Thursday, 30 June 2011


I told you he would do what he was told by the Euro-Crats, here.  Of course he's kidding-on, it won't happen, but it fucking will!

David Cameron is facing pressure to veto the latest ‘ludicrous’ cash demand from Brussels after it  announced plans to slap three new taxes on Britain.
The European Commission yesterday revealed budget demands which would cost UK taxpayers £10billion.
British taxpayers would have to pay £10billion more over the seven-year period – an increase of £1.4billion a year on the current British annual payment of £13.3billion.

Let me speak as a convinced Scottish Nationalist and tell you that, if we don't and I mean the UK or Scotland, get away from this pile of putrid shite, that is the EU, we are doomed to go down the plughole of  Globalist History.  I'll be worm food and don't really give a fuck, but my country's future, (Scotland or the UK), beats in my breast.  (Not as nice as Kelly's breasts, BTW!)


McGonagall said...

" ...this pile of putrid shite, that is the EU ..."

Never a truer word written.

Budvar said...

Now might be a good time to get "Big Al" to run that "Independence within Europe" bollox passed you all again....

Then again perhaps not.

Paul Perrin (@pperrin) said...

If Scotland was independent, do you have any doubt that its politicians would snuggle up to the EU as closely as possible?

The EU sucks it members dry (except Germany and France) and spits out the bones.

The only reason it hasn't sucked all the wealth out of the UK, is because Blair/Brown burned it all themselves.

UKIPer said...

Whatever the EU demands we'll pay. It may be done on the sly like the Greece bailout ( via the IMF as we're not in the euro) but we'll pay.
The SNP are keener on the EU than the other parties so will fight tooth and nail to get their folks snouts in the trough as well.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, just about once a year I get a phrase right. Is this my moment? :)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, there are many in the SNP, who are anti-EU. It is just that as Nationalist we see the main importance to be Scottish independence so that we can take decisions like whether to TO REJOIN THE EU AFTER INDEPENDENCE!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Paul, they might at first, but there are enough SNP members and activists who are against membership of the EU to make it one of the issues shortly after independence. After all, how much money is Scotland, as the only EU country with oil, likely to get from the EU. I would suggest, fuck all!

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, as we've discussed in the past, there is no trough to get our snouts in!

jakbop said...

we must leave this horrible thing called the EU, we can still co-operate with all, and better. It means having a true sovereign currency.

All financial aid is a crime of theft of money, and what it purchases, if it's land, commodities, or property.

Paul Perrin (@pperrin) said...

70% of Greeks didn't want the austerity measures past.

I doubt any Welsh person wanted their kids to have worst education in the UK (the best Welsh school is worse *on every measure* than the worst English school).

What you want doesn't matter much unless you are leading a party - Salmond likes the EU... Just like the Irish did.

EU opulence seduces endless UK politicians - how much more seductive for the political class of a smaller nation?