Friday, 4 March 2011


Go ahead: Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt outlines his plans to the Commons today
 Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt outlines his plans to the Commons today

  • News Corp set to spin off Sky News into separate company with an independent editorial board
  • But Murdoch company would retain 39.1 per cent stake
  • Media rivals condemn plan as a 'whitewash'
  • Hunt accused of putting his party before public interest
Rupert Murdoch's plans to sell off Sky News, (BIG DEAL it's been losing money for years), were given the go-ahead today paving the way for the media mogul to takeover BSkyB - but sparked allegations of a whitewash.
Politicians tonight described the deal as 'grubby' and a 'new low in British politics', (which is rich coming from a House of Commons full of expenses cheats), after Culture Secretary accepted plans to spin off Sky News into a separate company.

Now although the Murdoch Empire has 99.999999% more readers than me, I am concerned at the way that the media is going, not only in this country, but all over the Western World.  With the Zionist control of media in America and many would say Murdoch is a Christian Zionist, we are being fed a lot of shite in our TV programmes and Newspapers.

Debate in this country, has become practically non-existent.  Apart from a few BBC programmes like 'Question Time', although it also follows a set line and we'll see if we're allowed a purely Scottish question in Edinburgh next week,  TV has become tripe.  A new series started on SKY1 the other night called 'Treme', set in New Orleans after the floods, absolute PC correct, pish.  My wife and I watched the first 20 minutes, before turning it off and I can guarantee it will go on to win awards, that is if anyone can understand what the predominately black actors are actually saying because it's whole production and direction is by Jews as are most of the programmes we see on TV.

Now, I'm not saying that because it's produced by a Jewish production team that is necessarily a bad thing just that we are being fed subliminal messages in many of these productions, in this case it's the noble black man syndrome. The dangers are that we continue to buy into the 'hip-hop', Gangsta culture of the States.  You already see it all over the UK and it worries me.

Just as  footnote.  Did you here the one about the fat bird who comes home with a new T-shirt that says, 'Hip-Hop', printed on the front.  "You're missing two letters there", her  husband tells her.  "How do you mean", she replies annoyed.  "Well, he says, there should be a 'C' in front of the word 'Hip' and a 'S' in front of 'Hop', you fat bastard"!


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Remember, this goes out to all of the UK, not just Scotland.

But naebody reads it there either:¬)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Conan, That's why I make it international, I have a big following in Hawaii! Nae Scottish words or nuthing!

banned said...

^ Sorry, screwed that up twice^

"BIG DEAL it's been losing money for years" That is the whole point. the Gov was worried that Rupert would simply dispose of Sky and thus clarify the lack of telly diversity, like I fucking care, got rid of mine years ago.

TV is SOOooo 20th Century.

Anonymous said...

Excellent thoughts, DL.

It is probably because you were concentrating on publishing such a wide-ranging set of opinions, but I must point out that, although you did hit many targets, you unfortunately failed to have a go at gypsies.

Please try harder next time!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I know you did and I would too, well actually I'm a lying bastard, I like sport too much and there are, some decent things, on SKY and TV. The secret is too watch, enjoy but keep a sceptical outlook on the programme production and slant and that's what 98% of the population don't do, including people who I would consider intelligent.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I thank you for your critique. I did feel when I was writing it that perhaps, I wasn't making my point as well as I might have. Hopefully this can develop in answering the comments. I promise not to forget the Gypos.

Toni said...

DL, your right of course, Murdoch has been highly influential in British politics for some time. Proud Australian that he is, he took US nationality because at the time it was a requirement to be a citizen to own a tv station. I don't see how there can be an issue between cuddly Mr Murdoch and the government as he is all about profit and so is our new media friendly coalition.

Billy said...

If Labour were still in they would have done exactly the same to keep in his good books and get his backing like they did for all the time they were in office.

Like banned I do not have a telly. Apart from the fact that it turns you into a vegetable you have lots more time to do other more interesting things without it.

jeremy said...

" Rupert Murdoch's plans to sell off Sky News"

There are no plans to sell off Sky News. He retains his 40% share and will cover all the bills and will have the option to buy the rest of the shares in 7 years time.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, no I don't se what all the fuss was about. He was always going to get permission, the politicians just do what they are told by these cunts and get on with trying to sell it to us, which doesn't take much doing because the moronic Brits couldn't give a fuck what they watch as long as they can talk about it with their mates on a Monday morning.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, aye of course they would.

There are some good dramas on TV and along with sport, the new gladiator fights, if you pick and choose, it can be educational.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Jeremy, welcome to the blog. No the whole thing is the usual political stitch up. The bankers tell them what to do and they get on with it. Time we tore the whole stinking pile of shite down as happens with the political class in all civilisations sooner or later.