Tuesday, 23 August 2011


"The Royal Air Force will receive 14 new Chinook helicopters in a £1 billion contract, the Ministry of Defence announced today.
The aircraft are vital to Nato operations in Afghanistan.
He added the Government had brought "reality" to the defence budget which can now deliver real equipment". (They were ordered initially by the Labour Government)

Only one problem there Liam.  The helicopters aren't due to be delivered until 2015, by which time we are supposed to be out of Afghanistan.  Is there something you're not telling us?  Or are you just a prick?  Or both?  Which is more likely.  Or maybe you think we are, pricks.   Which is even more likely than that!

Why are we spending £1 billion on military equipment to use in other countries that have fuck all to do with us anyway?


Prepare for the Referendum said...

Well the US is planning to stay in Afghanistan until at least 2024.

google: US afghanistan 2024

Where the US goes, UK follows.

Major Fuckup said...

We're desperately short of helicopters for our ground troops DL so we would have had to buy more anyway. Irrespective of commitments in Afghanistan. Don't put the gimp off of spending on our Forces.
The chinook is now nearly 50 years old and we must have about 6 different variants. The money could have gone on the Merlin or keeping Ark Royal and the Sea Harrier fleet operational.
It's a total fuckup.

banned said...

Th Ark Royal and the Harriers would have been very handy in Libya as was obvious to everyone except the gummint at the time.

There is no way that we will be leaving Afghanistan anytime soon since they haven't even built the oil pipeline to central Asia which is what the sorry mess was about in the first place.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Refers, this piece was written tongue firmly in cheek. There is no way we'll be out before, fuck knows when.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fuckers, I am no expert on the military, but this will give them 60 chinook helicopters alone. They wouldn't need that amount if they weren't safeguarding the world for the elite's benefit.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, some of us are aware what Afghanistan is all about. Others I am afraid would rather watch shite on the box and believe what they are told instead of doing some research. Sad really that, the internet is used for 90% porn and 9% shopping. Mind you, I like a bit of both myself.