Friday, 15 July 2011


Interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Clegg was asked whether he believed Murdoch, the News Corporation CEO, was a "fit and proper person" to own media in this country.
Clegg replied: "Clearly, there are big questions about the fitness and properness of News International. That is exactly why Ofcom are now looking at it. 

It seems to me that the politicians have decided they had better finish Murdoch off, because like a wounded lion, if they don't, he will come back and bite them hard.  So with all three main, British parties' leaders having spoken against him, who would he support now, if there was an election?  UKIP?  So if we ever got a vote on the EU, would it be the 'Sun wot got us out'?

Does he even hold that much sway nowadays?  I think that politicians who don't think the moronic, British public aren't swayed by what they read in their daily comic, are fooling themselves.  There are people in this country who think 'soaps' are real, FFS!

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