Wednesday, 10 August 2011



banned said...

I think they would be better described as English Riots DL.

Harbinger gets it spot on in your previous post. The authorities have allowed things to escalate to a point when the middle classes demand action that will lead to the destruction of their own liberty.

The only resistance being offered seems to be from working class football fans and migrant shopkeepers keen to protect their businesess (both labelled "vigilantes" by the vile and disgusting BBC).

When it first kicked my immediate thoughts were "it's only Tottenham" (I grew up nearby, it was a shithole then and it can't have improved). Shitting on their own doorstep, burning their own shops, buses and their neighbours homes and cars, twats.(update and a Youth Centre in Salford that had escaped the vicious Govt. cuts).

Now it's only Tottenham, Brixton, St. Pauls, Wythenshaw and Smethwick (Wot, no Toxteth?) all the unloveliest parts of Englands shitty cities though I now read that the scumbags have penetrated Birminghams city centre and Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's just looting on a grand scale. It's today's greedy capitalist society that's to blame, IMO. Too many people see MPs, Bankers and the Royal Family robbing the British people and think, "Hey I want some of that"!

The Young Oligarch said...

That's right , DL , it's the Royal Family's fault .

What colour is the sky in Ayrshire ? It was still blue the last time I was down at the sea side .

As for your stuff about greedy capitalist society , we've seen the alternative and it involves a lot of show trials and gulags . Not good .

The left have a history of using feral schoolchildren to advance their public disorder (starting with Tommy Sheridan in his anti-Poll Tax days) . It wouldn't surprise me if leftist agents provocateurs had something to do with the start of this .

Nice photie of the beach volleyball , by the way .

shuggie said...

I read this morning that the volleyball is being moved to Ayr beach on safety grounds. Are you going down to watch DL ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, yes it's a better pic than those daft weans looting.

The sky may be blue but that's only 23 days a year, but the grass is always greener as they say. I'm no leftist BTW, although I am becoming more left wing as time goes on as I see TBTB crack down and mould society to what they want. Tommy Sheridan is probably the only left wing politician we have left in Scotland and I happen to believe that is better to have all strands of society represented in a country from Sheridan to right wing parties like the the BNP.

It wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing was part of an Establishment ploy though to get more control through the police, so that when and if we need to get out on the streets at some point for a legitimate political reason, they will be able to crackdown. How long until they would shoot their own citizens? Well they seem to have done that to the drug dealer, whose death supposedly started the riots. Do you still believe what you read in the MSM? You surprise me, if you do!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Shuggers, they'll get a fucking shock in this weather! I've always said that I wouldn't go across the street to see a celeb or royal wedding, but I might go to Ayr Beach to see the volleyball, If Mrs DL let me of course, (and it was topless).

Billy said...

The Young Oligarch

The greed and debt capitalist system is on its last legs now with just about every country being bankrupt and the banks just printing money in order to try and fight it all with even more debt so this dying system is no better than the one you slag off.

Billy said...

Yes lovely picture DL - If only we had the weather for girls go about like that all the time.

Then again it is bad enough trying to drive in the sunny days we do get without being distracted by females dressing for the occasion.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I told my wife to buy gold at the start of the year, I just wish I had gone ahead and done it!

The birds round here seem to dress the same way at all times of the year, so I am constantly distracted.