Thursday, 11 August 2011


There have been three 14 year olds and a 11 year old arrested in Nottingham.  Am I wrong in thinking it's the parents that should be charged, with for instance, neglect of their children.  Or should the fathers just be given a kick in the nuts?  (If they can find them)!  (The fathers I mean, not their nuts)


Anonymous said...

Disagree with you on this one DL.
In London I knew quite a lot of good parents who simply had no control over their children, thanks to peer pressure (gangs, joining because they had no choice), government sponsored, state brainwashing and indoctrination in schools, feeding them their yooman rights and social workers becoming involved if they tried to discipline their rowdy children and police action taken on them.

In many inner cities in England, things are tough. Inner city ghettos are horrible place, ridden with drugs, crime and violence. You've got to live there to see it. Having lived in London I know and returning back to Scotland it's a world apart. We bring our kids up properly but in London, if you don't join a gang, you're bullied until you do. The only options are you join or your parents leave the city.

The government planned removal of discipline and self defense measures over the years has resulted in just this happening. Add to that immigration and multiculturalism and you've got a powder keg waiting to explode.

It's very easy to have knee jerk reactions to what seems overwhelingly obvious, but trust me, if any of these parents tried to:

a. Lock their kids in their rooms to keep them out of trouble..
b Discipline them for causing trouble..

the rozz would be around faster than you could say Dixon of Dock Green, with social workers, to remove your kids to safety (remember the government owns your children not you - birth certificate) and arrest the parent involved in inhumane treatment of government property, breach of human rights and of course actual bodily harm to a human being.

In other words parents are fucked and the elites knew exactly what they were doing. This situation we're in was planned a long time ago. Children have as much freedom to go and do whatever they want. Regardless.


Dioclese said...

I couldn't agree more DL. Parents must take responsibility for kids of that age. The problem is what do you think they used as a role model in the first place?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I take your points and they are well made. I can't however believe that all the kids were out rioting. There seem to be just as many, if not more, who have to have volunteered to help in the clean up. The parents are to blame. Many of them will be drugged up to their eyeballs on dope or drink.

I don't doubt that the whole thing could have been instigated by the Establishment. I noticed quite a few Scottish MPs sitting nodding like wise sages, in the Commons. What the fuck has it got to do with them? Half of those Labour fuckers like the MP for Greenock, were in the Government that encouraged all this multi-culture pish.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, funnily enough and this might sound strange, when was in 4th and 5th year at school, I saw a completely different attitude from those in 3rd year than we'd had. These are now the Grandparents and I suppose, Great grandparents of these louts. Although their conditions don't help as outlined by Harbinger above, as I said not all of them rioted and maybe it's time for a kick up the arse instead of their human rights. To have human rights you have to earn them and destroying your own neighbourhood isn't the way to get them.

Anonymous said...

Not so clear cut DL.
Sure some parents will be smacked off of their heads, alcoholics etc etc, but let's also understand that a drug ridden society is merely another symptom of a dysfunctional state. A dysfunctional state that was created to be so.
Many may look at what I'm writing as apologist, when ironically not so long ago I would have blamed it on the parents. Then again I blamed society's problems on many things in the past I now know to be false. Learning opens up many doors and ultimately the truth.

Also remember that the inflow of heroin and cocaine is primarily controlled by the secret services. We are in Afghanistan purely for the Heroin crop. Rothschild still owns it as he did at the time of the Opium Wars. If you don't believe me, just do some research.
Alcohol is also a drug yet it's legal and I've sen more violence on that than any other class A drug in my time as you know.

Our society drastically changed from the 50's onwards. This was the time to implement the next phase of the NWO's agenda - de-nationalisation of nation states, via Marxist subversion, MSM and Education indoctrination and brainwashing and of course mass immigration to rip apart the people and the cultures. Like I said in a previous article, whites in London are wiggers - white niggers. They dress the same, walk the same and speak the same. Many even emulate the hair styles too. These are indigenous born who have grown up in the only culture they know - Jafaican gangsta culture. Watch Kidulthood to see what I'm on about.

