Sunday, 24 July 2011


It was a good idea at the time. A few packets of crisps and a few drinks. And then just escalated from there.
This shopper filled these trolleys with thousands of pounds worth of crisps and drinks before he got to the checkout and his card was declined - leaving staff to put it all back.
Three members of staff at the Morrisons store in Barry, South Wales, had helped the man fill 22 trolleys with £3,338 worth of spirits, beer and fizzy drinks before packing the items for him after he told them it was for a charity do.
The store had even opened a new till aisle and publicised the charity event on their announcement system before his bank card was repeatedly rejected.
Mr Ware said: 'He said he wanted to do quite a large shop for a raffle on the waterfront with balloons and inflatables to raise money'
A store spokesman said: 'It turned out he had some mental illness problems - he meant well.'



Billy said...

I saw that DL and thought that the guy was doing it for a laugh or for a dare just to get all those workers in the store fauning all over him for a big sale and getting himself into the press at the same time.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I don't know. He tried to use a credit card to pay and it wouldn't take it. Mind you maybe he knew it wouldn't and if so he had a brass neck!

Gallovidian said...

Not getting as many responses as your previous post, you should have mentioned the Opus Dei involvement, and that the card was on the Banco Ambrosiano. Don't hold back!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, although I love responses and that's what most blogs survive on, I've noticed that at the weekend it doesn't matter what pish you put up, practically no one gives a fuck!

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