Monday, 7 November 2011


THE NEW Tory leader in Scotland says she is in favour of plans for Westminster to seize control of the timing of the independence referendum.

Asked yesterday if Prime Minister David Cameron should press ahead with legislation to hold the referendum rather than wait for the SNP government to do so, she replied: “If it was required.”
The First Minister has said he intends to wait until the latter half of the current Scottish Parliament before asking Scots whether they want to leave the UK. But, in one of her first announcements as the Scottish leader, Davidson yesterday acknowledged that discussions were ongoing about forcing the referendum to be held earlier.

So there we have it then.  Despite, the SNP gaining a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament, a victory that had been engineered by the Unionists not to be able to happen, a small minority political party in Scotland with practically no support, funded and managed from London, is going to tell the Scottish Government when they must bring forward plans for an independence referendum.

Despite the fact that it stated clearly in the SNP manifesto that they would bring forward a vote in the latter part of their Government, once the people of Scotland had a chance to assess how they had governed.  The people of Scotland voted in the SNP, based on that manifesto.  How different, is that from the Merkozy two's insistence that the Greek PM must resign before any financial help would be given?

It seems all around us, the bastions of international Governance are tightening their grasp on the democracies of the smaller countries and that is why I believe that when we do become independent, as we will, that we stay out of the EU, along the principles of Norway, the only other oil producer in Europe.  They need us more than we need them.  No point in jumping out of the pan into the fire!


Monty said...

"Despite the fact that it stated clearly in the SNP manifesto that they would bring forward a vote in the latter part of their Government"

I've read the manifesto ( yes sad I know ) and it isn't clearly stated at all. It just says they will bring forward a referendum in the next parliament. I'm not sure how this myth about the latter part of the parliament started.
It's baffling to me that the SNP are waiting until the other parties get their act together before going for a referendum.
Something definitely fishy going on. Oh and the SNP are more pro EU than any other party in the UK so we will be subservient to Europe like Greece and Ireland etc.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Montezuma, fuck me! You must be a boring bastard! :) I think though that it's up to the Government of Scotland to bring forward a referendum when they feel like it. They obviously think that if the Tories get in again and the General Election would be before the Scottish election, that would be a good time to bring on the referendum, particularly when the people of Scotland see how they govern with a majority, unlike the last time when they couldn't get their policies through, like on alcohol for instance.

They are it is true pro-euro but as I've said before they're are many in the party who are anti-euro but believe that independence is the most important thing at this time. That's why the Tories missed a trick by not voting in Fraser instead of the Kung Fu, rugmuncher.

Monty said...

DL. I must admit I am a bit of a boring bastard. Why do you think I read your blog ? - ha ha gotcha ;)
I just thought it was suspicious that SNP supporters are never corrected when they go on about the manifesto saying this and the manifesto saying that. It's obvious that they've never read the fuckin thing lol

Dark Lochnagar said...

Montezuma, I'm hurt, really hurt. And he was me thinking I was enlightening the masses! :)

Even Alex Salmond hasn't read it. Mind you the SNP are the only ones who seem to want to keep to it. The rest, the Libdums especially are better off as shite paper!

Sophia Pangloss said...

Monty, it may be true that the timin o the referendum wisnae stated in the manifesto (ah'll bow tae ye seein as ah've no read it either...)

Howanivver it wis clearly stated by the SNP (an ah mind Salmond statin it durin the leader's debate) that it wid be second half o the term.

Definitely stated durin the campaign...

Sophia Pangloss said...

An efter comin oot in that green made-fae-nineteenseventythree-drapes frock, Ruth Davidson'll be lucky if onybody heard the guff she came oot wi.

Mibbe that wis the idea...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sophes correct and what a dress, but she is a lesbian and I don't know if that affects your fashion choice, do you? I know it can affect a homosexual man's.

Monty said...

Hi Sophia
Good to see that you're up and about again.
I've heard a few SNP MSPs' and some supporters say recently that they were sticking to their manifesto commitments and having the referendum in the 2nd half of the parliamentary session. This seemed odd as I thought it would be better to keep the date open for the best time to have the referendum. So I decided to look at the manifesto and saw that there was no such commitment which seemed even odder as they keep saying there is.
Here's page 28 and the relevant section..

Monty said...

Homosexual men seem to favour cravates, lots of jewellery and large moustaches.
I think it depends on the dominant partner for lesbians as to their dress sense. One is usually girlyish dressed and the other has short hair, glasses and is 'dressed down'.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Montyezuma,you may be right. But I may well be pished and navigating around a keyboard is a difficult procedure.