Sunday, 6 November 2011



We're often told how much we should be indebted to the City of London's financial clout but looking at the figures above we have the lowest growth in the G20 with the exception of Japan, which had an earthquake and a nuclear disaster!

What that means of course is that thanks to our lax banking system, put in place by Labour, we are basically fucked.  We are falling behind most of the G20's other countries as countries like Argentina, India, Russia and China race ahead.  How long will it be, until their standard of living is higher than ours?

Look as well at the debt figures.  Many of them are much lower than ours which enables them borrow more should they need it to promote growth.  I'm fortunate to bank with an Australian bank, (the Clydesdale), which wasn't allowed to gear up their lending by the Australian government, unlike what happened here.  Their debt ratio is 13.6% of GDP.  Other Western countries like the US are in a similar position, to us, although their growth is higher meaning that they will get out of debt quicker.

So in other words, the country has been bankrupted by the banks as we all knew.  We then bail them out and another part of the bankster hierarchy lends us the money to do it and every time money moves in the world they make money!   Merrily, they fucking laugh!


throbber said...

If we were really living in a Capitalist system then RBS, LLoyds and Northern Wreck would all be closed down and bankrupt due to their losses. So I'm not sure what system is operating at the moment.
Good news for the SNP. That rich couple from Ayr ( Mr and Mrs DL ?) are contributing a million to Alex Salmond..

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbs, yes indeed. I saw that about the SNP getting some dosh. The tide is turning!

J. R. Tomlin said...

That is on top of the legacy from the late Makar (sp?? be kind. I'm American)

I'd say the SNP is one of the few (the only?) party not dead broke. Interesting for coming campaigns. What is the situation for funding a "no" campaign? Which party will fund it? All of them? Do they have the funds to fund it?

Interesting days.

Dark Lochnagar said...

JR, welcome to the blog. Yes the Makar has left nearly a million quid for the referendum and even more interestingly is that a big Scottish lottery winner, they won £100m, has said that he'll be donating a 7 figure sum. The Unionists will find plenty of money from London to try and effect the vote, because they say they want rid of us on paper, they know we more than pay our way. All smoke and mirrors, my friend!

Gallovidian said...

The only thing that trickles down from the City of London is rancid, cocaine laced piss.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, they say any water in the taps in Londonistaan has been through the human body at least 7 times. Fucking shitehole!