Sunday, 22 November 2009



Immigrants who don’t understand English have been able to buy language certificates that give them the right to settle in Britain.

It has come to this blog's attention that staff at English language colleges in London and Birmingham have been offering migrants who speak little or no English Home Office-regulated English and Citizenship certificates for £250 each. Tests are rigged to allow almost anyone to pass.  Staff hand out crib sheets with questions and answers in English. Others let candidates write the sound of English words on the sheets in their own tongue, so the answers appear right, but they don’t know what they are saying.

At the UK Learning Academy in Birmingham, a staff assessor told an undercover reporter that candidates did not have to take any courses or speak any English to pass the tests. The assessor simply asked if the candidate knew their own name, date of birth and address. When told that they did, the assessor replied: “That’s all right then. That’s a guaranteed pass.”

WHY AM I NOT SUPRISED?  Is there anyone in this country, (apart from me), that's NOT ON THE MAKE?


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

They don't need to learn English anyway. Every bastard leaflet and claim form is available in every bastard language anyway. We're the only mugs in the World that provides this 'service'. If people cant speak the lingo, tough titty.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Roberto, I agree 100%. You go into hospital and there are signs telling you that in interperter is available for 120 languages. Fuck, you could see that happening in fucking Pakistan,Iran or the STATES.

banned said...

Immigration Department ( whatever they are called this week ) claimed that under new rules student visa numbers from India/Pakistan were 'much the same as before ' but an FOI request forced them to admit that applications have been granted to THREE TIMES as many as before.
UK Government 'much the same' = X3.

As for Govt. sponsored 'Training'; the Dept of Education paid £1,500 for me ( and thousands of co-workers throughout the land ) to be 'upskilled' in my chosen profession to the level of Grade 1 NVQ all of which was a complete waste of time and basically a fraud by the so-called 'training provider' who, among other things, filled in the 6 sets of multple-page " this is what I would do in this given scenario " themselves.

20 years ago the 'trainers' would have been selling photocopiers to people who didn't need them, smarmy cunts.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I know these training companies are a license to print money. I knew a guy who was getting £3000 PER DAY training on health and fucking safety and he was running courses twice a week and his only employee was his wife. Fucking joke.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

DL, you're right about the hospitals. I've been at yorkhill for the past fortnight and there are loads of special leaflets and stuff. Even halal menu in the visitors canteen. And the place is hoaching with asians as the 'culture' dictates that they marry their cousins thus the bammy weans. It's starting to get right on my tits. Walking about a kids hospital with the letterbox gear on. No wonder the weans stare at them and are scared. Integration is a two way street for Fuck sake!

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'm fine with multi racialism Rab, in fact it should be encouraged. Where I do not agree is with multi culturism. Immigrants should embrace the host culture of a country when they are allowed to settle there. Halal meat is slaugthtered in a barbaric way which shouldn't be allowed in this country, but you'll know more about that than I do.