However, multiculturalism and multiracial society is only a part of the agenda as I've said. Through use of Bisphenol A (which kills sperm) lacing beer cans and baby bottles, to women pissing in the toilet on the pill and dropping their tampons in as well, both releasing oestrogen into the water supply which kills sperm, to the lacing of oestrogen ridden chemicals into plastics which when microwaved pollute the food, the attack on the male fertility rate and male's masculinity has been under attack for over 60 years now. Our family/reproduction society was deliberately sabotaged in order to allow the migration of peoples in to support the society, a society already crippled under WW1 & 2 debt and deaths, losing many of the males in these wars. All wars are planned for the purpose of future implementation of legislation. People think it's all natural. It isn't. It's all planned.

I agree Labour was responsible and so were the tories and every other political ideology that's sat in Parliament, as they're nothing but lobbyists for corporations and banker puppets. Riotous youths are the symptoms of the planned demolition of western society. Were there no multiculturalism in the UK, there would be no riots such as this, by the indigenous whites. Africans/Asians have always rioted and our controllers saw this, hence why they brought them in. This is reality.


Anon said...

UK riots - inside job.

- Aangirfan

Joe Public said...

Arresting the parent(s) will create more problems than it solves.

For 50% of a certain 'minority' in Tottenham, the biological father is absent.

The conundrum is: do you arrest him as he is one of the parents; or, do you not arrest him 'cos he wasn't there, so you can't blame him for actually (not) being responsible that night?

[That also presupposes the identity of the father is known.]

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe Public.

The current trend within society is to BLAME THE FATHERS, that is the absent ones.
Now, there's nothing I wanted more than to grow up with my children in a stable family. The only problem was the mother's didn't. They didn't mind playing the game, lying on their backs, telling how much they loved you, but once junior came into the world, they simply didn't want to know.
Why live with a father, when, you can go to work, put the kid in the nursery, get tax child credits, nursery help and goodness knows what else from the state, a council house and set the child maintenance on the father?

It is the women, in my experience who help to destroy families, because they are living in a matriarchy today, promoted by Marx and Engels. The heart of feminism is Marxism.
And also let's look at this logically shall we? Broken homes are just that. The father and mother are still separate from one another, mostly against the wishes of one of the parents. Junior also grows up seeing his father on the weekend, twice a month. During this time the mother can happily poison the child against the father. More so, the child is not brought up correctly, as I said the home is still broken, possibly having to put up with the mother's numerous boyfriends in, whom she looks to find a new father for her child. And there's also the fact that junior plays both parents, by arguing with one on purpose, knowing that it can take a break and go off to the other, then doing the same. Normally on both situations, the guilt of the parent means gifts and children play this.

The problem arrived in society when women got far too much power to be single parents and have abortions. Sure, women will call me sexist and that's their prerogative to do so, but I'm right.

Many fathers are torn apart not growing up with their children in a society that has been created to do just that. In the past, women wouldn't have had a chance in hell to rip apart families as they do. My friend's wife fucked off with another man and took HIS house that HE'D paid all the mortgage on, leaving him in a small porta-cabin, having access problems. She broke up the family. She fucked off with another bloke and yet he lost everything while she got everything. Fair? Is it fuck. In Islamic societies, women would get sweet fanny adams and that's why many women are terrified of Islamic society in the west because it would mean an end to their immoral existence, as nothing but whores, chasing their next wealthy male to further their superficial and materialistic existence.

Of course I won't blame all women as fathers do leave homes with no interest, but in my experience, women create the problems within society and are primarily the reason behind feral youths and gangsta style behaviour amongst the young. It's called selfishness.


Sir Fred the Shred said...

Maybe if my parents had been more strict then I wouldn't have ended up looting the banks and throwing thousands out of work.

