Friday, 4 November 2011


Greece was threatened with expulsion from the European Union for at least a decade if it dared to press ahead with a referendum on the single currency rescue deal.

Merkel and Sarkozy reportedly when behind the Greek PM's back to a talk to the opposition politicians.  So the Greek people, now don't have a say on how their lives are going to be shaped over the next few years.  They are going to have to give up their pensions, their employment rights and submit to EU monitoring to make sure they are committed to it.  Now, they may have had things too easy  and probably didn't qualify to be in the Eurozone in the first place, but is that the fault of the ordinary Greek in the streets?  What right do, politicians from other countries have to interfere in the political process in another sovereign state?  Is the EU, now, just a bureaucratic monster which can't be stopped?

Ha!  I hear you UKIP supporters and 'little Englanders', shout, that could never happen here in good old Blighty!  Not fucking much it couldn't!  We're told that some fruitcase, Prince Charles, is now contacted on a regular basis for permission for our democracy to enact laws.  Some moron, whose biggest wish in life was to be his wife's tampon, while he was still married to another woman.  Some halfwit, tree-hugger who will never, barring some accident, ever ascend to the throne.

Our Government is now drawing up plans to invade Iran in conjunction with the US.  Their reason, of course, for invading Iran is not that they may have a nuclear weapon, no, it's because their leader dared to threaten Israel and the Zionist hawks in the US Government, now see Iran as the last major enemy of that country which despite, the 'holocaust' being fresh in many memories, employs similar tactics against the Palestinians. Does anyone here, apart from a few politicians believe we should be invading another Arab country?  What has Iran ever done to us?  The Iranian, (Persian), people are not morons or 'towelheads'.  They are a highly educated and developed race.

Gaddafi, took Libya from being one of the worst educated and ignorant countries in Africa to one where they people had the highest standard of living in the 'dark continent'.  Oh aye, he maybe repressed a few people that weren't in his tribe but that's what happens in a tribal society.  Just wait until you see what we get there now!  Merrily, I fucking laugh!  Democracy? We're kidding ourselves on.


Anonymous said...

I am a UKIP supporter and precisely because I know that the EUSSR can make it happen in the UK.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, we have to take power back and place it in the hands of the people. Never mind an Arab spring, what about a Western winter!

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