Friday, 4 February 2011


The average household energy bill will be £65 a year higher than last year, after rising at nearly twice the rate of inflation, after the last of the big six suppliers announced it was raising its tariffs.

Now, it just so happens that the one, who is going up, is the one I use.  That is not really the issue, as they've held their prices until March the first, although it is sickeningly predictable that their prices go up on March the second.  The power companies seem to put our power up when the wholesale price goes up and never bring it down, when the price falls.

Which brings me to the 'regulator', OFGEM.  What fucking use are they?  Have they been set up as a sop by the politicians to us stupid bastards at the bottom of the heap, i.e. the 99.5% of us?  Why don't they ever do anything to force the power companies to REDUCE their prices?  Are their palms being greased?  Where does the Chairman take his holidays and how much does he earn?  These are the questions the MSM, should be asking, now they've brought some semblance of discipline to Westminster and MPs'expenses, (laughs down cuff)!

I noticed that the power companies are, as one of the excuses for high prices, saying that GREEN TAXES now account for 9% of electricity bills and 5% of gas.  So on average we are paying, £90 per year in GREEN TAXES. 

 Who the fuck ever remembers that being raised at election time?


Joe Public said...

It's a free market DL.

Not just in Scotland, the UK, or even the EU.

Fuel is a global market, and if the Yanks, the Ukrainians, or the Chinese want more, the producers will ship their product there.

Tankers will anchor off oil-refinery ports waiting for the price to rise (e.g. responding to a temperature drop) before unloading, or, sailing to another port.

It also doesn't help when our Met Office screws-up its winter forecast, forcing suppliers to buy on the very-expensive spot market.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publes, I agree with all you say, particularly with the met office, they are fucking hopeless. I get my weather for my local area, ie. 10 miles around me from the states with a company called Weatherbug who I get as an app on my Blackberry. I often watch the BBC Scotland weather and laugh like fuck, because I've been told 3 days before accurately, what the weather actually will be.

The OFGEM bunch are still not looking after the consumer. Wholesale gas prices dropped considerably about a year to 18 months ago and the bills stayed the same. What about this Green Tax though! I bet they're not paying that in China.

banned said...

Whenever anyone moans at me about power prices I alwys spout on about how much is being added to their bill to pay for phoney greenery and bloody windmills, it always makes them angrier.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's unbelievable! I didn't realise it was that much. I thought all this green thing was putting your rubbish in different bins. I should have known that some greedy cunt somewhere would see a money making opportunity.