Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Just a week after Nelson Mandela celebrated his 93rd birthday, his family have announced that he has left his Johannesburg home and plans to live out the rest of his life in his country retreat in Qunu, near the Eastern Cape village where he grew up.

Who gives a fuck?  He could end his life fucking goats for all I am concerned and it would not make, one whit of difference to me!

Why do we defer to these fuckers?   In his case he is a terrorist.  Now, I don't say that his cause is not just and may have some merit, just that he is an old prick!  He fauns about like a roe deer which has just been shot!  Fuck off and die Mandela, and let those other S. African fuckers steal the land from the only people able to get any production from it, the Whites!  Sorry, I can't call them that, without calling the Blacks, Black, and that wouldn't be allowed.  Oh, and take your fucking stupid shirts with you!


banned said...

Mandela and his like are paraded as objects for hero worship since they have denied us people like Nelson, Wellington and

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, yes since that we've had real political leaders of stature like Wilson, Callaghan and Michael Foot!

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting Iain Gray, Jack McConnell, Wendy Alexander and Alex McLeash or whatever you call him he he.

Captain Ranty said...

Oh dear.

That's you on the Bad Boys List.

Soon they will be coming for us: we who dare to think differently.

Remember how they lauded Mugabe in 1980? How they praised Gadaffi in 2000? How they welcomed Adams as an MP in 1997?

Yesterdays fuckwits are today's fuckwits.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you - when we were young and we went to our local sweet shop for a quarter of yummy maggots or tasty grubs big Mandy as we called him never had anything to barter with in the shop so the big bastard used to bully us for ours.

He was not satisfied with just one or two but had to have most of them to himself.

The guy is just a big cunt if you ask me.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I quite liked wee Wendy. Lovely lips for a blowjob.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, fuck me I better watch out for the fuckers in the white coats coming to take me away to the loony bin!

Dark Lochnagar said...

TooToo, yes I could imagine he would have been like that. I wouldn't have liked to have been his cell mate! He has to be a wee bit gay with all those poofy shirts he wears.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry my lord god for swearing in my little comment above.

Oh fuck it I have retired now anyway.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Bish, the Lord will forgive you just the way as they forgave you that time you saw two white men pulling a black fella out of a river with a rope. After you had congratulated them for showing such inter racial commitment, one turned to the other and commented that you knew fuck all about crocodile fishing.

former doonhamer said...

Anonymous/Desmond : is your surname by any chance... tutu? Helluva name eh!!

Unknown said...

This article is even funnier now that the son of a bitch actually IS dead! Good fuckin' riddance, you terrorist piece of shit! Since Mandela is a piece of shit, why bury him at all? Why not put his corpse in a meat grinder and flush the little bits down a toilet?