Monday, 18 April 2011


Jozsef Szajer, a senior official from the ruling conservative Fidesz party, explained that 20 per cent of Hungary's population are children and that "the interests of future generations are not represented in decision making". 

Mr Szajer said the law would give "mothers the vote on behalf of a maximum of one child".

FUCK ME!  Let's hope Scottish Labour doesn't get to hear about this or they'll manage to rustle up some votes out of thin air like they do with Postal Votes.  I've given my vote to a PROXY because I'm not going to be here on May 5.  If he can't vote or as has happened before, someone has voted for the proxy beforehand, there will be a right, rammy!


Anonymous said...

I have not filled in the Voter Registration form for 2 years
yet I am STILL on the Electoral Roll.

No sign of the £1000 fine.

I do NOT want to vote.
Its a scam.

Not doing the census.

Budvar said...

Being witness to the Mugabe style electioneering practices around here, I'd do away with the lot of postal, proxy etc.

You cant get to the polling station then tough. I also would like to see the practice of once you vote your finger is dipped in indelible ink so you cant vote again.

No more 11 registered voters living in a bedsit with names like John Smiths, Perrier Waters or Tetley Bitters all requiring postal ballots.

No more BNP postal votes that were found in a box under the stairs down the town hall that weren't counted.

No more minibuses of multiple voters going from polling station to polling station making multiple votes.

I wont even go into voter intimidation by gangs of fucktards outside the polling station.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, you stay on it unless you move and say you aren't on it, unofficially. If you don't want to vote then you should go and spoil your vote, by writing, 'none of the above', on it or something more to your own style!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, no there is a lot of fucking about going on.

The idea of the fucktards should be that they take a note of your number so that they can make sure come 8pm that the people who said they were going to vote for them have. Whereabouts do you stay?

Budvar said...

I live Dewsbury and I shit you not with regards voter fraud.

As for the fucktards, much of this shit is because of shall we say "Tribal affiliations" and each group try to get their man in (mostly council elections).

We've had taxi loads turn up and start battering each other with baseball bats and everything. OK they tend to keep it amongst themselves, but you wouldn't want to cast your ballot with this carry on.

You remember about 5 years since the all postal ballot for euro/council elections? There was postboxes set a fire and posties mugged for the ballot forms prior to delivery.

Oh it all happens down our way, and has done for years. Still Cast Irons latest wheeze of tinkering around the edges will sort it all out!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, fuck me! That's what happens when you bring all these Asians in and give them the vote. This never happened before they started and you can't keep a good Paki down, they always a deal to be made, some influence to be gained!

Budvar said...

DL, I'm not trying to say "All Pakis are alike" as they patently aren't. The root of this problem goes back to when they first started coming here after the war.

When the mills started recruiting, they didn't go to Karachi, Delhi or Bombay (Whatever they call it these days) which has a large middle class population. The middle classes have a ton better standard of living than we do.

They have big houses, have servants and all the trappings of the Brits during the Raj. They speak English and read English of their own volition as it's considered cultured and high status.

The mills went to the provinces like Kashmir, where they're poor and illiterate, live in houses with dirt floors and cowshit walls with wire netting round the table legs to keep the chickens.

They didn't speak English, so they formed ghettoes, spouses are nearly always brought over from the old village. They don't speak English either, consequently a large proportion of the kids don't either until they start school and only then stuff they've picked up from TV etc.

Immigrants tend to settle in an area settled by others of the same village they came from, and any rivalries between other villages are brought over here, hence the hitting each other with baseball bats.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, an excellent summation, but the question is, is it too late to do something about it without talking about stupid repatriation schemes?

Gordo said...

Stop subsidising their lifestyles, stop tolerating their criminality, hold them to the same standards as the native English, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

You may well find that the offer of a few thousand quid and a free one way ticket will be more than enough to buy their "British" passports back. Bargain.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gordo, a good solution but how do you stop them coming back and collecting £3000 every time they pass 'go'?

Gordo said...

DNA, retinal scans, fingerprinting. Hopefully the border control people in the future will have some idea who to check thoroughly just by glancing at them. More so every year perhaps.

And then there were none.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gordo, I just got one of those biometric passport jobbies. You don't even have to go through passport control coming into the country, you just waft your passport at some fucking computer, which has traced your movement all through the airport and all over the EU as far as I know. When you go to America, they can trace you as well. No likey!