct our eviction business, so that is one thing in the Island's favour.

aka Grappin said...

This is fun but remember Grappin does not work for anyone; I apply my talents to protecting both reason and the innocent from the mob and I object to Culthulan impugning my integrity in this way.

Dark Lochnagar, I think you are enjoying bating Stout Heart and it seems you’re encouraging Culthulan to do your dirty work for you; when Culthulan realises your game he will be very upset and the man does, as Stout Heart points out, seem more than a little deranged; it might tip him over the edge.

I see Culthulan runs his own business; he must be a very interesting person (Man?) to work for. I wonder if any of his employees would like to comment on your blog, anonymously of course.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic ,mudslinging, name calling and avoiding the issue again!
Notice BOTH have NOT attempted to answer ONE of my points !
........I rest my case
Keep on living in dreamland .....

Rule Britania ,Britania waves the rules ......if you got the money honey ;-)

aka Grappin said...

Strewth, I’m being attacked now as well and I only got involved for the light hearted banter;
Stout Heart, on the basis that you can’t shoot this mad dog, my advice is to avoid him in future; he is too dogmatic to argue with. He makes statements which he thinks are questions and I understand why you don’t respond, there is no point.

I noticed in France that most Politicians in Republics take themselves far too seriously and Cuthulan is an example of the type that become minor functionaries in the Party machine, driven by dogma and jealousy they allow their political beliefs to warp their moral and ethical judgements. Nothing you can ever say will be accepted as reasonable by this person.

I agreed with your point (SH) that England and Scotland are no longer ethnically separate countries, I have Scottish blood and would feel entirely entitled to a Scottish and an English passport, and I should think there are many like me. I don’t see any ethnic or political reason why the border is there in the first place.

Culthulan is 300 years out of date.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, firstly could I deny that I am imitating anybody else on this blog. Believe me it takes enough of my time without writing the screeds that you and Mr Cuthulan appear to be capable of. Cuthulan perhaps is a bit like myself in that he makes the odd typo which he doesn't bother to correct. Admittedly he does make the odd spelling mistake as well but that is not important as long as the rest of us can understand what he has said. I expect if you are in electronics it is only important to be able to read and write whatever programming language you are using. Certainly the odd spelling mistake never stopped anyone from running a successful business, so don't be such a snob. I don't believe that you have got the better of him in your discussion however.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, I told you not to rise to the bait and now you are doing so. Mr Stout Heart is only a wind up merchant. To my mind you have answered all his point s one by one and he has not countered yours, but then again that is only my opinion, I see Grappers disagrees.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, you appear to be getting even more of an upper class twit the further we go on with post. Is the club, the Ex-Sevicemans'Club?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappins, As the host of this blog I see it as my job to encourage debate amongst the lads should they so wish to do so. I am not a computer nerd as I have other things I want to do in my life. Stout Heart has given me about 50 books that he reccomends I read, so I will be starting on them shortly.

I do genuinely believe that Cuthulan has had the best of the argument and Stout Heart has reverted to type with his upper class English crap. But yes it's been fun.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, I agree with your last post. Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi 's nach fhaic

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappins, I think the reason you are being attacked (!), is because you weighed in on the side of Stout Heart. That of course is your right. I don't think however you understand the frustration that some of us in Scotland although not everybody has about not being totally able to run our own country. The argument that Scots are running the British Parliament is invalid under the current regime. If you felt you had some right to claim a Scottish passport and under the rules which would be put in place you were entitiled then of course you would get one and you would be welcomed into the Scottish diaspora. Many Irish people used to have two passports one British and one Irish and indeed many in Northern Ireland still do.

Anyway thank you all for your comments, particularly Cuthulan and Stout Heart as I am now well past my record total and indeed heading for 60. Tghis post will be shortly be dropping off the front page as I only keep 10 on to enable ease of loading. I will still monitor it should you wish to keep commenting or you can swap to a current one if you wish. Thanks again.

aka Grappin said...

Final Word:

Loch Nagar, Cuthulan reminds me of the Irish beardy who asked me, in a Dublin pub, why I wasn’t ashamed to wear a red poppy on Remembrance Day in 2005. I asked him why I would be and he said “because it represents 800 years of Irish oppression by the English”; a few minutes of conversation revealed the impossibility of changing his bigoted point of view so I chinned him – job done; I’m sure you would have done the same because above all you are a patriot. I’m not sure what Cuthulan would have done and that’s what worries me about him.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappins, I would certainly have chinned the bastard and probably have kicked him in the nuts for good measure because although I am a patriotic Scot first I am a Brit next.

I don't discourage Cuthulan because he goes to some lengths to pass his comments and yes it might be considered a wee bit extreme from an English viewpoint but not from a Scottish one. Indeed I have come across people with a more extreme point of view on this blog. I warned him not to let Stout Heart wind him up because that's what he is good at and if you take the bait he will land you!

Thanks BTW this gets me to 60 comments, a record!

aka Grappin said...

Good luck tommorrow against those damned Frenchies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Thanks, I think Scotland could do OK this year now we've got a decent coach.

aka Grappin said...

Mon Dieu, what on earth was that about?

What happened to the thin red line, the charge of the Greys at waterloo and the defence of Calais?

Your ancestors must be rolling in their graves.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grappins-new coach and they're still pish, although there was some hopeful signs. One being that the coach was angry. That last bastard's demeanour didn't change win, lose or draw. We say yir faither will be birlin' in his grave. More onomatapaeic, (T think that's how you spell it).