Thursday, 28 October 2010


David Cameron with the Queen and the Emir of Qatar

David Cameron will be forced to accept a sizeable increase in Britain's contribution to European Union spending just days after calling for it to be frozen or even cut.
The Prime Minister heads to Brussels today for testing talks with other European heads of state over the EU budget amid calls from the European Parliament and the European Commission for a rise next year of 6 per cent
Mr Cameron denounced the proposed increases last week as "completely irresponsible and unacceptable" and demanded a "freeze or cut" in European spending next year.


banned said...

You've got to hand it to those cunts Konrad Adenauer, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman who dreamt up this fucking scam fifty years ago; they not only managed to incorporate the worst of the Soviet Union AND Hitlers dream of a Greater Germany but kept it a secret until it was too fucking late AND roped our own political classes onto the gravy train to ensure their treachery from Dead Traitors Heath & Wilson to Blair, Brown and now Cleggeron.

The deal seems to be "agree to ever rising contributions from the treasury or we will introduce Direct Euro Taxation (via VAT loading) which you can do fuck all about since our Cunt Brown slyly signed the self-amending Lisbon Treaty."

UKippers said...

If everyone had voted UKIP like me then we wouldn't be wasting our time with the discussion.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I would agree with everything you say apart from 'roped in'. I think they fucking knew fine what they were doing. The bankers who are in charge of the central banks and therefore the financing of the EU, have been planning this monolith for many years, as they have been planning the same for the Americas, Asia etc. Heath was never short of a few bob to buy a boat or two or for all we know, a rent boy or two!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ukippers, I take your point and certainly leaving this outfit would be the first job. Do you think, however that the bankers would allow us to leave? The pressure that would come from the media to stay in, would be insurmountable, IMHO. You saw what happened in Ireland when they decided to stand up for themselves and vote against the treaty, they organised another vote and this time pumped money into Ireland, both into infrastructure and the politicians' pockets, and an Irish politician likes a bribe, I know because I knew a T.D. once. Not that ultimately it did Ireland any good but there politicians are even more crooked than ours, if that's possible.

UKippers said...

DL. If everyone in the UK voted for UKIP then it wouldn't really matter what the bankers wanted. The govt are more terrified of us than we think and once you had 60million citizens on the streets then watch things happen quite quickly.
The Tories always buckle - look at the poll tax riots and winter of discontent etc. Heck they're even backtracking on their new housing benefit plans ( special £60m hardship fund -WTF ?) after a couple of lefties on the BBC said they were rotters.
Socialists don't buckle so early - anti war marches etc didn't stop them.

Hamish Huguenin said...


No money,pooor rost beefs,our farmers wants your moneys pay your pennys paupers hahahaha loud laugh when we spend Brit moneys.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Ukippers, the British won't go out on the streets, unlike the French, we don't have the balls. Everyone is obviously not going to vote UKIP. For a start say 50% of the people want to stay in the EU. Of the remainder, only 75% will vote, so we're down to 37.5%. Now Tories and the cunts are running at roughly 40% each with the LIBdems on 10%. So you have 10% for the other parties and the Greens will take 5%, others 1%, so you are left with a 4% vote for UKIP. Which is just about what they got.

When I talk of Bankers, I'm not referring to the Fred the Shreds of this world, although they have caused us enough problems, no, I am referring to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and JP Morgans of this world, the ones who own the Bank of England, most other National banks and the American Fed. Research it, if you don't believe me. It's fucking frightening. The EU is a sideshow compared to what they have planned and are planning for the future. Research how 25 out of 44 Presidents are related to the British Royal family. How Cameron, is the Queen's fifth cousin, (illegitimately of course). How the Bushes are related to Obama! Fucking fascinating. Genealogy doesn't lie!

Dark Lochnagar said...

M. le Grande, Oui but we shall laugh when our great leader, Cameron tells you that enough is enough and you can shove your CAP right up your smelly legumes!

banned said...

Hamish Huguenin does have a point.

The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 Weds had a phone-in discussion about whether Cameron should agree to a rise in contributions to the EU. Almost Every Single Caller turned it into a demand for Our Fucking Referendum!

Except Brenda who thought that 'Europe' was a Good Thing because she has family there and we can't go it alone. Thick munton cunt obviously thinks that anyone who is Euro-Skeptic is a rabid hater of Europeans and a Little Englander/Scotlander which, certainly in my case, could not be further from the truth*, I just deplore the undemocratic EvilEUSSR as an institution and CamCleggs futher appeasement of it.

(Vines other discussion was about "Black history Month" in schools which also pissed everybody off but I was wondering how the offspring of the pandered to Moslems might feel about that?

* I like Europe and Europeans, I want them to have my babies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I even prefer the English to the cunts! ;-)

UKIPer said...

Here's a good photo of cast iron on his trip to Brussels where he won a good deal for Britain where he gives an extra £400m to Von Rumpey to piss up the wall and buy buttplugs for every taxpayer in the EU.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ukippers, thanks, I'll use that!