Friday, 29 October 2010


Heavy-handed police tactics have harmed race relations, human rights groups warn

Of those stopped by police, 17 per cent were Asian and 10 per cent black

Not one person stopped and searched under anti-terrorism powers in Britain was arrested for terrorism-related offences last year, the Government's own figures show.
The alarmingly high use of random searches is more evidence of heavy-handed policing which will alienate all communities, human rights groups said yesterday.
Of those stopped, 17% were Asian and 10% were Black.
So in other words, 73% were Caucasian.  I don't know what that says about minorities saying that they are being targeted. 
But what it does mean, is that 'terrorism' or more correctly, the threat of it, has won.  If 101,000 people are being stopped in the name of terrorism and none charged, Britain has become a police state.  How is it that the police, can stop someone, with no suspicion of a crime being committed and question them about being terrorists?  If it takes you, 2-3 hours to check in for a domestic flight, the terrorists have won.  If we're spending fortunes paying for MI5, MI6 and all the rest of the state security paraphernalia and they can't stop terrorism, then the terrorist has won, or rather, the bankers who finance all this turmoil, have won. 


banned said...

It was widely predicted that the Police would use these powers to replace 'sus' laws and they were right. There were, I understand, some 500 arrests for other stuff, anyone know what? Marijuana possession probably.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, how can you arrest 75,000 white blokes on suspicion of terrorism. The coalition should be tackling this right away, but they won't. We will see a progressive politicisation of the Police Force in the coming years. The only thing that worries politicians is protesters and the British people, unlike the French, have a long fuse but once it explodes and the people realise how much they're being duped, there will be trouble. Starting with a few hangings of politicians, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Good post DL. It's amazing isn't it 73% were whites who were searched? I imagine most searches were done in London too. If so and 10% were black then if 52%+ of crime committed in London is done by blacks and even more weapon offenses by them also, then why in the fuck wasn't it 73% of stop and searches was to the black community, whom when they started to whinge about it, figures could be shown to say - "Your minority are most likely to be in possession of weapons."

The mind boggles but you're correct - why are the minority complaining when evidence proves them to the majority culprits, especially now they parrot their gangsta rappers in the USA?

It's about control though first and foremost in that WE CAN AND WILL STOP AND SEARCH YOU.
However, the police are setting themselves up. It really won't be long before they end up getting the shite booted out of them and I'll be standing and applauding the perps. The police are not for the people. They've never been for the people and this proves overwhelmingly so. I see them as our enemy's security and I wouldn't let any of these cunts speak down to me. Bastards.

@ Banned - "There were, I understand, some 500 arrests for other stuff, anyone know what?"

I reckon it was people telling the filth to fuck off and search a member of the minority instead. lol

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I was fucking amazed at the percentage of whites who were stopped for 'terrorist' activities. Did they think they were suicide bombers in support of corruption in English cricket or maybe football casuals who had got a bit 'naughty'! Questions should be getting asked. That's why we vote those fuckers in and I don't mean the elite, but the common to garden, MP. In fact, I'm going to fire one off at that useless cunt of ours, Brian Donohue.

I am Stan said...

HEY!.....I`ve been stopped by the Babylon too you know.....for walking down the street in the possession of black skin,thick lips and fuzzy hair.

banned said...

I'm sure that we all remember the reaction to the one sensible member of the Met who in the wake of the 7/7 so-called London 'tube/bus bombings' said "we won't be profiing elderly white ladies"
He was derided as racist cunt for his troubles, by the usual suspects.

@I Am Stan, nuff respek bro for keep coming back and not taking offence; my best mate in junior school was a 'darkie', as my live- in Nan used to refer to him. I told her to fuck off, senile old bitch and never went to her funeral which fucking taught her!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, you would expect you to be stopped, you're a Darkie, FFS! You can conceal about 500 grammes of Semtex in those lips of yours or up your hooter and no one would notice. But when have you ever seen a Whitey terrorist? Well, apart from that twat on the plane. But he had been swayed by the promise of the virgins in heaven, because he was an ugly fucker!

Seriously though, have you ever been stopped?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I would hope they wouldn't be stopping any old ladies, whatever colour they are. The older you get the less enamoured you are of blowing yourself up!

I respect Stan and his point of view, it's interesting to get a different perspective on the shite that I write. But Banned, FFS, give the Gangsta talk up! ;-)

Billy said...

See the UK and US secret services are continuing their scaring of wee old women etc by planting "suspicious" devices on cargo planes now.

They must think we all button up the back!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, yes days before the US Midterm elections. How fucking stupid do they think we are. Fucking stupid must be the answer!