Monday, 11 July 2011


Well here we are 4 months into our 'war' with Gaddafi.  We're a few weeks away from Ramadan, when most Arab countries will shut down, it being in the middle of summer this year.

We were told that Gaddafi and his family would have cracked by now, but his son has just made a broadcast on French TV saying that they'll never surrender.  As I've outlined on here before, the rebels are a ragtag army of misfits, from genuine Gaddafi haters to Islamic militants.  The only thing that appears to be cracking is the will of NATO to take the fight to the dictator's family.  The Italian PM Berlusconi, has said that he was against it from the start, the Germans are not committing any forces and most of the military might is from France and the UK.

Meanwhile our politicians are more wrapped up in a phone hacking scandal than the welfare of our troops, who if this 'war' is to be properly actioned will have to be sent in on the ground to help the so called rebels, who if they win against Gaddafi will be fighting us as we try and get our hands on their oil, which as we all know is the reason we're there in the first place!


Anonymous said...

The UN mandate allows actions that provide protection for Lybian civilians, the Lybian civilians that dislike Gaddafi, the Lybian civilians that do like Gaddafi can be bombed to shite - from a safe and comfortable 30,000ft that is or, at a safe distance out to sea. NATO heroes - Ive shit 'em.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I wouldn't disagree with you there. I'm no Gaddafi supporter, but I think the West have treated him very badly after bringing him into the fold, so to speak!

Mr Megrahi said...

It's Libya not Lybia anon.
I've not slept a wink since the invasion began. It's not doing my health much good.

Major Fuckup said...

The UK and the USA are stuck with more bombing though because if Gaddafi hangs on and stays in power then there won't be any oil contracts for the US/UK. China and Russia are happy though and will be making deals as we speak.
Good article here..

I wonder if 'the rebels' were actually primed for this situation all along. They seemed to have bank accounts set up pdq. It's the type of job we were brilliant at before the children took over our govt and spin and greenfuckerey became more important than long term strategic planning for our energy needs.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mr Megrahi, Libya, Shivia! You say tomato, I say tomatoe, let's call the whole thing off!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Major, indeed a fuckup led of course by those brilliant French strategists who would need a route map to pick and flick.

I don't know why we bothered instigating the rebellion in any case. we were getting the oil and the Gaddafi crew were just one small step from getting an invite to Buck House to see her Maj.

General Dogsbody said...

Cameroid was suckered into it DL by wee doogie Alexander and the usual suspects who were bleating daily on the BBC to demand action over the faltering rebellion. Fuck knows what it had to do with us. If Cameroid hadn't been so weak he would have told them to go and sort it out themselves if they were so bothered. Now we'll never get our cheap oil and associated contracts and the more children we kill the more hatred we will suffer for generations. Oh and we'll spend billions for the privilege.
Iraq , Afghanistan and now Labia lips have all followed the same pattern. We go in gung ho without a fuckin clue what we'll do when we get there. Ignore more sensible countries who warn us not to be stupid. Then when we fuck up we demand to know why our allies aren't pulling their weight and helping out. Why should they help ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

General, for fuck's sake try and say something I might disagree with and then we can have an argument!