Mr Devine (retd) said...

I'm glad they've finally stopped calling them 'UK riots'. There are no thieving bastards in Scotland.

banned said...

Good point raised by Harbingers first post though it only applies to the unworking classes in the very areas that have recently been looted. He might also have added that whenever the BBC report "Gang related violence/murder" what they mean is Race related violence/murder since the gangs are racially segregated.

The ones I feel genuine sympathy for are the offspring of the white trash unable to leave the Tottenhams and Brixtons of this world and who are obliged to become 'Wiggers' no doubt with an element of Dhimmitude thrown in.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, fuck me, you're going your dinger tonight! :)

I see what you mean about Rothschilds and the drug trade and on to Soros and the killings he's made as a Rothschild agent. I've been investigating it for an hour or so and will go back to it tomorrow.

I appreciate your situation and the problems you had in London with women to whom you had children. I agree with most of what you say and the bits that I don't I will need to research a little further.

They can circle around all they like but the elephant in the room is immigration with different gangs attacking different parts of the city. But do they mention it? Do they fuck and it's time someone was brave enough to stand up and say it. Where is that fat fucker in the BNP. Has he been paid off as well?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anon, welcome to the blog. I read that and I must admit it was the first thing I thought as it was when the Norway carry-on unfolded. Turmoil in the stock markets, give the sheeple something else to think about!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publes, I would arrest whatever one is still around, whoever is in charge of the child. Obviously if they were 17 or so, it's not so clear cut, but an 11 year old?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, yes women have too much power and that has destroyed the family values of at least my parents. Divorce wasn't an option, although they liked a row now and again!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fred, thousands out of work. When did that happen? I see the bonuses have dropped. Not.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mr Devine, is that you Sydney? Do you still wear that cowboy suit?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I think we tend to jump on the Muslim bandwaggon when something like this happens. I've got to say, I haven't seen too many Muslims involved in rioting.

Anonymous said...


BPA = Bisphenol A
Have a read:

Bottom line DL our food and water supplies have been tampered with. Look at the population growth of the UK over the last 60 years. Natural?

As I said migration was planned for many reasons - cultural conflict and destruction, lowering of the minimum wage, dumbing down of society, racial tensions and racial genocide....
It's sad, but most young blacks (and whites/Muslims) are unemployable in the inner cities. Most are serious fuckwits and they know this. They know that they're future is no better than flipping burgers and you can't afford £150 trainers, Playstations and I-Pods/Phones on the shit salary they'll make. That is if they get a job. The left will blame the failure on non whites as racism within the system and absent role models, yet they've chased the role models from the family by removing their powers. They'll of course blame white failure on poor grades and not paying attention in school. Young men, thanks to the MSM see young women as 'ho's' Young women see themselves as 'ho's' and get jobs as escorts, strippers or both. After all a pretty young girl has a choice of standing on her feet all day for £50 or lying on her back all day for £1,500. Considering we live in an immoral society what's she going to choose?

The society we live in is the way it is for a reason. It didn't just HAPPEN, as we are constantly told. It's simply been one plan implemented after the previous one in the overall agenda of the controlled reality we live in. Sure, I will blame migration, but it's not the root cause. It's merely a symptom of the disease that is the NWO. And trust me, there will be more riots. Bigger ones at that. And they'll be all over the UK this time and Ireland. What do you think is going to happen when our youth realise (even as thick as they are) that they HAVE NO FUTURE, when they put the continuing migration against the available job situation? How will they feel when they know their only opportunity to find work is move abroad, yet unlike the Eastern Europeans and non European 3rd world lands, the money they make won't have a markup when they come home? They'll have no choice but to stay. And what will happen in the countries they're in when the locals can't get work and they become targets?

Fat Banker at the top of the pile continues to rake in the cash along with the politicians they control.
And lastly, I type and think fast. This reply took me all of 5 mins or so to write.


