Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This is a poster which appeared on the Scottish Libdum's Facebook page.  The First Minister of Scotland is currently in Qatar to drum up business for Scotland.  He mentioned in a speech that there are many similarities between Scotland and Qatar, particularly in oil, gas, education and low-carbon economies.

  The image, showing a mock up of what appears to be a 'darkened' or unshaven First Minister in Arab head-dress next to a camel, could be construed as racist.  The accompanying text makes three outright lies about the First Minister in an attempt to scare voters into voting against Scottish independence.

The image clearly alleges that the First Minister is homophobic.  However Alex Salmond has made clear his support for lesbian and gay rights and has spoken in favour of the introduction of gay and lesbian marriage on a par with heterosexual marriage.

The image also implies that Alex Salmond intends to set himself up as a dictator in an independent Scotland, an outrageous, and possibly defamatory, statement to make about a democratic politician.

The SNP have long distanced themselves against the death penalty.

This type of petty mud slinging is common amongst Unionist politicians who have shown that they don't mind slandering other countries and bring the reputation of Scotland down along with their slanders.  Only a short while ago, Labour 'leader', Iain Gray insulted the country of Montenegro, causing an international incident.

Rennie apologised for the statement later saying, 

Willie Rennie
I apologise for the offence that has been clearly caused by our cartoon on the First Minister's remarks in Qatar. Although I did not approve its publication I accept responsibility for it. It has been interpreted in ways that were not intended. It has now been withdrawn. I apologise.
Is he saying that as leader he doesn't have control over what the Libdums print on their official Facebook page and does he also have no editorial control over his personal page. 
An apology like this is insufficient and the only course open now to Mr Rennie, is to resign.


throbber said...

It was on Wullies personal facebook page. Not the Limpdum facebook page. It was also on the limpdumb twitter feed.
Didn't Nick Clegg meet the Qatari emir last year ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbs, it was on both of them as you correctly say. the man is a disgrace and should have his balls cut off with a bit of cheese wire!

Stevie said...

I had not realised just how rubbish the Lib Dems actually are till I saw this - this is not apparently an isolated incident (as if that would be an excuse anyway), apparently they are this level on a regular basis.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stevie, hi welcome to the blog. Yes, they appear to be a poor excuse for a party. They strike me as someone who never expected to have been elected and are not capable of the job!