Sunday, 17 April 2011


The Snp have swept into the lead in the latest YouGov Poll.  The figures are: (changes from last month's YouGov/Scotsman poll, sampled
from 25-28 March, in brackets):

SNP: 40% (n/c)
Lab: 37% (-2)
Con: 11% (n/c)
Lib Dem: 8% (+3)
Other: 4%

SNP: 35% (+3)
Lab: 33% (-6)
Con: 12% (n/c)
Lib Dem: 7% (+2)
Green: 6%
Other: 7%

SNP: 55
Lab: 49
Con: 14
Lib Dem: 6
Green: 5

Alex Salmond: 52% (+4)
Iain Gray: 27% (-6)

SNP: 47% (+3)
Lab: 39% (-3)
Don't Know: 14% (+1)

The momentum obviously is with the SNP, with Labour's cynical attempt to bring up Miliband and various other English Labour politicians from England to bolster their campaign back firing.


Anonymous said...

SNP are just corporate gangsters same as any of the Parties.

birnie said...

For years, people have joined the Labour party to get jobs, contracts, houses and other perks. People became Labour politicians for power, influence and cash. For years, people have become SNP politicians for altruistic reasons since there was neither power nor cash to be had from opposition to the establishment. Until SNP have held power for considerably longer they are unlikely to become corrupt after the Labour model.

Gordo said...

From the SNP manifesto:

"we will increase our support to developing nations"

"we will also seek an enhanced role for Scotland in Europe"

"As members of the EU there will continue to be open borders"

So just more of the same EU slavery and globalisation, this time in tartan.

Miss Isles said...

Suck some soor plums Gordo......

Gordo said...

If they promised real independence, independence from the EU, they would sweep the board. Why don't they?

Down in the smoke said...

The SNP hope to be something big in oil.
A sardine.

Anonymous said...

Still , in this day and age, people in Scotland are still supporting Labour, after socialism's smashed the Scottish people and their culture onto its knees, is totally beyond me.
I know that politics is merely the creation of the elites, there to keep the people distracted, while they plunder society, but really, after socialism's track record throughout the world, I'm ashamed at times to have any connection with the Scottish people.

You'd have to be a complete fuckwit, with a below average IQ, having lived under a rock all your life.


UKIPer said...

If the SNP promised an end to windmills, indepedence ( not a conversation) , escape from the EU and a repeal of the smoking ban then they'd get my vote. Until then I'll stick with UKIP.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, if we agree that under our current system of Government we are going to have politicians at least for some time, I earnestly believe that the SNP are superior to the Unionit parties for the simple reason that they at least and I think still do, enter politics for the sake of Scotland, not for their party or for selfish power reasons and I know a few SNP politicians who are part of the Government and that is my appraisal.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Wee Birtnie, welcome to the blog. You make a very good point. Most Labour politicians at least, are in it for what they can get out of it as you say it was a way to get better housing. On a local level, you see it in the likes of a bowling club. You get a new committee elected every year and there are some who are only in it to see how many perks they can get out of it and there are others who genuinely work for the club doing things like cutting the green, organising matches etc. Politics is very similiar.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gordo, I am in the SNP for one reason. That is that I believe Scotland would be better going their own way. Once that happens the other issues can be thrashed out. If the Tories cut themselves off from London and supported independence their support would double overnight, so although there are many SNP policies that not all members like, mouths are being shut until after independence.

Dark Lochnagar said...

MissRockets, some people don't get the bigger picture and appreciate how politics works.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gordo, the UK if it is broken up, no longer remains part of the EU, because it is the UK who is the member. Therefore a referendum would have to be held and I would hope that the people of an independent Scotland would have enough sense to look mat the Norwegian model and decide that was the way forward for us too.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, you're at the pish talking again!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers as usual you have your finger on the button. The Scottish people seem to have this talent for getting kicked in the teeth and getting back up and asking for the same again. Is this the country that spawned Hume, Logie Baird, Carnegie, the list is endless. It does make you despair. Want to come to Spain with me?

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, you miss the point. Independence is the be all and end all to a Nationalist. After that has been attained then we have other issues to discuss. The SNP's rule book says that they will disband as a political party after independence. Did you know that?

UKIPer said...

DL. Yes I know that. But the SNP are now avoiding independence like the plague so are probably sock puppets.
Would explain their free ride on Question Time and general fawning by The Sun etc.
They're officially part of the establishment ( support the EU, global warming scam, mass immigration, cultural marxism, secret courts, cctv, tagging of childrens biometrics, generation scotland tagging of adults etc etc..)

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, That's because they think that's what the people want to hear, which we both know isn't. Wait until independence is attained and watch the splits in all the parties. Conventional Scottish politics will be ripped apart.

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