Anonymous said...

How about this one DL:

A college student with no criminal record was jailed for six months on Thursday for stealing a £3.50 case of bottled water during a night of rioting.

Talk about totally fucked up or what?
6 months for a first offence for stealing a £3.50 case of bottled, fucking water!!!!

And what about the fucking wankers, like Fred the Shred who've pochled millions from the taxpayer?

Bollox. Absolute fucking bollox.


throbbber said...

These looters should have become MPs and helped themselves to whatever they wanted totally legally...

"A great deal has been made over the past few days of the greed of the rioters for consumer goods, not least by Rotherham MP Denis MacShane who accurately remarked, “What the looters wanted was for a few minutes to enter the world of Sloane Street consumption.” This from a man who notoriously claimed £5,900 for eight laptops. Of course, as an MP he obtained these laptops legally through his expenses.

Yesterday, the veteran Labour MP Gerald Kaufman asked the Prime Minister to consider how these rioters can be “reclaimed” by society. Yes, this is indeed the same Gerald Kaufman who submitted a claim for three months’ expenses totalling £14,301.60, which included £8,865 for a Bang & Olufsen television.

Or take the Salford MP Hazel Blears, who has been loudly calling for draconian action against the looters. I find it very hard to make any kind of ethical distinction between Blears’s expense cheating and tax avoidance, and the straight robbery carried out by the looters."

throbber said...

Oh and where the fuck is that wee Shami Chakrabarti ? She seems to have been posted missing. The BBC's favourite luvvy. All Liberty's policies shown up to be useless and she goes missing. Strange. Not.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, you're fortunate, I think quick and type slow. It takes me as long to change typos as it does to type it.

I'm gong to have a look at those links later, but I saw the one about the guy jailed for 6 months and in fact I nearly blogged about it last night. Shocking. Even ore so when you realise that he was just walking back from his girl's and it was totally opportunistic.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbbs, Shami wil be on holiday in the Caribbean for 4 weeks. You surely don't expect her to fly home as well. Could she put it on expenses, like the MPs can. I saw Scottish Labour MPs sitting nodding. Tell them to fuck off!

Emily 18 Video Clips said...

I'm just wondering why the police can't stop all these stupid piece of asses!

banned said...

DL I'm begining to wonder about you. Who the fuck said anything about Moslems? I was talking about the life chances of the white trash kids left behind in Nigga Gang Kultcha once the rest of us had fled.

@DL " just walking back from his girl's and it was totally opportunistic".

Oh so the multi-culti robbing a Malaysian student already on the deck from a previous assult is not really so bad since it was evidently "totally opportunistic".

It makes it worse because it shows the natural instinct of the filthscum be they black, white, asian or fucking klingons.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Emms 18, welcome to the blog.

On one hand I agree with you and on the other I disagree,whilst agreeing that the fuckers that have caused the problem are opportunistic wankers, who should have the full sense of the law forced on them. It's just a bit forceful in some cases!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, fuck me! You were the one who started using words like 'dhimmitude'!

I don't think that some poor bastard walking back from his bird's who knicks some water deserves 6 months, sorry if that sounds mealy mouthed!

former doonhamer said...

An elderly muslim commenting on TUT was in the thick of the rioting in London, whilst on his way to visit his mother. He claims that the cops are using black guys to go after muslims, that one black guy told a cop to send him, the muslim guy, "back home" to his own country.
I have heard suggestions that the riots were, as Anon has brought up, an "inside job."
Who knows what`s going on these days with the so-called authorities, politicians, cops, trouble is, if they were all replaced today, the NWO/Bilderberg "total control" bankers/owners of the "free" world, would have them all just as corrupt as the present lot, by the end of next week, if not sooner..

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dumfries, We're just all pawns in the game. That's why we have to change the game!

banned said...

I am David Starkey and claim my five pounds.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, you'll need to give me brief history of the Tudors to prove it,